‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What’s The Hidden Weapon?


As a self-proclaimed K-drama fanatic, I used to pride myself on the number of Korean shows I watched, despite some of them not being the best or not even being that interesting. However, in about a decade of watching Korean TV, The Impossible Heir might well be the most convoluted show I’ve seen thus far. I don’t hate business-political-conglomerate dramas; they can be super dramatic and entertaining. However, this particular show seems to simply have a long list of jargon that goes right over my head and leaves me with a nasty headache. Despite starring young and up-coming heartthrob Lee Jae-Wook, nothing can keep me hooked on this story that is boring and incomprehensible, and I say this while at The Impossible Heir episode 3. At least with the first two episodes, the leads were meant to be young and fun; now, with all the time jumps, there’s nothing left to enjoy except their pretty faces, I suppose. Hopefully, as the show progresses, it’ll get simpler to understand and leave behind all the complicated verbiage for some good old family drama (which we do get a little bit of in this episode). 

Spoiler Alert

What Happens in 5 Years? 

Professor Chae Dong-Uk was the man interested in purchasing Tae-Oh’s report (this still doesn’t make sense to me), and Tae-Oh had said he’d demand a price for it when he saw fit. Tae-Oh’s price is for Dong-Uk to get him a meeting with the Kangoh Chairman. Tae-Oh wrote a speech for the Chairman, and this is how he gets introduced to the man. The Chairman asks Tae-Oh to spare some time and stay back in the room once everyone’s left. He tests Tae-Oh to see if he falters under the great man’s gaze. See, Tae-Oh is a bit cheeky with his speech; it’s supposedly got nothing to do with the Chairman but is for an “ideal” leader. The Chairman tells Tae-Oh he’s fired and then also narrates his family history, almost as if he’s been keeping an eye on Tae-Oh since he was a little boy (yikes). Tae-Oh falters just for a bit, but the Chairman then tells him that the important thing is that,  even if he’s facing the Chairman, he should never let his true feelings show. The speech is fantastic, and Joong-Mo recites Tae-Oh’s speech with no problems. The real enemy now is his second son, Kang Seong-Ju. We then skip five years (again), and it seems Han Tae-Oh has become Kang Tae-Oh. Just kidding, he’s just Chairman Kang’s right-hand man and possibly the youngest chief secretary. On the other hand, the Chairman’s health isn’t great. 

For some reason, the show does not show us what happened on that fateful night all those years ago when Hye-Won chose to come back to Tae-Oh. Now, the three still work closely together and are planning something massive. In-Ha also works for a subsidiary of Kangoh, and Hye-Won works for a political campaign for the next presidential candidate. 

How Does Tae-Oh Get All His Information? 

Tae-Oh has a hacker who is feeding him all the information about Seong-Ju. He even hacks into his phone to get information about what Seong-Ju plans on doing next. If this were Cinderella, Seong-Ju and his mother would be the evil stepmothers and sisters. They plan on stealing the company out from under Kang Joong-Mo. However, Tae-Oh is ahead of the game and has proof that Seong-Ju is working against his own father through all the information gathered by the secret hacker. There’s a project called the “Royal Road Project,” and Joong-Mo tells Tae-Oh that his big plan is to build another country within South Korea. He’s not sure how or why, but I suppose that’s what the rich do. Seong-Ju’s plan is to use the presidential candidate and the Royal Road Project to bring Joong-Mo down through an accusation of embezzlement. His final goal is, of course, the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Center, which he will convert into his own holding company. 

Does Tae-Oh get to Joong-Mo in time? 

Tae-Oh gets the hacker to get into Seong-Ju’s phone; we don’t know how this happens, but it does, okay? And he’s able to figure out who Seong-Ju is using to make sure his father doesn’t know what he’s up to. Tae-Oh takes all the information he gathers, learning that the law firm that is under Joong-Mo’s name, Milton, is the one through which Seong-Ju plans on taking him down. Jeong-Mu is furious, but Tae-Oh has a plan. Chu Hyuk-Jin is the man whom Seong-Ju has enlisted for his dirty work, and he gets hot and sweaty when Joong-Mo calls a sudden meeting to discuss the new roles of the company. Tae-Oh collects all the phones during this one-hour meeting, which means Seong-Ju can’t know what’s happening. Anyway, after this meeting, Hyuk-Jin informs Seong-Ju immediately, and he rushes to his mother with the big problem. His mother has a hidden weapon, which she plans on bringing out now. In the meantime, as Tae-Oh suspects, In-Ha wants to marry Hye-Won, and she’s willing to do it because that’s what she’s worked so hard for all this time: power. Tae-Oh and Hye-Won will get In-Ha to the top and then live their lives peacefully. 

The Chairman announces Seong-Ju as the president of the dying company, Kangoh Securities, so that he can bring it back to working condition. This is essentially a demotion for Seong-Ju, leaving him completely shocked. He also announces the return of Chae Dong-Uk, a loyal dog of Seong-Ju who was betrayed by him when his work was finished. Tae-Oh knows exactly what he can get from his ex-professor, so he plans on bringing the man back for Seong-Ju’s dirty secrets. It seems Tae-Oh’s plan is working freakishly well as he tries to stifle a smile while alone in an elevator. Of course, this is only the beginning for him. The Chairman’s last decision is to put the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Center under the sole authority of the Chairman. 

What’s the hidden weapon? 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 3, the prosecutor’s office gets an untraceable email regarding Joong-Mo. While our obvious assumption would be that it’s his wife who has sent this email, we know that Tae-Oh has the resources to do it. Maybe it was all part of his plan, and this is why Joong-Mo’s wife says it wasn’t her. We can assume it’s the Milton company, because Joong-Mo told Tae-Oh it was his weakness earlier in the episode. The office is raided, and Joong-Mo’s heart condition gets worse from hearing about it. His wife simply lets him collapse, drops his medication, and then walks away. A little while later, Tae-Oh returns to his place by the side of Joong-Mo and sees the man collapsed on the floor in his office. Tae-Oh calmly picks up the medication and stares at the dying man without doing anything. 

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