‘The Gilded Age’ Season 3 Theories And Predictions: What To Expect Next From MAX Series?


The changes that The Gilded Age season 3 promises are exciting for so many reasons. We have come to love the imperfect characters and the lives that have shaped them. That is why knowing the change that is waiting for them makes us excited and eager.

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How will things change in the Van Rhijn household?

Agnes has never properly acknowledged the importance of Ada in the house. According to Agnes, she was the one who made all the sacrifices to sustain her family, and Ada was just a companion. However, it was only when Ada was getting married that Agnes agreed that her sister had put in a lot of emotional labor through the years. Either way, there is a power balance that Agnes has always maintained, and it hurts her ego to let it go. Agnes’ indignation at knowing that Ada has just as much money as her, shows that she had never considered her sister to be her equal. Therefore, that is going to be a huge adjustment for her.

The thing with Agnes is that she is not an unkind person, nor is she a racist. She was willing to help John, and she was the one to stand up for Peggy without prejudice. Agnes’ temper and intolerance are only for those just as privileged as her, which is what sets her apart from the rest. This is why we believe that, though the sisters may have some work to do to reach an understanding, they will get past it just fine. But more than anyone, perhaps Marian would benefit from this new arrangement. After all, Agnes had told Marian that she had two strikes against her. But Ada would never impose such rules. So, Marian may just become more secure in the house.

Will Marian and Larry be together?

This was a wonderful thing to happen in season 2. Marian and Larry have shared a friendship since season 1, and they are also quite similar in so many ways. Additionally, they have been each other’s safe space for a long time. They have both had different experiences with relationships, so they may wish to take it slow with each other. Also, the two of them certainly treasure their friendship, so they wouldn’t want to jeopardize it. Firstly, if they decide to get married, Agnes will be against it, but Ada will support Marian. Secondly, it is hard to say if the Russells will like the match or not. George is adamant that his children marry for love, but Bertha has other thoughts. Marian is not a bad match. She is ‘well-bred’ (we hate the term, but it fits the language), she comes from old money, and she has always been on the side of the Russells while standing against her aunts. Her intentions cannot be doubted, but Bertha may need some convincing. Frankly, it would be a very sweet love story for two of the best characters in the show.

Will Larry and John go into business?

They most likely will. Larry has always been a free-thinker of sorts, and he has actually worked to make an identity of his own, separate from his father. Also, Larry is as logical as he is emotional, and he is identifying the right talent without prejudice, so he and John going into business may turn out well. However, there may be a slight conflict because of some hidden classism that Larry did not know he had in him. But seeing that he is a good man, it may not be a lasting issue.

Will Gladys marry the Duke?

Gladys has listened to her mother for two seasons, and Bertha has started taking that for granted. The first time Gladys liked someone, her father sent him away. The second time she liked someone, her mother would rather that she marry the Duke. But this time, Gladys may actually rebel. Bertha has always wanted the best for her daughter, but she has never allowed her to make her own decisions, even in terms of the clothes she wants to wear. There is only a limit to how far Gladys can listen to her. She may rebel and decide to elope with the person she likes or openly reject the Duke. That would end up threatening everything that Bertha has worked for for so long. Bertha would have a choice to make. Is she going to choose her climb in society or the happiness of her children, separate from her own ambitions?

What will happen to George’s business?

The Russells have only gone from strength to strength and with good cause. However, George’s decision on how to deal with Henderson and the union has caused controversy amongst his peers. Henderson has understood George’s game, so he is also wary of the businessman. George may find himself alone when dealing with new challenges in The Gilded Age season 3. George is trying to find a middle ground, but he has to realize that when it comes to people having basic rights, there is no compromise. It is either there or it isn’t. By the end of the second season, George has more power than ever, financially and societally, with the Duke on his side. He is in the enviable position of calling the shots for the entire city, and he needs to use it wisely.

Will Oscar find love?

More than finding love, Oscar needs to find a way to live his truth. After the heartbreak of season 2, Oscar may be more wary of the courtships he pursues. But a good thing is that he has witnessed that society is changing. Also, his mother is not the most powerful person in his life anymore. Therefore, if he decides to follow his ex-boyfriend’s example and find his own way, he may not face the same pressures as before. It is tiresome to see Oscar pursue relationships that are so untrue to him, especially when we can tell that he is a good man who deserves his own happiness.

What will Peggy do?

This girl needs to find love. She has forgiven her father and made her mark in the community with her hard work. It is time for her to find some personal happiness that won’t complicate her life. Mr. Fortune has been gracious about letting her go, and he will likely not irritate her again. Peggy has acted with dignity and restraint, and she deserves a break now, one that doesn’t tax her emotionally, which is what we want for her in The Gilded Age season 3.

The Gilded Age season 2 was as excellent as season 1, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Season 3 may witness some significant transformations in the characters, and we really wish to know where that takes them.

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