‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Who Was Impersonating Cassie? Who Killed Will Kotov?


“The Flight Attendant” Season 2 brings some new adventures for our flawed protagonist, Cassandra “Cassie” Bowden, who, like in the previous season, gets herself into so much more trouble, only to come out clean or transformed in the end. Yes, that’s what Cassie does best; she jumps off the cliff like a thrill addict and then learns to fly before hitting rock bottom. What makes Cassie’s character interesting is her utmost recklessness, as if she is always looking for more and more trouble, and thus her adversaries don’t miss a single chance to use Cassie’s flaws for their own benefit, and that’s the foundation of the entire conflict in the series. Cassie is not only struggling with her narcissism but also with her alcohol addiction, which is influenced by a childhood trauma that was explored in the previous season, where Cassie expressed that she holds herself accountable for her father’s death, and this particular emotional conflict continues further in Season 2.

After her thrilling adventures in Bangkok and solving the mysterious murder of Alex Sokolov, Cassie Bowden has moved to Los Angeles, where she continues her job as a flight attendant with Imperial Atlantic and also has a side-gig. She has now become a civilian asset for the CIA. The series begins on a peaceful note as Cassie speaks in a mutual aid group called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and reveals to us that she is now a year sober, or as she wants to believe. In Season 1, we have already witnessed all the chaos Cassie has created under the spell of alcohol, and it is for her own good that she is trying to stay sober as long as she can. She is even dating a fabulous single dad named Marco, who works as a photographer, and while everything seems close to perfect, we know it is not going to stay the same for long, because it is Cassie Bowden.

Major Spoilers Alert

‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2: Plot Summary – What New Adventures Season 2 Brings In?

As season 2 begins, Cassie returns home and finds a mysterious envelope from her friend, Megan Briscoe, who was smuggling information to the North Koreans in the previous season and turned into a fugitive for this one. Nevertheless, Cassie is soon contacted by her handler, Benjamin Berry, who gives her a new mark named Will Kotov. Berry clearly explains to Cassie that she has to keep an eye on Will in Berlin inside the hotel premise only, and should not follow or engage with him under any circumstances. But as everyone knows, Cassie doesn’t listen.

In Berlin, two bounty hunters named Gabrielle and Esteban Diaz, disguised as fellow passengers, clone Cassie’s phone in order to find Megan’s whereabouts, who is on the run and has a huge bounty on her head. While following Will Kotov all around the city, Cassie comes across a blonde woman who looks like her own doppelganger and has a similar moth tattoo on her back. Cassie finds Will and the mysterious woman meeting in a hotel room, where the woman hands over a briefcase to Will. As soon as he leaves the hotel lobby and walks toward his car, a sudden blast takes away his life. Cassie, following Will on the pathway, is shaken by the explosion, and suddenly her mind starts playing tricks with her, as we have already witnessed in the previous season. As Cassie returns back to her room, she lies to Berry about the whole incident and soon finds out that someone has stolen her luggage.

On her way back to Los Angeles, Cassie is haunted by the visuals of her impersonator, whom she saw with Will Kotov, and as her mental stability swindles, Cassie’s alter-egos, or her personas from the past, start playing with her mind in order to convince her to start drinking again and go back to her reckless persona instead of this changed attire. Back in LA, Cassie’s close friend, Annie Mouradian, and her boyfriend, Max Park, pay her a visit and soon become a part of her espionage mission to find out her doppelganger who has been killing CIA agents linked to Will Kotov.

What Was Happening With Megan Briscoe? Does She Get Back To Her Family?

Cassie’s fellow flight attendant, Megan Briscoe, who had been smuggling intel to the North Koreans and was being investigated by Shane Evans, ran away to Iceland to escape punishment in the US. After Cassie received a weird emoji cipher, she quickly solved it and reached Iceland to help Megan. On the flight, she met Shane, who later revealed to Cassie that Megan was being chased by a North Korean assassin named Hawk, who wanted to kill Megan to protect their secret network in the US.

When Cassie finally met Megan, she told her about a box she had kept with a friend named Cherri on Long Island, and inside the box, she had stashed some evidence against the North Koreans. Well, the end of all explanations is that Megan wanted to return back to the US and, most importantly, to her family, which was why she wanted to hand over this particular evidence to the FBI and become a government witness. At the end of “The Flight Attendant” Season 2, Cassie convinced Shane to facilitate a deal between Megan and the FBI so that she could reunite with her family. In exchange for the information against the North Koreans, the US government placed Megan under the witness protection program and gave her entire family a new identity to save her from foreign adversaries while also providing a peaceful house with a beautiful yard. Before leaving, the agent handed over to Megan a sweet note sent by Shane, in which he asked Megan to stay out of trouble, but there was a sly smile on her face that convinced us that she was indeed Cassie’s friend in the truest sense.

Who Was Impersonating Cassie? Why Did They Kill Will Kotov?

When Cassie returned to LA from Berlin, her missing luggage was soon sent back to her home. However, when she opened the bag, she found a blonde wig smeared with blood along with a mysterious view-finger with several picture slides of different locations inside it. Cassie, who couldn’t resist puzzles, solved these images with Annie and Max’s help and later figured out that her impersonator was killing CIA agents at the locations depicted in the pictures inside the view-finder. On the last slide, Cassie found an image of a seat on a ride at an amusement park that her friends figured to be the one in Santa Monica. Without wasting any moment, Cassie and her friends arrived at the Santa Monica Pier, where Cassie met another flight attendant, Grace St. James, with a blonde wig who was impersonating Cassie. Grace pointed a gun at Cassie and took her to the Ferris wheel, where she revealed that before becoming a flight attendant, she served in the US army, and someone from her past was forcing her to kill people. However, before she could reveal the name of the mastermind, Grace shot herself to death. Grace had stabbed Shane and Benjamin, and therefore all three people (Cassie, Benjamin, and Shane) ended up in the hospital.

CIA regional director Dot Karlson arrived at the hospital and took Cassie under her custody in order to protect her. However, Cassie was unaware of the fact that it was Dot who had orchestrated the entire scheme and was framing her for the crimes she didn’t commit. Dot took Cassie to her house so that she could take a bath, and inside Dot’s bathroom, Cassie found Santal 33 perfume spray, which was the exact same perfume that was sprayed on the blonde wig that Cassie found inside her lost luggage. She connected a few dots and was certain that it was indeed Dot who compelled Grace to kill CIA agents, but why? Dot had brought Cassie to her house so that she could kill and remove all the evidence. However, before Dot could attack Cassie, Benjamin sent two officers to arrest Dot and later revealed to Cassie that Dot had been selling access to CIA records to foreign predators for years, which probably explains how she could afford such a lavish house in LA.

Cassie’s mark in Berlin, Will Kotov, was an informant of the CIA who knew about Dot’s corrupt practices and was blackmailing her, which was why Dot decided to kill him and all the people linked to him. Dot purposely targeted Cassie for her plan as she never listened to her handler and often went the extra mile to solve the case. Her reckless decision, as already witnessed in Season 1, along with her psyche evaluation, pointed out to Dot that Cassie has a thing for thrills and adventure. She was a crazy puzzle solver addict, which is why she sent her a view-finder so that Cassie could be photographed at all these locations where Dot had planned a murder.

Cassie might be a reckless person, but she wasn’t an evil human being, and her friends knew that fact, which was why, even though all the evidence framed Cassie as the killer, Shane and Benjamin had their trust intact in her. After Dot’s arrest, all doubts against Cassie were cleared, and she was lauded as a hero in the CIA office.

‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Who Kidnapped Davey? And Why?

Cassie had only dealt with one conflict when another sprang up without wasting a moment. Her brother, Davey Bowden, had been missing, and when Cassie tried calling him, a woman named Jenny from the Alcoholics Anonymous group picked up Davey’s cellphone and informed Cassie that Davey was at her place and was creating a mess. Cassie arrived at Jenny’s house only to find out that she was a psychopath who had been lying to her since the beginning. Jenny had been in contact with a sociopath named Buckley Ware, also known as Feliks, the antagonist of Season 1. She met Feliks, who was serving his time in prison, and in a very Ted Bundy-kind-of-situation, Feliks manipulated Jenny and asked her to kill Cassie. Jenny had drugged and kidnapped Davey only to bring Cassie to another woman’s house and kill her with a hammer, but before she could harm Cassie, Davey came to his senses and saved Cassie’s life. While running away from Jenny, Cassie spotted an old man’s dead body under a bed, which leads to the speculation that Jenny had already drenched her hands in blood and probably killed the old woman too, whose dead body wasn’t depicted in the series. At the end of the struggle, Cassie smashed a flower vase on Jenny’s head, which stopped the killing maniac for some time and sent her into an unconscious state.

Through this entire conflict, Cassie was finally able to make peace with the fact that she wasn’t the one responsible for her father’s death. Soon after her father, Hank Bowden, died in a tragic car accident due to his alcohol addiction, Cassie blamed herself for his death, and the trauma had been haunting her for a long time. She became an alcoholic to deal with the tragedy and, in the aftermath of it, destroyed her relationship with her mother, Lisa Bowden. However, by the end of Season 2, Cassie finally decided to bridge the differences with her mother, and though the relationship wasn’t entirely restored as it may take some time, Cassie, like a mature adult, took the first step towards mending it.

In the closing shots, Cassie finally visits Las Vegas to attend Annie and Max’s wedding alone. She invited Shane to be her date for the event, but there was no sign of Marco, so we may not see him again in Season 3. Cassie told Shane that after their successful case-solving adventure and putting the Diaz bounty hunters behind bars, Annie and Max have decided to become personal investigators. So now we have two DI and two CIA agents (civilian assets) at the wedding venue who have to return for another season to entertain their viewers. Though “The Flight Attendant” Season 2 doesn’t end on a cliffhanger or with a promise of Season 3, we are certain of the fact that the adventures of Cassie Bowden have just begun.

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