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The Irregulars (tv series) pretends like a regular supernatural drama with a bunch of street kids struggling to support themselves. They get involved in petty crimes to earn a living. However, when the series introduces a “well-known” accomplice of one of the Greatest Fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, you just cannot fathom the bar it sets for its audience.

Based on the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Irregulars is set in Victorian London and features 4 street kids and a prince under the wings of 221B Baker Street irregulars, Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. As the title suggests, these kids are nothing extraordinary like Sherlock Holmes yet they are far more superior with their zeal.

Through a series of missions, The Irregulars unfold the spread of evil in London. This demon aims to open the bridge between the demon world and the human world. This bridge or the magical portal, termed as “the rip” will expand and merge earth with other multi-verse allowing demons to control human bodies. With the help of Jessie’s magical powers, the irregulars try to stop the demon from opening “the rip.”

‘The Irregulars’ Summary

Beatrice (Bea), the head girl of the irregulars gang lives with her younger sister, Jessie who holds magical powers unknown to people around her. Bea and Jessie live in an underground shed on the streets of London and are protected by two orphan lads, Billy (the muscular irregular) and Spike (charmer of words). The series begins with Jessie suffocated by a nightmare that worries Bea, as their mother experienced the same before she went missing/dead. The lives of The Irregulars are in total chaos unable to meet the day’s end and even pay the rent. It is when a helper arrives, Dr. Watson who hires Bea and her gang to solve supernatural crimes for him in exchange for money. Bea agrees instantly and starts working for Dr. Watson, unaware of the fact that he is an accomplice of great Sherlock Holmes.

The Irregulars Season 1 Analysis & Ending TV Series sherlock holmes

It is in their quest, the gang meets a charming, knowledgeable lad named Leopold, the prince of England, a fact that no one knows. Suffering from hemophilia since birth, Leopold has lived a life behind closed doors, and joining the irregulars is his moment to break free. However, he hides his true identity because the commoners are not very fond of Royals.

Solving mysterious and supernatural crimes on the streets of London, the irregulars face their own past and unfold the mystery of their own lives. The conflict of missing parents in Bea and Jessie is concluded in the end.

Major Spoilers Ahead

An Irregular Sherlock Holmes

The screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes has so far portrayed him as a Genius. However, a character couldn’t be fleshed with only virtues. He needs to have flaws, a dark side that makes him more human and relatable. In The Irregulars (tv series), one will witness the most “pathetic and selfish” Sherlock Holmes. You can’t hate him due to prior love and admiration for this great detective, but certainly watching his dark side is quite intriguing itself. In the series, Sherlock relies on drugs and is blinded by admiration. He is a spineless man who runs away from responsibilities. And last but not the least, a failed father who left his daughters, Bea and Jessie to fetch for themselves.

An Ambitious Dr. Watson

The chemistry between Dr.Watson and Sherlock Holmes has been so far a loyal one. However, the series explores contradictory chemistry where Dr. Watson is jealous of Sherlock as he always steals the spotlight and efforts of Dr.Watson are often neglected. Though he doesn’t seek revenge from Sherlock, laboriously tries to prove his worth. Here, Watson is in love with Sherlock and is jealous of his love interest, Alice.

Who Opened ‘The Rip’?

Sherlock and Watson were working on a case, “The Collector” where a mysterious person was stealing the parts of the human body. Sherlock unable to solve the case descends into depression. His pride is pierced and he starts ignoring everyone, even Alice. An argument convinces Sherlock to leave the city and 221B Baker street with Alice and his two daughters. However, Watson, unable to see Sherlock leave the city, informs him about ‘the rip.’

‘The Rip’ was opened by Watson for the first time with the help of a talisman stolen from “The Collector.” Watson opens the rip to prove his worth to Sherlock and gain attention but his actions lead to the death of Alice who is soaked in by the ‘rip’s energy’ while trying to close the door to the devil world. Sherlock couldn’t bear the pain of losing Alice and sinks into despair and drugs, while Watson leaves his daughter with a nun to get better care.

As suggested by the antagonist of the series, Linen Man, for the second time, the rip was opened by Sherlock Holmes himself for his own selfish reasons. Sherlock wanted Alice back from the other world and opening the rip was his only option.

The Irregulars Season 1 Analysis & Ending TV Series sherlock holmes

‘The Irregulars’ Season 1 Ending Explained

Jessie was an Ipsissimus like her mother Alice. An Ipsissimus is a true psychic who can see into the souls of men. One who can change the destiny of the world. An Ipsissimus has the power to locate the ‘the rip’ and close it through his/her powers. The Linen Man who appeared in Jessie’s dreams used her to locate the rip as it was hidden in the memories of the supernatural criminals, the irregulars helped in catching.

In the end, Linen Man successfully locates the rip and Sherlock opens it to get back Alice. In the demon world, Linen Man will play God. However, Jessie is faced with a situation. If Alice stays in the real world, the rip will not close. It would lead to the demons taking over the world. But if Jessie closes the rip, she will lose her mother again, something that she had missed all her childhood.

Jessie and Bea make the hard choice but Sherlock couldn’t bear another separation. He follows Alice into another world and this time, Watson saves Jessie and Bea. In short, the characters let go of their selfishness for the greater good of humanity.

Leopold leaves Bea and the streets to fulfill a promise he made to her mother. Bea couldn’t bear another separation. Bea and Watson develop a father-daughter bond. Watson will act as ‘Charlie’ to these Irregulars who will solve crimes on behalf of great Sherlock Holmes.

Like all British Dramas, The Irregulars (tv series) starts slowly. Filled with cliche conflict in the beginning and nothing much to offer, it grabs you all of a sudden when Watson and Sherlock Holmes are introduced. The thread lures you and tries to make you curious for a short while. The mini-quests and sub-plots are boring to death. It is the main plot, the conflict between the father and the daughter that engages the viewers. If you are looking for another perspective to the Sherlock Holmes story, then do catch this one.

Created by Tom Bidwell, The Irregulars (tv series) Season 1 holds 8 episodes of 50 minutes each. The series is streaming on Netflix.

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