‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Ji Hoon And Seok Joo Dead?


The biggest takeaway from The Killing Vote episode 11 is that ‘Romeo and Juliet’ really misled the youth. Instead of learning the stupidity of teenagers acting recklessly because they did not know better, everyone has assumed that the slightest bit of emotion justifies risking your life and future at all times. The narrative of the episode was decent, but Joo Min is getting on our nerves. There is also the question of a subpar show getting dragged out this way, with so many gaps in the middle and just some shoddy piecing together of events. But the end is quite near, and we should look at the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

How does Min Soo die?

Basically, Mu Chan’s CPR works, and Min Soo is brought back to life. They are all being taken to the police headquarters, and Jin-Soo is in a separate car with Min Soo. Park Min Young calls him and asks which car her son is in. Jin Soo understands that she is planning to rescue him, and she will undoubtedly kill the people in the other car. Therefore, as a final good deed, he lies to her and says that Min Soo is in the car behind her, whereas the truth is that he is in the car in front. As expected, Min Young causes the accident, and since Mu Chan’s car was saved from being the target, he manages to get out and rescue Jin Soo just in time. Meanwhile, Kwon Seok Joo has also gotten free, and he checks on Min Soo. Seok Joo doesn’t seem to want to kill Min Soo at this point. He is walking away from him, but Min Soo starts provoking him. He recalls how Na Rae was during her final moments, and we don’t doubt that Seok Joo wouldn’t have held himself back if Mu Chan had not aimed a gun at him. But he is stabbed from behind, and Seok Joo gets another opportunity. However, Min Soo ends up dying when the car he is in blows up, and we are positive that he welcomed this, with the madness palpable in his eyes. Kwon Seok Joo finally got his revenge, and it was time to clean things up.

How does Jin Soo help the police?

Jin Soo is in critical condition in the hospital. The question naturally arises as to how the accident happened, and the first suspect is Kwon Seok Joo. But he couldn’t have known which route the police were taking, which means that the other suspect is Jin Soo. Mu Chan doesn’t want to believe that he is guilty, but people are finally asking why Jin Soo never took his transfer and insisted on being wherever Mu Chan was, as if keeping an eye on him. It is finally now that Mu Chan is seriously considering the timing of when Min Soo handed himself over to the police. Only he, Hyeon, and Jin Soo had the video of him killing Na Rae, which means that he was involved with Min Young right from the beginning. But in a way, Mu Chan is right, and Jin-Soo does him a good turn. He has been recording his calls with Min Young, which has given them proof that she planned to attack the police vehicles to get her son out.

Min Young is furious that she is unable to hold the funeral for her son, which is when Mu Chan tells her that she is responsible for killing him. Min Young is not ready to face that, but Mu Chan warns her to stay away from Jin Soo, and if she doesn’t, he promises her that he won’t hold back. None of the parties are acting in accordance with the law anymore, and it is simply a matter of who finds who first. Meanwhile, the police have uncovered Park Chul Min’s involvement with Gaetal. His parents had been the victims of a housing scam, and since then, Chul Min has fought for justice. He joined Gaetal due to that very anger. All this time, his acting as if he hated the professor was a cover, while he secretly helped him from behind the scenes.

Are Ji Hoon and Seok Joo dead?

All Min Young wants now is revenge. She has put out a bounty for Ji Hoon and Seok Joo, and the entire country is in a frenzy. Min Young is also suing the police, which means that she desperately wants to make each, and every party involved pay up, whether it is reasonable or not.

Meanwhile, Seok Joo tells Ji Hoon to leave the country and make a different life for himself. He tells him that he will eventually contact him once he gets out of jail, but for now, it is safer for Ji Hoon to leave. Ji Hoon agrees to that, but he decides to meet Joo Min before leaving. That is when he comes to know exactly what Seok Joo has planned. The professor had set himself up for the killing vote, as he considered himself a sinner as well, since he was an active part of the murders that he facilitated. When Ji Hoon sees the broadcast, he needs to stop it immediately. Joo Min decides to join him for his safety, and this is the part that brought about the “Romeo and Juliet” reference that we will not repeat again.

Ji Hoon starts his own broadcast, where he tells everyone the real reason why Seok Joo became Gaetal. He reveals the names of everyone, including the Assemblywoman, and he takes off his mask as well to prove that he was telling the truth about Seok Joo. Essentially, Ji Hoon is trying to do everything to make sure his father doesn’t kill himself, but unknown to him, Min Young is already thirsting for the blood of these two. She has also kidnapped Do Hee, and while that hasn’t served any purpose in this episode, she may become useful in the coming narrative.

At the end of The Killing Vote episode 11, Mu Chan is trying to save Seok Joo, who has hanged himself from the ceiling, and Hyeon is a little too late to save Ji Hoon from the explosion of blows on his head by the bounty hunters. While Seok Joo may be alive, Hyeon’s flashback of their good times leads us to believe that Ji Hoon may have just breathed his last.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to say what about the story that is left over warrants a narrative of three episodes. But what are three more weeks when eleven have already passed? In many ways, the show has simplified itself, so perhaps it is only going to be a battle of protecting each other and finally letting the law do its job.

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