‘The Curse’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Cara Durand Agree To Come On Board?


In the previous episode of The Curse, we had seen that the interview didn’t go as per Asher and Whitney’s plan, and now they had to find a way to stop Monica, the interviewer, from publishing it. As it is, the project wasn’t getting the green light, and Asher knew that if it came out in the open that Whitney’s parents were slumlords, it would prove disastrous for their show. Asher had told Monica that he had some evidence against the Whistling River casino that he would share with her, and Monica seemed interested in covering the story. She told Asher that if he was able to get any solid evidence that could prove his accusations, then she would come on board and not print the debacle of an interview that he had given. The problem was that it was not such an easy task to get the evidence, be it some document or CCTV camera footage.

Asher knew that he had to hope for a miracle, as otherwise, no production house or distributor would want to be associated with them. They were pretending to be social activists who greatly cared for the people of Espanola, but in reality, they were no different from anyone else. Amidst all this chaos, something very weird happened, and Whitney was impacted by it way too much. Asher had given a 100-dollar bill to a poor girl selling some product on the roadside so that Dougie could record him while he was at it, but as soon as the camera was turned off, Asher asked for his money back. He literally snatched the note from the poor girl’s hand and requested that she stay back till he went and got change for her. But the girl didn’t stay, and moreover, she cursed Asher at the end. Whitney wanted Asher to find the girl and give her the money, as she believed that such curses worked and brought ill fortune to a person. Asher couldn’t find the little girl but he didn’t tell his wife about it. So, let’s find out what happened in The Curse episode 2.

Spoiler Alert

What did Whitney find out about her pregnancy?

In The Curse Episode 2, Whitney realized that she was pregnant, and at first, she herself wasn’t able to process the information. Whitney didn’t want a kid, and her parents thought that it was Asher who was conscious of his own physical self, which was why the couple wasn’t getting intimate. Whitney revealed to Asher, after the dinner with Cara Durand, that she was pregnant. Asher was ecstatic, but the happiness didn’t last for long. They went to the hospital the next day to get a checkup done, and that’s when the doctor told them that some complications had arisen, and the pregnancy wasn’t viable. She told Asher and Whitney to try again after a period of six months, and the couple was heartbroken. Nothing was working out for Asher and Whitney, be it on the professional or personal front, and looking at their faces, it felt like they just wanted to run away from all this.

Was Asher able to get CCTV camera footage from the casino?

Asher went to the casino once, had a chat with his old friend and colleague, Bill, and came back after gathering certain details about the placement of the camera and the entire security setup. He told Bill to make him meet the boss, Wandall, as he wanted to pitch some ideas he had for the casino. Asher just wanted to find a way to go inside the security office and find a way to get the CCTV camera footage. After Wandall told him that he was not interested in making a kid’s arcade section, Asher didn’t know what to do so that he could get access to Bill’s office. He was really making a fool of himself, but he was desperate, and he knew that if he didn’t give Monica what she wanted, then all his future plans would be destroyed. Asher made some weird excuses and told Bill that he wanted to show him a video that he really liked. While they were watching the video, Asher intentionally spilled his drink on Bill, and he really embarrassed himself. As soon as Bill left the office, Asher transferred the CCTV camera footage to his pen drive. We would get to know in the subsequent episodes of The Curse if what he had stolen was of some use to Monica or not, and if she did publish it, what would be the reaction of the casino authorities?

Did Cara Durand agree to come on board?

Cara Durand was a native American, and she had the potential to really make it big, which was why Whitney had her eyes on her. Her work was admired by the greats, and she had garnered a lot of popularity for herself. Whitney desperately wanted her to be the art consultant for initiatives such as passive housing schemes, but she didn’t know how to approach her or, more importantly, how to convince her. Whitney had met the governor of San Pueblo, James Toledo, and on her own accord, she told him to grace Cara with his presence in the exhibition she was organizing. Whitney wanted to impress Cara, and she wanted to pretend that she wanted to see her progress and make it big in the industry. But Cara wasn’t impressed at the diner, and apparently, some work had come up. Whitney and Asher once again met Cara at the end of The Curse episode 2, though they didn’t have a very good feeling after that. It didn’t seem like Cara wanted to be a part of their team, and the Siegals knew that would create problems for them as they wouldn’t be able to market their project the way they would have liked.

Dougie was also in a mess, and the man had no clue when the project would get a green signal. It felt like he tried to make a move on Cara, but nothing happened between them in the second episode, and Dougie just enjoyed his time drinking and playing in the casino. We liked the first episode but were let down by the way things happened in the second one. We hope that the makers, in subsequent episodes, are able to weave an intriguing narrative and amp up the proceedings.

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