‘The Freelancer’ Season 2 Predictions: What Can We Expect Next?


The Freelancer, which was released in two parts, came to an end after Avinash Kamath helped Aliya escape from Syria before the CIA and the US Air Force decimated the house of the ISIS sympathizers, i.e., the Fazals. That said, Aliya wasn’t able to return to India because she was an important asset who was being pursued by ISIS, the CIA, and possibly RAW due to her knowledge regarding the terrorist organization. The same can be said about Avinash because he acquired a lot of intelligence about ISIS before going into Syria to rescue Aliya. Now, even though we have no confirmation about the renewal or cancellation of The Freelancer, it’s perfectly okay to speculate what will happen in a yet-to-be-announced season 2 of the web series based on the open-ended nature of some of the plot threads.

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What Can We Expect From the Doppelganger Situation?

Part 1 of The Freelancer Season 1 was pretty realistic, and I am using the word “realistic” very liberally here because the portrayal of the protagonists was boring as hell, and the writing around the antagonists was frustratingly stereotypical. But Part 2 of the web series jumped the shark by bringing in a literal doppelganger by the name of Soniya Shah, who was recruited by Wilson to stand in for Aliya while she was being rescued from Syria. Soniya was supposed to stay in Dubai under a fake identity. Then Aliya would assume that identity so that she couldn’t be tracked through her actual identity. Then, Soniya would go back to Mumbai with a fat paycheck. I didn’t exactly understand how this seemed like a good idea to Avinash Kamath and everyone else working with him, especially when they had to find a person who looked like Aliya. But the writers bypassed this glaring issue with a doppelganger played by the same actor who is playing Aliya. Now, her whole arc was pretty distracting because every time the narrative shifted to her shenanigans in Dubai, it harmed whatever little momentum the web series had. However, I don’t expect the writers to simply introduce a doppelganger and then do nothing with it in a potential Season 2. We can see her facing the consequences of being Aliya’s double and being pursued by the people who had held Aliya captive. It can be a case of mistaken identity, and that error can be used to toy with Aliya’s head, as in whether she is going to let a person die who was integral to her survival or is she going to come out of hiding to save Soniya? If Aliya does decide to save Soniya, it can become an allegory for “saving herself” after spending the entirety of Season 1 as the damsel in distress.

What Will Happen to Aliya’s Mother?

In addition to the doppelganger, Aliya can be forced out of hiding by the kidnapping of her mother, Sabeena, who is all alone and by herself. We have already seen that Farhat Khala, an ISIS operative, knows where Sabeena lives. Even though Farhat has been forced to go on the run, it’s totally possible for her to employ someone else to mess with Aliya’s mother. I don’t think they’ll straight-up kill her because then they won’t have a bargaining chip. But they’ll certainly push her enough to force Avinash and Aliya to act up and fall into their trap. Of course, that’ll be a rehash of the damsel-in-distress arc of The Freelancer Season 1. However, since there aren’t any women on the writing team, I don’t expect them to do anything else other than this. The treatment of the female characters in this first season has set the tone, and I can’t see a scenario where the writers will reflect upon their misogyny and do better, especially when they are being lauded by misogynists like them. If they do get a woman to write the second season of the web series, I hope that Sabeena is fleshed out a little more. Her husband died. She doesn’t know when she is going to see her daughter again. She can’t leave her house. There can be an entire episode dedicated to how these things are taking a toll on Sabeena’s psyche. With all that said, based on Neeraj Pandey’s previous projects, I’d advise you all to weather your expectations.

What Will Happen to Aliya?

Based on the ending of The Freelancer Season 1, Aliya is going into hiding while assuming the fake identity of her doppelganger. Apart from the aforementioned character motivations, I expect her to go through a psychological and physical transformation. On the boat, she told Nadia that she had gone through hell. I am guessing that that feeling is going to sink in further and further with time. It can cause her to drown in her own miseries, or the sentiment of being “used” can push her to be better. Given her situation, I don’t know what her chances are of becoming like her father. But there’s a good chance that she’s going to try to avenge him. Her father died in vain and was branded a terrorist for trying to get Avinash’s attention. So, she might feel the need to clear his name. If that’s the case, she has to be meticulous about it because she is in a dubious position herself. That said, seeing her hold India’s government responsible for Inayat’s untimely death will be somewhat interesting. Aliya must also erase her “damsel in distress” tag and train herself to fend off the forces that will be trying to recapture her because of all the information she has on ISIS. She also has the CIA on her tail. And she can’t rely on Avinash to protect her all the time. Going by her final moments in Season 1, there’s a good chance that Avinash will appoint Nadia to look after Aliya and rebuild her mentally and physically.

What is Avinash’s next mission?

The ending of The Freelancer Season 1 indicated two things: Avinash has shot up on the list of people that ISIS is targeting, and Avinash wants to spend more time with his wife. The writers have done a pretty bad job of handling Avinash’s professional and personal lives. I am sure they’ll rely on the worst cliches and stereotypes to further Avinash’s dynamic with his newfound enemies. But I hope that his bond with Mrunal will be a little less repetitive in Season 2. In Season 1, it seemed like the writers kept going in circles. I guess the intention was to show that Mrunal was stuck in her pit of guilt and that Avinash was failing to bring her out of it because of his job. However, that struggle wasn’t very evident because Avinash left her at the drop of a hat and then conveniently cheered her up with a date. There needs to be more to this relationship. The conflict and the dilemma need to be palpable. That said, I am afraid that the writers of the show are going to resort to fridging, i.e., the trope where a female character is killed off to motivate the protagonist. Therefore, be prepared for Mrunal’s death and an unhinged Avinash Kamath in Season 2 of The Freelancer.

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