‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Taeho Befriend Inha?


Another day, another K-drama about conglomerates, heirs, and illegitimate children. The Impossible Heir follows the story of Han Taeho, a young man whose life has been ruined thanks to his stepfather’s escapades—trying to kill his mother. Taeho’s major goal in life is to be successful and make sure he has the power to deal with people like his stepfather. On the other hand, Inha is the illegitimate child of the Kangoh Group CEO. While his father provides him with everything he could possibly desire, there is one thing he isn’t going to get for sure: the iron throne. Just kidding, Inha wants to take over his father’s company. I suppose it’s to make sure he’s never mocked by people again. Despite the many differences in their lives, coming from entirely different backgrounds, Taeho and Inha find friends in each other, a sort of symbiotic relationship to help them achieve their individual goals. The Impossible Heir Episode 1 shows us how the two meet and become friends and introduces a fly in the ointment, Na Hyewon. Let’s recap episode 1 to know who she is.

Spoiler Alert

How do Taeho and Inha meet? 

The Impossible Heir Episode 1 begins in what we can presume is the present day, where an adult, Taeho, has a bloody ice pick in his hand. He looks around in fear as two people are lying dead in front of him, and he’s covered in what seems to be their blood, but he doesn’t know what’s happening. Flashback to 2012, and we see Taeho move to the small town of Maju. He’s a high school student, and of course, it’s a shock to people that he lives alone. He tells the broker that he’s moved alone because his parents are dead; however, there’s a sinister past. Taeho grabs the attention of the most popular kid in town. Inha is the illegitimate child of Kang Joong-Mo of the Kangoh Group. It seems Taeho already knows who Inha is, but he pretends to ignore him when they first meet. This irks the guy, and when he sees Taeho in school, he provokes him. Inha is no less than a bully, but Taeho has his own anger issues. They fight it out in school, and quickly, it’s made clear that everything always goes Inha’s way. Considering Taeho is in the top 0.1 of the country’s students (wow, smart dude), the teacher isn’t too concerned about him either. 

Is Taeho’s mother alive? 

Taeho’s mother lives in a Buddhist monastery, and after Taeho receives a call from school, he rushes to find her and tells her to go into hiding immediately. He sends her off, and then we learn that he has received a call from his (evil) stepfather, who wants her dead for some reason. We learn that it’s a case of domestic violence; however, there may be some other pieces still missing. His father’s men are on the lookout for Taeho and his mother, but more importantly, Taeho’s father threatens to find him as soon as he’s out of prison. Taeho believes that with Inha by his side, he can climb up the ladder and make sure his father never gets anywhere near him or his mother. In truth, Taeho and Inha are quite alike; they’re both mocked for factors that are out of their control. So, they decide to help each other out, friends with benefits, you know (not the kind you’re thinking, although it’s definitely a bromance-heavy show). 

What’s in Taeho’s report? 

Quickly, it’s 2013, and the boys are at Hankuk University, a top-tier school in the country. Taeho’s working multiple part-time jobs and still remains a fantastic student. So much so that he gets called by a professor with a really strange request. See, Taeho knows exactly what he needs to do to make his way into Kangoh Group. He writes a report that includes the words Co-prosperity Cooperation Center, an idea for a subsidiary that acquires startups under the guise of investment and funding. The main goal is mergers and acquisitions.  His professor wants to purchase this report from Taeho. This professor is actually close with the president of the Kangoh Group, and he claims that he has the key to the future of Kangoh in his hands. However, Taeho hasn’t sold the report to him yet. In the meantime, as a birthday present, Inha gets Taeho a job as his stepsister’s tutor. Another entry into the Kangoh household. 

Who is Na Hyewon? 

Amidst all the serious business stuff, we’re introduced to the female lead of The Impossible Heir, Na Hyewon, a poor girl who lives in a rooftop house right opposite Taeho. Nah, it’s a rule: if you’re living in a rooftop home, you’re right at the bottom of the food chain. At first, it seems like Hyewon is going to be the black mark in Taeho and Inha’s friendship. A love interest for both of them to create a love triangle at best. But as we come to the end of the episode, we learn that Hyewon has bigger plans. Inha takes an interest in her romantically, but after they get acquainted, she rejects him cleanly, making it seem like she’s into Taeho. Which she definitely is. Taeho is also very interested in her; however, he refrains from admitting these feelings to Inha.  On the other hand, Taeho also witnesses her mother harassing her, so they become friends through this situation.

At the end of The Impossible Heir Episode 1, they hang out together and share drinks at Inha’s loft. Later, Taeho and Hyewon share a drink on their own near their rooftop homes. This is when Hyewon refers to Inha as a golden rope. It seems she’s also interested in climbing the social ladder, but how is Inha going to help her? We’re not quite sure yet. She asks Taeho to help her; it’s possible that she’s also after the same power that he is. At the same time, Taeho has encouraged Inha to sign an inheritance waiver, because it’ll help him in the future. Like he predicted, it was immediately given to him by his father’s wife, in order to make sure he doesn’t get any part of the company. 

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