‘The House of Flowers: The Movie’ Summary & Ending, Explained


Mexican telenovela film, The House of Flowers: The Movie, is a sequel to the popular dark comedy series La Casa de las Flores created for Netflix by Manolo Caro. If you haven’t checked the series, then watching the movie might get tiring and confusing.

Plot Summary

Manolo Caro’s telenovela captures a rich and dysfunctional ‘de la Mora‘ family. The narrative follows the three siblings: Paulina, middle daughter Elena, and youngest bisexual son Julian. The story begins with the nanny of three siblings, Florist Delia, diagnosed with a cancer-like illness. On her deathbed, Delia informs Paulina about a treasure and a hidden piece of evidence in their former house that would act as proof against Agustin Corcuera. Agustin is under trial for killing Pato, Paulina’s secret father (more details explored in the series).

Paulina requests her step-siblings to retrieve Delia’s treasure from the safe inside the master bedroom of their former house. The three siblings, who are closely attached to their nanny, perceive it as Delia’s last wish. Therefore, they accompany Paulina in her pursuit. However, the new occupant of their house, Carmela, doesn’t allow the siblings to enter the house. As a last resort, Paulina and her siblings plot a burglary to steal evidence against Agustín Corcuera, hidden by their late mother, Virginia.

In a concurrent storyline happening in 1980, Virginia and her husband, Ernesto, decide to attend Salomon Cohen’s wedding. Their sole motive is to record Agustin’s confession on the tape at the wedding. Virginia wants to take revenge on Agustin, who killed her best friend, Pato.

‘The House of Flowers: The Movie’ Ending Explained

In a mission impossible kind of heist, Paulina and her siblings stole the treasure box, holding the evidence. They finally opened the box at the hospital and found some old paintings along with a VHS tape. The siblings drew these old paintings during their childhood. For Delia, it was her only treasure that she wanted to witness before finally leaving the world. Symbolically, she wanted to see the siblings together, as a family, before her last departure.

Paulina played the tape but didn’t find anything substantial. Agustin’s confession was overwritten with the memories of the ‘de la Mora‘ family. Why?

In 1980, when Ernesto and Virginia returned from the wedding, Virginia suggested that she had said goodbye to Pato. Symbolically, she meant that she had made peace with Pato’s departure. Ernesto wanted the same. He wanted Virginia to leave behind the past and cherish the future. The past only brings pain and melancholy. Sometime during her life, Virginia might have mistakenly or intentionally overwritten the VHS tape, therefore destroying any evidence framing Agustin. But did he kill Pato?

At the wedding, Agustin confessed to Virginia that he loved Pato, but they were secret lovers. Pato was angry with Agustin because he was a coward, afraid of accepting his true desires and feelings. When others kicked Pato for his sexuality in a brawl, Agustin hits him to save his fake civility. Regrettably, Agustin killed the love of his life, Pato.

In the end, Delia also suggested the siblings move on towards the future and leave behind the grudges of the past. Delia walked into a heavenly lit La Casa de las Flores shop, underlining that she had reached heaven.

The House of Flowers: The Movie is a 2021 sequel film to the Mexican dark comedy series La Casa de las Flores. It is directed by Manolo Caro, the original creator of the series.

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