‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Tae-Oh And Hye-Won Get Together?


The Impossible Heir episode 6 at least resembles other K-dramas with all of its craziness. The jargon and weird office and family politics of the show come across as way over the top and completely pointless because the twists don’t really impact viewers when their eyes have glazed over from trying to comprehend what’s really going on. I mean, seriously, the first four episodes of this show almost felt like hell. In episode 5, the drama picked up after Tae-Oh got hit in the back of the head by a stranger. It seems the showrunners may have realized that the office drama was really not working, so they decided to pick up the love triangle aspect of things. I mean, this episode really feels very out of place, but that also makes it much more interesting than any of the others thus far. Anyway, before this turns into a rant about The Impossible Heir, let’s quickly dive into the best episode of the show thus far.

Spoiler Alert

Why Does In-Ha Stop the Police From Investigating Tae-Oh’s Assault? 

Episode 6 of The Impossible Heir begins with two parallel storylines. In-Ha has a conversation with his father to clear the air, and the chairman gives him a reward for the good work he did (huh?). In-Ha tells him that there’s a woman he wants to marry, and Joong-Mo immediately approves (now, this makes no sense at all, but sure). On the other hand, Tae-Oh gets hit in the back of the head on the basketball court, and the man who did the deed tries to make it look like a robbery and runs away. Hye-Won somehow learns about what’s happened and finds Tae-Oh in the hospital. In his state, Tae-Oh lets go of all his inhibitions and holds onto her hand, telling her not to go, just like he did all those years ago (no, we still don’t know what exactly happened back then). In-Ha doesn’t pick up Hye-Won’s calls because he’s with his father, but after a while, the chairman tells him to go ahead and answer. When he learns of Tae-Oh’s assault, the first thing he does is make sure the police don’t investigate this case because that would mean Tae-Oh’s name would be public, in turn tying him to Joong-Mo and In-Ha. Supposedly, this would be terrible for business, even if this is Tae-Oh’s business and not Kangoh’s. 

Hui-Ju also makes it to the hospital and finds a conscious Tae-Oh holding onto Hye-Won’s hand (yeah, a second time on the same day). This leaves her furious, and she insults Hye-Won, but her brother arrives and stops her. Hye-Won leaves to call the doctors but heads to work directly now that she knows Tae-Oh’s actually fine. It seems In-Ha’s father is also of the opinion that things should be kept under wraps, so he also gets Tae-oh transferred to a VIP room in Kangoh Hospital. At work, Hye-Won learns from her boss that In-Ha kept the police from investigating Tae-Oh’s assault. He’s obviously trying to stir the pot, but why exactly? We cannot tell just yet. In-Ha doesn’t bother answering Hye-Won when she asks him about it, and she gets more furious. In-Ha is, of course, aware that Hye-Won has some feelings for Tae-Oh, and now he’s really not happy with the way she’s reacting, so he compares Tae-Oh to a street dog, leaving Hye-Won stunned. I suppose he’s also mad because Tae-Oh also didn’t appreciate this turn of events and wants to know who wanted him dead (duh, dude). Why does it feel like their entire friendship was an actual lie at this point? Is In-Ha really that ambitious? 

Who hurt Tae-Oh? 

In fury, Tae-Oh leaves the hospital, still in a recovering state, and meets the chairman in the office while still in his hospital pyjamas. He tells the chairman that he wants to know who tried to kill him and promises to find the guy without tarnishing his name. Apparently, this is enough for the chairman, because Tae-Oh is the only man Joong-Mo trusts to do something like this. A dizzy Tae-Oh then somehow makes it to the restaurant where the North Korean guy works. This is like his secret spot for all the dirty tricks he’s been using all these years, I suppose (the number of times Lee Jae-Wook has fallen to the floor in this episode, though, tsk tsk). The hacker gets Tae-Oh rested, and when he wakes up, Tae-Oh tells him to find out who hurt him. 

In the meantime, Hye-Won gets a visit from her mother for the first time in 10 years. She wants money, of course, this time for a house she wants to buy. Hye-Won’s mother never cared for her and even called her slurs when she was a little child, so she decides to threaten her with suicide right there at a restaurant by breaking a soju bottle and holding it to her wrist. This is not random, though; her mother was sent there by someone, who I can only imagine is Oh Gyeong-Cheol, who wants to push her into a corner to work for him. In-Ha sees the wound when Hye-Won returns home late and immediately apologizes for everything he said the other day. When the hacker learns that it was In-Ju’s guy who smacked Tae-Oh in the head, In-Ha takes Hye-Won to Bisanju for a meal with the family. 

Hye-Won seems to be fearless and talks to the chairman out of turn, even calling him father. The chairman insults her by telling her that she works for fun and she should quit because she should know he wouldn’t accept someone who works for Congressman Jo. This leaves In-Ha furious, and Hye-Won reminds him that he and his family can’t really be making life decisions for her. 

Why Does Tae-Oh Confess To Hye-Won? 

It seems the near-death experience has made Tae-Oh overly emotional, and after learning that it was In-Ju’s guy who tried to kill him, he finds him and asks for a reason. He realizes this wasn’t the real deal, and he was meant to come back alive because it’s a threat to warn him off for whatever’s coming next. “Stay away from Kangoh” message. Tae-Oh then finds Hye-Won and tells him that she made a mistake by choosing In-Ha that day. She asks him what he wants from her now, and somehow, they end up kissing on a rooftop for everyone to see, of course. This was photographed by In-Ju’s guy and sent to him. He returns to work all fit and fine the next day and learns that In-Ju is making some sort of secret investment. 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 6, it’s Hye-Won and In-Ha’s wedding day. Everything seems to be perfect, and everyone congratulates the happy couple (you know, in appearance, at least). At the end of the night, when Hye-Won is about to go rest up, In-Ju finds her and tells her to get in the elevator with him. She smiles and tells him to go ahead without her, but this is when he brings out the picture of her and Tae-Oh, giving her no choice but to get in. Somehow, the next scene is in the chairman’s dream building, the heart of the Royal Road, and we’re back to the first scene of the show, where Tae-Oh holds an ice pick and has blood all over him. Now, the faces of the people who have been killed are revealed to be In-Ju and an unknown woman. It appears drugs were used in the room, and Tae-Oh looks very surprised about what happened, so maybe he’s being falsely accused. 

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