‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What’s Hyewon’s Deal? 


Is it impossible for Inha to become an heir, or is he simply an impossible person? I suppose it’s a little bit of both. The Impossible Heir, the latest from Disney+, is a show that keeps skipping forward for some reason. It’s a show that follows two young men trying to compete with their fate. On the surface, it appears to be a complicated story, but it’s mostly just a very dramatic show about three people who want to change their destiny. No, this will not motivate you like Start-Up; instead, it’ll make your blood boil. However, the fun part is the game that the two boys plan on playing with Inha’s family and the power play between the intertwined characters. We’re all stuck wondering about Hyewon’s plan, and it seems she wavered in her faith for a moment in The Impossible Heir episode 2, but seeing the end of the episode, it seems like things are going to take a drastic turn in the next week.

Spoiler Alert

Does Taeho agree to help Hyewon? 

Short answer: no. Taeho is too busy worrying about his own power struggles to help another person in the same position as him. What he does, though, is assure Hyewon that he won’t get in her way, whatever she plans on doing with Inha (oop, big lies). In the meantime, Inha knows there’s something fishy going on between Taeho and Hyewon; however, he pretends to be oblivious to the matter. To his shock, he gets invited to dinner at Bisunjae, the Kang household, on the weekend. Taeho reminds Inha that things are going exactly as planned; however, he didn’t think it would work so quickly. According to Taeho, Inha’s father is frustrated because his wife made Inha sign an inheritance waiver when it should’ve been left to him to get it done. To show his wife up, he plans on making it seem like Inha is involved, even though he’s actually not. On the other hand, Inha also learns that it was, in fact, his step-sister Huijui who made sure Inha would be invited for dinner, making him feel worse than ever. Inha knows he’s an unwanted child, but he thought his father was finally seeing some potential in him. Fortunately, Taeho bursts that bubble before it becomes too pink. 

To celebrate his invitation, Hui-Ju, who hasn’t seen her brother in a while, asks him to take her out to dinner. They go to a hotel that is not part of the Kangoh Group and find Hyewon working there. Hui-Ju, who is tutored by Taeho, is madly in love with him, so when she lays eyes on Hyewon, she’s immediately jealous. She wants to play Cupid and make sure her brother gets Hyewon, so Taeho can be all hers. 

What Happens at Bisunjae? 

Inha makes his entrance into Bisunjae and immediately wreaks havoc. In truth, he doesn’t really do anything; the guy’s following the motto Taeho’s cooked up for him: appear innocent but don’t be naive. If the family thinks Inha is not a threat, they’ll let him in on all their dirty secrets, no? Anyway, because there’s a fight between Huijui and the family’s eldest son, the mother blames Inha’s presence for it and expects him to leave. This leaves a sour taste in the father’s mouth because he invited the boy, and without his permission, he was thrown out. Another insult to the man of the house (whoops). Seeing the chaos in the house, the mother takes her anger out on Hui-Ju, slapping her in the face. This obviously makes her furious, and she runs away to find Taeho, her new crush. Taeho doesn’t hesitate to call Inha immediately, but he spends some time with her pretending to be on her side. But in the midst of all of this, Hui-Ju’s mother learns that Taeho was recommended by Inha, so he loses the job. 

What’s Hyewon’s mother up to?

The next day, Hui-Ju rebels again and shows up at Taeho’s university for one last goodbye. After trying to explain to her nicely that he’s her teacher and nothing more, she confesses her feelings to him. Taeho is done playing nice and reminds her that she’s merely his employer and he is an employee. She’s hurt by his words, so she pretends to agree with him and almost calls him a money-hungry person, only to cry like a child who lost their balloon in the car on the way back home. Hyewon overhears this entire conversation and tells Taeho that he should use Hui-Ju the way he does Inha, too. Taeho reminds her to mind her own business and not give him unsolicited advice. Unbeknownst to them, Inha’s overheard this conversation and can’t get a grip on Hyewon at all. 

On the other hand, her mother tries to steal 50 million won from some thugs. She’s always bragged about her daughter, so the thugs show up at the university (I’m not sure how this was approved, considering the security at one of the top 3 universities in Seoul would be better than this). Hyewon is unfazed, because this isn’t the first time her mother’s behavior has caused her harm, but when the boss slaps her, she slaps him back, angering him further. When he’s about to slap her again, dun dun dun, Taeho shows up and stops him, along with security guards (oh, there they are!). Taeho doesn’t really know how to comfort Hyewon, but he tries to make sure she has somewhere to hide. However, Hyewon replies that if she runs away from this situation, it’ll make it seem like she’s actually related to her mother. Taeho leaves her to it, while in the meantime, Inha hears about what’s happened. He runs through the university looking for Hyewon, all worried. After much thinking, Taeho also realizes that he wants Hyewon, so he runs back to find her, too. To his shock, Inha’s already there, and to make things worse, they’re kissing (scandy). Hyewon notices Taeho watching, but she doesn’t break away from Inha. 

Who does Taeho choose? 

Later, Taeho finds Hyewon leaving with bags. She tells him that she’ll be safe at Inha’s. Out of the blue, Taeho decides to hold her back, but Hyewon tells him that he’ll regret this decision immediately. Taeho tells her that he won’t, and she decides to accept Inha’s offer anyway. They’ve both got nothing to give each other; how can she be sure her life will be better with Taeho? She can’t, really. Taeho returns home all heartbroken (I’m not sure how they’re already in a love triangle after like 5 minutes of meeting). In a few minutes, Hyewon returns to Taeho and knocks at his door (literally). Taeho is about to open the door for her, but he gets a call from Inha. He ends up choosing Inha over Hyewon (yikes), and she leaves. Fast forward to 5 years later, and the Co-prosperity Cooperation Center is already 5 years old, and Inha’s an employee there. Right at the end of episode 2 of The Impossible Heir, we learn that Taeho has also been employed under the leader training team, thanks to his professor, who wanted to buy his report. We’re left wondering what’s happened with Hyewon, and did she make it to Inha’s home 5 years ago or not? Additionally, Taeho and Inha are still thick as thieves, as it seems they’re getting as close to the major leagues as they planned. 

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