‘The Get Together’ Summary & Review – A Freaky Friday house Party!

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The Get Together directed by Will Bakke, is all about a Friday house party in Austin through the eyes of four individuals linked to each other in a different way.

Part one involves a recent college-grad-turned-uber-driver August who is searching for a job and lives with her best friend McCall. She feels heartbroken when she finds out that McCall is moving on in her life without her but finds some comfort and solace in the advice given by a complete stranger, a passenger for that night.

Part two revolves around a couple, Damian and Betsy. Damian is a serious-looking suited New Yorker who planned to propose to Betsy for marriage while they are in her hometown, while Betsy is a confused girl who is questioning her life choices. By the stroke of luck, Damian and Betsy end up at the house party where Betsy’s college friends are. Damian finds himself out of place at the party and through a series of events finds his proposal plan falling apart.

Part three is about Caleb, the same passenger from August’s version of the story and a long-lost love of Betsy. Caleb is a failed musician, who realizes he still has the same feelings for Betsy after all these years and tries to win her over after knowing Damian’s intentions. Caleb’s band is falling apart and he is agonized by the fact that everyone around him is growing up, getting married, or having a baby, and he is just trying to hold on to one thing and make it right.

Courtney Parchman, as of August, has given an excellent performance being a misfit in the party. Johanna Braddy, as Betsy and Jacob Artist, as Damian has also done an excellent job bringing out the confusion in their characters, although lacking a bit of chemistry with each other. Alejandro Rose-Garcia, like Caleb, feels relatable.

The Get Together is a 2020 comedy film directed by Will Bakke.

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