‘The Curse’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Issues Did Asher Have With Whitney?


In the first two episodes of The Curse, we saw that Whitney and Asher were waiting for the production house to approve their show. Whitney felt very restless from within, and as much as she wanted everything to go according to her plans, life was throwing curve balls at her for which she wasn’t prepared. Asher, on the other hand, was getting a bit tired from playing the second fiddle all the time, and he felt that his emotions weren’t given as much weight as they should have. So let’s find out what happened in the 3rd and 4th episodes and if things became any easier for Whitney and Asher.

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Did the show get a green light?

The production house, i.e., HGTV, was still receiving the pilot that Dougie had shot together with Whitney and Asher. They had created a focus group, which consisted of people from different locations and of different ethnicities, just to get an idea of what they thought about it. Dougie asked for the footage of the meeting to be sent over to him, as he was also curious to know what exactly they thought about his show. There were mixed reviews, and the focus group gave quite unfiltered and pinching remarks. There were a few who found Whitney quite nice, but there was not one single person who said that they liked Asher. They said bluntly that he was a sidekick and that he was a bad one who was bringing down the overall quality of the show. Asher watched it with a smile, and even Whitney didn’t say anything to him at that time, but obviously, it deeply hurt his ego, and he wanted someone to validate and back him. Dougie was elated to know that all the hard work had finally paid off, and now he could have a ten-episode show. There were still a lot of creative differences between how Dougie wanted to do things and how Whitney envisioned them. Between these conflicting forces, Asher felt as if he had lost his voice. The man was trying really hard to cope with everything, but he was having a hard time dealing with his own emotions as there were multiple things going on in the back of his mind.

What bothered Asher about Nala?

Asher went to one of the houses he and Whitney owned in the area, and he found Nala, the girl who cursed him, sitting there with her elder sister and her father. The girls started running as soon as they saw Asher, and he chased them as he wanted to hand over the $100 bill, which he hadn’t been able to do last time. But seeing a man chase two little girls, the people living in the neighborhood thought that Asher wanted to hurt them, and a huge and bulky man stopped him midway and called the police. The father of the girls, named Abshir, came and told the police that he was an illegal occupant and paid the rent for the place to a guy named Mr. Morales. He said that Morales hadn’t cashed his check for the past 2 years, so eventually, he stopped paying them. There was some issue that the previous owner had with the IRS, and the policeman gave Asher the option to make a formal complaint to the sheriff’s office. But something went inside Asher’s mind, and she said that he didn’t want to involve the authorities and that he would be able to deal with the matter himself.

In The Curse episode 3, Nala told Asher that there was a TikTok trend called Tiny Cursed, and she did the same thing with him. So there were a lot of videos on TikTok where the curse came true almost magically. Nala told Asher that she cursed him that his food wouldn’t have chicken that day, and surprisingly, Asher remembered that on that day, their spaghetti actually didn’t have chicken. Asher just couldn’t gulp down the information, and he couldn’t understand how it would have happened. Whitney didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, but Asher just couldn’t get his mind off it, and he couldn’t focus on anything else other than what Nala told him. Asher kept going back again and again to Abshir’s house under the pretext of doing some maintenance work so that he would get an opportunity to have a conversation with Nala about the curse. There came a point in The Curse episode 4 where Abshir had to explicitly tell Asher to stop asking his daughters about the curse, as this was not something he wanted Nala to think about.

What issues did Asher have with Whitney?

After the show got a green light, Whitney became even more paranoid, as she wanted everything to be perfect, and she didn’t want the audience to perceive them as fraudsters who didn’t mean what they first said. The first roadblock that came their way was when they realized that Barrier Coffee, which happened to be one of their main investors, had closed their shop. The owner of the coffee shop franchise said that they were incurring heavy losses and that they would open once the show was given a green signal. Whitney was worried about the local people for whom she had gotten a job there. She feared that if the media got a whiff of it, they would once again try to tarnish her image, and the people would perceive her to be a hypocrite. Whitney and Asher got to know that a man named Victor, who lived in the neighborhood, was distributing pamphlets, and he was blaming the locals for stealing his delivery packages. It had happened three times that something was delivered to him, and before he could collect it, the package was stolen. He was fed up with the entire thing, so he decided to print pamphlets and distribute them throughout the entire neighborhood. The locals didn’t like it, and one of them went and told Whitney and Asher that if this is how their community would be stereotyped and they would be defamed, then they wouldn’t want to live there at all. Whitney brought people from outside to live with the local community and promised that they would make sure that they created an inclusive society.

One more thing that was playing in Whitney’s mind after she heard about the focus group was that she needed to make the show interesting. Somewhere, she blamed Asher for not being so interesting on the screen. Asher had a heated argument with Whitney because, obviously, he also felt that nobody cared about what he felt or what he was going through. No one validated his feelings, and he told Whitney that she had let him down. Not even once did Whitney ask him what was bothering him so much. Whitney also told Asher to attend comedy classes so that he could be a little more entertaining in the show. Asher asked Whitney if she was also going to attend it with him, but she very subtly told him that it was his jokes and comic timing that needed to improve and not hers. Asher didn’t say anything at that moment, but obviously, he felt quite bad. At the end of The Curse episode 4, we saw Asher sitting in his comedy class and feeling miserable about his existence. He didn’t like it one bit, and his self-confidence had already gone down the drain. It would be interesting to see in which direction their relationship is headed because what we saw in the 3rd and 4th episode made us realize that if this was the way things were going to be between them, then their show would turn out to be a debacle. Probably in the subsequent episodes, Whitney would realize that she needed to understand her husband and validate him because if she didn’t, there would be no use in putting in so much effort for the show.

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