‘The House Next Door’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did They Defeat Vampire Mamuwalde?


Deon Taylor’s goofball comedy Meet the Blacks strikes again with a new purge. Our favorite family, “The Blacks,” dealt with Terror Night at Beverly Hills in the first film. In the sequel, The House Next Door, they return to their Atlanta neighborhood, only to move out to a posh lifestyle again, but they can’t afford it.

The sequel film, The House Next Door (or Meet the Blacks 2), chronicles a hilarious fable centering around a vampire-ious bat who has settled next door. Will Carl Black be able to save his family from the claws and fangs of paranormal monsters? Let’s find out.

Plot Summary

Carl Black jots down his Terror Night experiences and becomes a published author. Carl likes to think that his book is an instant bestseller for self-motivational reasons, and he is an acclaimed author. Only the reality is contradictory. To support his family financially, Carl struggles to write a sequel, but due to numerous reasons, prominently his nosy family, his concentration keeps dwindling.

Carl’s cousin, the nudnik Cronut, informs him about bizarre people moving next door. He even spots a Coffin car parked at the house entrance. It captures Carl’s curiosity and shakes his focus. The following day, Cronut convinces Carl that the new neighbors are hiding dead bodies inside their house and should investigate. Falling prey to Cronut’s urge, the two brothers knock on their neighbor’s door.

Dr. Mamuwalde’s butler, Monty, attends them and assures them that there are no dead bodies in the house. Carl ignores Cronut’s speculative assumptions about the new neighbors when he notices his daughter, Allie’s car, parked outside the neighbor’s house. Carl and Cronut infiltrate the home and meets Dr. Mamuwalde. Upon the first impression, Carl concludes that his new neighbor is a pimp, but Mamuwalde is more enigmatic than he looks.

‘The House Next Door’ Ending, Explained

Carl Black tried to kick out Mamuwalde with a hammer and tongs. But every time, he failed miserably. At first, it was a cat-and-mouse game between the two, but when Carl found out his wife’s naked picture on Mamuwalde’s study wall, he was bewildered. In simple words, Mamuwalde moving into Carl’s neighborhood was associated with Carl’s wife, Lorena.

Some centuries ago, Mamuwalde and Lorena were closely knit lovers. She was the governor’s daughter, and the governor didn’t want a vampire mingling around Lorena. Governor’s men killed Mamuwalde and left him in a deep place. Throughout these years, in every century, Mamuwalde was looking for his incomplete love.

In present times, Mamuwalde hypnotized Lorena and Allie. He abducted them and turned Lorena into a vampire.

Carl and Cronut rescued Lorena and Allie with the help of Vampire Slayer, Mr. Wooky. In the end, Mamuwalde realized that even he had turned Lorena into a vampire and could hypnotize her, yet she doesn’t share the same feelings she once had. A heartbroken Mamuwalde stood near the windowpane, where the morning lights parched his vampire body. After Mamuwalde’s death, Lorena turned back into a normal human, and her fangs disappeared. Carl Black saved his happy family again.

Meet the Blacks 3

In the end sequence, Cronut successfully seduced Clive’s Hot Wife. While his RV shook with their actions, it accidentally released a ghostly spirit from a pot. It was a gift to Mamuwalde sent from Africa that Cronut never delivered.

The ghost sparks a ragtag band of Thug vigilantes and a Mexican (Hugo, the Mexican Blade). Carl and his outlaw team call themselves “The Ghetto Ghostbusters.” It suggests that this team formation will revisit the screen and bring about a new chapter in “The Blacks” life. Meet the Blacks 3 will be called The Ghost Squad. It will be filled with new ghosts, adventures, kickass comedy, and purges. Stay Tuned.

The House Next Door (or Meet the Blacks 2) is a 2021 Horror Comedy film directed by Deon Taylor.

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