‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Mi Joo Tell Kang Ho About His Children?


The episode planning of The Good Bad Mother is fantastic, with us getting a serious and lighthearted episode each week with everything being evenly placed. While Episode 9 made us sad and uneasy, Episode 10 was a delight in many ways. Here is a recap and ending of Episode 10 of the series.

Spoilers Alert

Why Is Kang Ho Getting Married?

The male protagonist in Korean dramas will never lack female suitors, whether his mind is that of a 7-year-old or that of a 35-year-old. That brings us back to how Netflix needs to fix its subtitles. Is Kang Ho 30 years old or 35 years old, considering he must have been around 23–24 years old when he became a prosecutor, which is also the time when Mi Joo was pregnant? The twins are 7 years old, and Kang Ho has been living with his mother for at least a year or two now. We want to know his exact age since the actor was born in 1994 and is not even 30 years old yet. We also noticed something about Lee Do Hyun in Episode 10 of The Good Bad Mother. The actor suits a serious role much more than he does a lighthearted one because his eyes carry a sobriety that laughter is not able to dispel.

Either way, Young Soon is scared for his life, and she is dead set against him being a prosecutor or remembering his past. She worries that if he remembers anything of that sort, he will embark on his revenge and ruin his life. When Young Soon is at the hospital, she gets the idea from two other women that getting Kang Ho married might be a good idea to take care of him. It isn’t just so that someone is there for him when she isn’t anymore. It is because she believes that a wife and children would ground him and make him reconsider his revenge if his memories ever return.

But finding a bride for Kang Ho is no easy task, and it is actually the first time that we are questioning Young Soon’s integrity. Shouldn’t she be telling the prospective bride upfront about Kang Ho’s condition and her expectations from this marriage instead of just scamming her into it? When the first girl walks out of the meeting, she is 100 percent right in doing so. But Kang Ho couldn’t care less, and he just wanted to meet Mi Joo. That day, he is her knight in shining armor as he rescues her from a customer who was harassing her. That interaction brings back some of Kang Ho’s memories, and he and Mi Joo end up kissing, which is witnessed by Young Soon.

Young Soon is wary of Kang Ho’s growing feelings for Mi Joo and is not sure if she can just write them off as a crush for longer. When she finds that Kang Ho has drawn Mi Joo’s portrait as the person he likes the most, she grows more worried. However, she knows the matter is serious when she finds that Kang Ho has given a piece of certain jewelry to Bang Sam Sik.

Sam Sik is in deep debt, and he is at his wit’s end as to how to pay off the loan. That is when he learns of the jewelry set that Young Soon had purchased for her daughter-in-law. Sam Sik sees an opportunity and goes to meet Kang Ho with some drinks when he is alone at home. They get drunk, and Sam Sik convinces Kang Ho to hand him the ring in exchange for some handcuffs. Kang Ho agrees because he desperately wants to be a prosecutor. This desire is not just because of the discovery of his past but also because he saw how Mi Joo was with him when she was introducing him as a prosecutor to the man who was troubling her. Kang Ho believes that Mi Joo wants this for him, and that is why he wants to be a prosecutor again, despite his mother being against it. However, Sam Sik was arrested by the police since the person he tried selling the jewelry to reported him.

The entire village is mad at Sam Sik since the village head was going to receive an award in 20 days for keeping the area crime-free for 20 years. But Kang Ho saves the day when he tells the police officers that he willingly gave the jewelry set to Sam Sik. Everyone is overjoyed upon hearing that, and in a way, Kang Ho has redeemed himself for how he treated Sam Sik all those years ago by refusing to withdraw the charges against him. In fact, Sam Sik breaks down in tears at Kang Ho’s innocence and the way he comes through for him. But Young Soon is not that impressed. She is furious with Kang Ho for being naive and for his continued ambition to be a prosecutor, but this time, Kang Ho speaks up. He admits that he doesn’t want his mother to make decisions for him. She has always had good intentions for him, but that meant that she has tried to control his life in a way that suffocated him. This is the first time Kang Ho has admitted his dislike of being treated that way and says that he wants to be free enough to make his own decisions.

Does Mi Joo Tell Kang Ho About His Children?

Since Young Soon is not able to convince Kang Ho, she does the next best thing and asks Mi Joo to talk sense into him. But Mi Joo senses that something is wrong. She connects the dots and deduces that there is another reason behind Young Soon’s being so desperate for Kang Ho’s marriage. That is when Young Soon reveals the truth about her ill health. But we are not sure if Mi Joo also knows about Kang Ho’s revenge plan. We believe that it might have been essential to tell Mi Joo to explain the real importance of Kang Ho’s marriage. But it could also be too much information, so Young Soon might have kept that to herself. However, we are leaning towards the secret being out because what else could possibly make Mi Joo look past the heartbreak and want to get back with Kang Ho now?

When Kang Ho broke up with Mi Joo, she was already pregnant. But she had not told him because she believed that he would come back to them after he finished whatever mission he was out on, and she did not want her or the kids to be a hindrance to him. But after she gave birth, she saw that he had moved on with Ha Young and incorrectly deduced that he had simply ditched her for better prospects. That is when Mi Joo left the twins with her mother in the village so that she could focus on making money again. But in the present day, Mi Joo regrets keeping the twins’ parentage a secret. She believes that she should have told Kang Ho and then let him decide whether he wanted to leave them or not. As she tells the entire truth to her mother, she is hell-bent on not letting her daughter be with Kang Ho and ruining her life. But Mi Joo thinks differently. The tenth episode of The Good Bad Mother ends with Mi Joo showing up at Kang Ho’s house the next day with her twins all dressed up. We believe that she is there to tell them the truth, and it won’t be long before the twins have their father.

Final Thoughts

We have seen in the precap for next week that Kang Ho finally learns about his mother’s medical condition. Kang Ho’s emotional intelligence is higher than that of a seven-year-old. It is probably the memory loss that is making him act naive, but the experiences of his life have left their impact on him. We also see the truth about Mi Joo’s children come to light, and it looks like there will be an investigation into the illegitimate family of Oh Tae Soo. With just four more episodes to go, things are going to come to a close, and everything will start going back to where it belongs.

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