‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Is The Chairman Actually Dying?


In the last episode of The Impossible Heir, many names and words were thrown at us in regard to Kangoh and its political wing. The Korean title of the show is the English word “royal loader.” I suppose this implies that Tae-Oh and Hye-Won are “freloaders” who will mooch off of their rich friend to get to the top. In all honesty, I don’t actually know what the show is trying to say. I don’t think it’s one to be taken too seriously; however, it does come across as tedious and weighed down by information that we don’t necessarily need to understand the progress of this show. The drastic 5-year jumps are not helping either, but the 4th episode was definitely better than the previous one, with no time jumps and more about the family drama. I suppose I’m being petty, and maybe some people enjoy all the business terminology and the overload of it within a few short episodes (yeah, yeah, one hour isn’t short, but you know what I mean), but I’m just not cut out for it. It’s like watching The Big Short all over again, and I’m not embarrassed to say nothing from that movie stuck around in my brain.

Spoiler Alert

What is Joong-Mo’s wife’s plan? 

We learn in The Impossible Heir episode 4 that the company that was trying to scam Kangoh Group was none other than his wife Geum-Seok’s brother’s company. It’s more than evident that husband and wife do not get along at all, but now it’s clear that the business was mainly invested in by Geum-Seok’s family, which is why she has such a tight grip on Joong-Mo’s throat. She has a designated thumb drive with dirt on Joong-Mo’s grimy tricks on his journey to the top. She hands it over to her husband, and this is when we get to the part where he collapses from his heart condition in front of her, and she walks away. When Tae-Oh arrives, he calmly calls 119, as if this were also all part of his grand plan. And it turns out that it actually is, but more on that later. The family all tries to make sense of what’s happened, with Geum-Seok and Seong-Ju pretending to be all worried, while In-Ju’s not even bothered enough to do that. 

Though this is all part of Tae-Oh’s plan, it seems he hasn’t even told his best friend, In-Ha, about it. In-Ha is furious, as this means his plan to become the heir of the Kangoh Group is set to fail; however, Tae-Oh simply tries to calm him down. Seeing as things are looking down for his father, In-Ju tries to get the second-best dude, Tae-Oh, on his side. He tries to bribe him with a brand new house, the likes of which he wouldn’t be able to afford in a lifetime, but Tae-Oh curtly refuses and asks him to offer everything that he has if he really wants Tae-Oh on his side. In-Ju has one of his own men follow Tae-Oh, and I wonder if this guy will turn out to be a hindrance later on. 

How Does Tae-Oh Get “In”? 

It’s finally time to bring out the big guns, and after his plan’s success, Joong-Mo asks Tae-Oh what he would like as a reward. Joong-Mo is curious why he never asks for anything, and he wants to know what he’s hoping to get out of it. Tae-Oh doesn’t really have an answer to this; he just says that all of this is for the success of the Royal Road Project (I still don’t know anything about this). Tae-Oh then says that he’s going to be more proactive on the asking front from now on, and his first massive demand (that’s really what this is) is for Joong-Mo to accept In-Ha as his son publicly. Tae-Oh’s excuse is basically that the things Joong-Mo can’t do through his other sons, he can do through In-Ha, and then discard him as he pleases. For now, this is the best option the man has. Of course, in business, words aren’t enough, so Tae-Oh has to make a special contract for his pal In-Ha. As he’s about to celebrate the mini-success of his plan by calling In-Ha, Hye-Won informs Tae-Oh that he’s gone missing. Tae-Oh knows exactly where the man’s run off to, so he goes there. Tae-Oh gets punched in the face by In-Ha, who can’t believe that such an important detail of the plan, i.e., his father actually not having a cardiac arrest, was left out even for him. Tae-Oh explains how this was the only way to do it, because if the plan failed anywhere, In-Ha’s chances of getting into the Kang family would go back to zero. At least this way, only Tae-Oh would have to step back if anything had gone wrong.

What’s Next for Kangoh? 

For some reason, Hui-Ju is still in love with her former tutor, Tae-Oh (what?). None of this makes sense because he was around her for like 2 days before he got fired, so what exactly is going on? Nobody knows. She even breaks off her engagement with a problematic man and then basically promises to marry Tae-Oh, forcing a marriage proposal on him, saying he can run as much as he likes, but she still plans on marrying him someday (weird). In the meantime, Seong-Ju is appointed acting chairman of the company by his own mother. At the same time, the hacker sets up a massive error in the sale of Kangoh stocks. We’re talking about a lot of money lost in shares. This is when Joong-Mo reveals himself to his wife, who is completely shocked by his perfect health and immediately starts to act crazy (sigh, yet another villainized woman who had no choice but to marry a rando). In-Ha finally comes face-to-face with his father for the first time in his entire life. He essentially demands a seat at the table, and his father, whose hand has been forced by Tae-Oh, agrees to do so. In-Ha has signed the contract created by Tae-Oh and was then invited home for a massive family dinner. 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 4, In-Ha is out in public next to his father, doing the things previously taken care of by Tae-Oh. The Chairman gets asked questions about Milton and the raid and the stock market issue, but In-Ha simply says, “Are you ready, father?” to completely throw them off. 

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