‘The Freelancer’ Part 2 Ending Explained: Did Avinash Save Aliya?


Part 1 of The Freelancer showed the abduction of a girl named Aliya by a guy named Mohsin. She was taken to ISIS-controlled Syria and subjected to all kinds of oppression and indoctrination. Her family friend, Avinash Kamath, learned about this and found a way to communicate with Aliya through her spare phone, instructing her how to stay in the Fazals and the terrorists’ good books. In the meantime, Avinash tried to rope in the CIA for his extraction mission, but that backfired because the CIA didn’t want to help and, instead, wanted to bomb the area where the Fazals were living. Since that’d kill Aliya, Avinash devised a plan to go into Syria with his team and do the job himself, that too before the American Air Forces dropped an explosive. So, let’s find out if Avinash successfully got Aliya out of the pickle.

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Aliya’s Doppelganger Created an Elaborate Ruse

Raghavendra Setu was relentlessly pursuing Avinash Kamath for breaking several national and international protocols for his and his team’s monetary benefit. But when Dr. Arif Khan informed Setu that Kamath’s mission in Syria was a little personal and he heard Kamath’s entire backstory, he probably began to empathize with him. Conveniently enough, Kamath needed Setu’s help because he was the only person who could stop the U.S. Air Force from dropping an explosive on the house that Aliya was in. Setu managed to convince the CIA and the Air Forces to abort their mission of bombing a house in Syria by telling them that Kamath had access to vital information regarding ISIS that he’d pass on to the USA if Aliya made it out of there alive. With the bomb out of the way, for the time being, Kamath proceeded to make a bunch of arrangements for a safe extraction and then sent Aliya into panic mode by telling her about the inevitable bombing of the house. Mohsin nearly caught Aliya talking to Kamath, but, as always, she managed to fool him. The following day, Kamath and his team started their journey to Syria. Meanwhile, Aliya’s doppelganger continued to create the elaborate ruse that Aliya was in Dubai, enjoying her vacation. Yes, The Freelancer introduced a doppelganger who would pretend to be Aliya in Dubai so that when the real Aliya would be brought to Dubai, she would assume the identity of the fake Aliya and go on living her life, while the fake Aliya would go back to her real life. I am not even kidding. This was what the survival of the damsel-in-distress hinged on, and I am supposed to take this show seriously.

Did Avinash save Aliya?

On their way to Aliya, Kamath and his team had to take out a check post full of soldiers. Talking about Aliya, she realized that she had made a major mistake by letting Saiyma in on her secret because she had brought a bag full of things and was wearing running shoes, thereby risking leaking the information to the Fazals and the ISIS. That was exactly what happened as the leader of ISIS ordered Mohsin to go and check on Aliya and Saiyma and find out whether they were planning to do something. Aliya tried to do the smart thing, and she drugged Saiyma so that Kamath and his team wouldn’t have to carry her out of this mess. But Aliya’s calculations were wrong, as Saiyma wasn’t knocked out by the medication. She woke up and attacked Aliya, probably with the intention of killing her. Unaware of these developments, Kamath and his team soldiered on and got to the Fazal household. He called out to Aliya, and a girl emerged, and Kamath assumed that it was Aliya. But it was so obvious that it wasn’t Aliya.

It was actually Saiyma who had taken Aliya’s place, because that was how desperate she was to get out of there. What was weird was that, despite being one of the most capable soldiers in the entire galaxy, Avinash didn’t feel the need to do a visual confirmation that he was extracting the right person? I can be generous and give the doppelganger plot twist a pass. However, this absurd lapse of judgment, after all the hype about Avinash’s apparent skill, gets a big fat thumbs down from me. Anyway, the most obvious thing happened after that. Saiyma died, and we were supposed to gasp in despair that Aliya had died. When Avinash realized that Aliya was still in the house that was about to be bombed, he doubled back, along with Nadia (one of the team members), and got her out of harm’s way. While exiting the area, Avinash killed Mohsin and Sameer, whose bodies were turned into smithereens by the bomb dropped by the U.S. Air Forces.

Why couldn’t Aliya return to India?

During The Freelancer Part 2’s ending, we saw Aliya being carried out of Syria via a boat. She gave her mother a call in order to inform her that she wouldn’t be able to come back to her for a long time because she knew the ins and outs of ISIS. She was a survivor and an asset. She could inform every agency in the world about how the organization worked. They already knew where Aliya was, and if she went back there directly, they’d get to her and her mother and kill them. That said, I don’t think Aliya’s mother is safe at the moment, and Aliya’s enemies can still use her to get Aliya out of hiding. The fake Aliya reached the airport so that the real Aliya could assume her identity, go back to her life in Mumbai, and live a life of comfort with her paycheck.

By the way, what are the chances that the real Aliya’s enemies will come after the fake Aliya, assuming that she’s the real Aliya? If that doesn’t happen, then what’s the point of introducing a doppelganger into this narrative? As the credits roll, we see Farhat Khala running for her life because she knows that Avinash will come for her. Setu addresses a CIA operative who is angry because he couldn’t get his hands on Aliya and extract some information about ISIS. Finally, we see Kamath reuniting with his wife, Mrunal, who seems to be on good terms with her husband. And that’s the note on which the show decides to close the curtains. The open-ended nature of the show is incredibly obvious. Going by Neeraj Pandey’s previous ventures, he is definitely going to milk this story to its fullest and stretch the newly formed enmity between Avinash and the ISIS until it breaks. Even though I am not interested in seeing that, I hope they manage to write a story that isn’t as wafer-thin as the one in the first season of The Freelancer. It should justify the seven-episode structure. If they can’t do that, maybe they should let this be the end of Avinash and Aliya’s journeys.

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