‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Han Tae-Oh Okay?


The Impossible Heir can’t even be saved by the presence of Lee Jae-Wook and Lee Jun-Young, two young up-and-coming actors in the industry right now. Also, why is it edited the way it is? I honestly can’t understand these strange choices. In episode 4, Tae-Oh and In-Ha got one step closer to their goal (I’m yet to fully understand what this goal is exactly), and In-Ha will finally be seen publicly as an heir of the Kangoh group. In the meantime, In-Ha and Hye-Won have also progressed in their relationship, leaving Tae-Oh a complete loner. In episode 5, we’re still not sure what happened on that day many years ago, but one thing is clear: Hye-Won has chosen to side with In-Ha because that’s who will get her to the top of the social ladder.

Spoiler Alert

Who takes over Kangoh Tech One? 

The Impossible Heir Episode 5 focuses on the sale of Kangoh Tech One, supposedly the most important subsidiary of Kangoh Group. In the prosecutor’s office, Ha Myung-Jin is handed a thumb drive with information that’s supposed to keep Joong-Mo out of trouble. The drive contains tons of folders with information regarding certain things the prosecutor has previously done in order to get to his position. While Myung-Jin assumes he’s being bribed, he’s actually getting threatened by the Kangoh Group. Joong-Mo is free to go, while Myung-Jin is letting go. Joong-Mo then makes his way to Chu Hyeok-Jin, who knows he has to beg for forgiveness at this point for trying to two-time the chairman. In the meantime, Joong-Mo’s two legitimate sons start to panic, seeing the news that In-Ha will become a part of the conglomerate. In Kangoh, things are underway, and Tae-Oh and In-Ha get new positions. Tae-Oh is a division director, and In-Ha is the new chief manager of the future strategy office. It seems Tae-Oh had lured Chae Dong-Uk with this particular job, and now he has it himself, so this leaves him another enemy in Dong-Uk. 

Adding insult to injury, Seong-Ju’s mother is basically exiled from Bisongju (the family home) for essentially trying to steal everything away from her husband. Seong-Ju promises his father he’ll never forgive him for what he’s just done. On the other hand, his older stepbrother, In-Ju, learns of In-Ha and Tae-Oh’s friendship from college. Apparently, a technological leak from the previous year has Joong-Mo in a bind, so he plans on putting In-Ha in charge of negotiating a deal with another company. This is where the guy who is meant to marry Hui-Ju, Ko Hee-Chan, comes into play. It seems if he doesn’t marry Hui-Ju, his father won’t give him what he wants; however, Hui-Ju refuses to even try to get to know him, and we know this is because of her obsession with Tae-Oh. On the other hand, we finally learn a little bit about the hacker that Tae-Oh has been working with. He used to be a North Korean spy (why is this even part of this plot? I cannot understand). 

It seems In-Ha thinks this is a strong enough position for him to celebrate his long-term relationship with Hye-Won. He takes her to the beach to propose, and she agrees to marry him. The first person In-Ha tells is Tae-Oh. While In-Ha and Hye-Won prepare fireworks to celebrate, Tae-Oh takes a jog in contemplation. 

Why Does the Chairman Get Mad at Tae-Oh? 

In-Ha gets ahead of himself and starts to defy his friend Tae-Oh. He invites his two trusted employees to work under them as part of the team for the negotiation, and Tae-Oh doesn’t appreciate it. This means he’s not entirely in charge. On the other hand, Oh Gyeong-Cheol, Hye-Won’s boss, wants to use her relationship with In-Ha for political gain. His plan is a secret to the congressman they work for. Additionally, he claims this is a personal investment in Hye-Won to become a perfect political aide. She discusses it with Tae-Oh, who thinks it’s a good idea. Hye-Won tells him she doesn’t need his help and she can make her own decisions now. This is obviously a call back to her asking him to help her all those years ago. She’s come a long way, yet she keeps wanting to turn back to him because, romantically, she’s more inclined towards him (none of these romantic plotlines involving Tae-Oh makes sense, but sure). When they’re having their little chat, someone’s also taking pictures of Tae-Oh from the opposite building. He has a few enemies, so this could honestly be anyone at this point. But could it be that In-Ha is having someone spy on him? Or it could be one of the brothers, my eyes are on In-Ju. 

In the beginning, the negotiation doesn’t go very well. Ko Hui-Chan wants to buy off the company at a low price; however, In-Ha has a secret weapon that not even Tae-Oh knows of. Tae-Oh notices that one of the employees he had added to their team used his phone during the meeting and tells him to go home for not taking the assignment seriously. However, this rubs In-Ha the wrong way. It’s just that the employee was trying to keep the real plan a secret from Tae-Oh. In-Ha plans on using an old company secret, where a group called IM Group wanted to buy Kangoh Tech One. A manipulation tactic that Tae-Oh doesn’t approve of. The plan ultimately works, and the company is sold with a 13% price hike and employment succession; however, the chairman is furious. 

Apparently, In-Ha is too much like him, and so he wants to use manipulative tactics to get what he wants. But Joong-Mo wants someone who thinks differently; that’s why he has Tae-Oh by his side. Joong-Mo is mad because Tae-Oh didn’t do the dirty work for In-Ha, leaving him in a dangerous position for the future. Tae-Oh advises the chairman to tell his son that he’s just like him, which will motivate him to do a better job and stay under his wing. Tae-Oh then visits In-Ha, who physically pushes him while playing basketball, seemingly on purpose. I guess it’s a response to Tae-Oh’s “I told you so” expression. I guess In-Ha is somewhat jealous of the relationship Tae-Oh has with the chairman. Anyway, it turns out the chairman did call him, which means he’s less angry now. On the other hand, In-Ju has plans to use Hui-Chan in his master plan to get rid of Tae-Oh and In-Ha. 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 5, Tae-Oh is playing basketball alone to cool off when a man hits him on the back of his head with a wooden stick. Tae-Oh is in the middle of trying to make a call to Hye-Won when this happens, and the episode ends with him trying to pick up her call while bleeding from his head. 

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