‘The Entitled’ Ending, Explained: Does Belinda Prove Her Innocence?


And it is movies like “The Entitled” that make us understand why the world has started hating on rom-coms. It’s been almost 20 years since “What a Girl Wants” first graced our screens. That movie was magical because it had a legitimate storyline, and the charm of the actors was apparent. “The Entitled” is just an unintentional caricature of the classic that depends on very classist gags for comedy. JC De Vera, who plays Jacob, is probably the one saving grace, but he is criminally underutilized. It would have been nice if they had at least given the movie a name that they could justify with the storyline. Let us see why it was so disappointing.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Belinda Adapt To Her New Life?

“The Entitled” starts with Belinda making her way to her father’s estate, accompanied by Jacob, the attorney who tracked her down. Belinda has grown up in an impoverished area as an orphan and is used to a tougher way of life. Let’s get it out of the way that we don’t approve of the abject classism of the movie. It is one thing to show the humorous side of things that come with adapting to a new life and something completely different to laugh at the person due to them being a misfit. Now that we have established that, let us proceed with the storyline.

Belinda meets her new family—her father, Enrico, her stepmother Matilda, and her teenage stepsister Caitlyn. While Enrico and Matilda welcome her with open arms, Caitlyn is not too fond of her. Belinda is shown around by her new maid and assistant, Yaya. She is shown to get tongue-tied and nauseous every time somebody speaks in English. Currently, she is unaware of the ways of her new life, and it is one of her tasks to learn them. She comes to know that her father is leaving for China, and he wants her to start training to be the VP of Operations. Belinda agrees and promises to work hard. But her training proves to be a lot tougher than expected, with her teacher giving up at one point and begging Jacob to take her to a restaurant and teach her himself. Jacob does so, but Belinda, due to her unfiltered nature, ends up embarrassing him. Jacob is furious and berates her for not taking anything seriously. But Belinda tells him that she is just not used to this way of life.

The next day onwards, she starts training very hard with the help of Yaya and convinces Jacob to go out with her once again. While Belinda playfully calls it a date, Jacob is skeptical. But both of them end up having a genuinely good time, and from then onwards, they become friends. At Caitlyn’s end, she still can’t seem to accept her sister. She ignores her when she’s with her friends and plays a few cruel pranks on her. One of them includes getting her drunk at an office party and making a video of her embarrassing herself. When Belinda sees it, she tries to run away but is caught. She apologizes to her father, but he tells her that he is not embarrassed. He understands that there will be hiccups, but he is happy as long as she keeps working hard.

Caitlyn and Belinda eventually mend their relationship. When the former is at a party, a boy she likes, Bret, tries to misbehave with her. Caitlyn comes back home crying and tells Belinda what has happened. Her older sister angrily storms to the party and beats up a person she thinks is Bret. But the guy turns out to be someone else and starts taking her case, in English, leaving her tongue-tied. But Caitlyn takes matters into her own hands and puts him in his place, telling him to not touch her sister. This marks the beginning of their new relationship. On the other hand, we know that Jacob is developing feelings for Belinda. But he seems to be hatching a conspiracy with Matilda, using Belinda as a scapegoat. Unfortunately, his new-found feelings are in the way of that, so he avoids her. Belinda is confused as she has grown to genuinely like the attorney. She invites him on a date, where they end up confessing their feelings to each other.

‘The Entitled’ Ending Explained: Does Belinda Prove Her Innocence?

Things take a turn for Belinda when she is accused by her father of misappropriating $30 million from the company. She can’t make sense of the allegations and is upset about having lost his trust. As she is dejectedly walking out of the room, she overhears Matilda and Jacob. Her stepmother is the one who stole the money, and Jacob was in on the plan. He was promised the position of COO, should he cooperate with her. While she hears him say that he doesn’t want to do this, he has now lost her trust. She tells her father one last time that she is not a thief, and then she leaves for her town.

Jacob tells Enrico about the plan that he and Matilda made up, but it turns out, Enrico already knew as he had conducted his own investigations. He finds Belinda and tells her that he is sorry. He asks her what she would like to do, and Belinda tells him that she would like to finish her studies, staying where she was, and then join his company through the usual process. She wanted to earn her place. Enrico approves. Later, Jacob meets her as well. Initially angry with him, she softens up when he tells her that he has quit his job and he wants his future to be with her. Both of them are very happy, and they kiss into the sunset with the blessings of all of their friends.

Final Thoughts: What Doesn’t Work For ‘The Entitled’?

Honestly, the movie lacked emotional depth. It never answers why Belinda did not grow up with her father. It doesn’t even show them developing a proper father-daughter bond. And we hate the fact that Jacob ended up with Belinda. He deliberately deceived her and was ready to ruin her life and her relationship with her father. The only reason he felt guilty about it was because he had fallen in love with her. What if he hadn’t? Would his conscience still act up? We don’t think so. The writers of “The Entitled” left the characters so underdeveloped that it was extremely difficult to connect with them or even root for them. It is a very dated treatment of a generic storyline. Remaking it scene by scene from the source material would have been a far better choice. Because right now, it doesn’t have even a single redeeming quality. We will skip this and just re-watch “What a Girl Wants.” That at least knows the answer it set out to find.

“The Entitled” is a 2022 Romantic Drama film directed by Theodore Boborol.

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