‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Kwon Seok Joo Released?


The Killing Vote Episode 5 was just a random collection of plots roughly woven together without any proper direction. On that note, why are the moral dilemmas of Gaetal’s actions not being discussed other than his role as a vigilante? Shouldn’t that discussion have taken center stage by this time? Either way, here is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Who Killed Bae Gi Chul’s Wife?

It is a plot that had continued from The Killing Vote Episode 4, when we got to know that Bae Gi Chul’s wife had been murdered. He had married her to show in court that he had a family waiting outside that he needed to get to. Even the marriage had taken place in prison, and the wife was definitely being blackmailed by something very important to her. When Kim Mu Chan had promised to protect her if she helped him, she had still not been able to come aboard his plan because she was that scared. We had wondered what had happened to her, which is why we were shocked that she met such an untimely end. As the investigating team looks over the CCTV footage of the area she is in and the marks on her body, they feel that the person who killed her must be Gaetal. This is based on the theory that the person who attacked Mu Chan in Kwon Seok Joo’s house is Gaetal, and the man outside the woman’s house seems to be him as well. After coming to this conclusion, the idea is parked to the side once again.

Why Was Kwon Seok Joo Released?

It looks like we got it wrong in the previous episode. Kwon Seok Joo wasn’t released but just moved to a temporary detention center so that he could better help the police with their investigation of Gaetal. The officer at the detention center hates him as much as the officer who beat him up in jail did. But for now, Joo Hyun is with him, trying to crack the code of who Gaetal could be. Seok Joo has to go through everyone who was at his trial, including the people around the current murders, to try and pinpoint anybody he knows or if there is someone suspicious. As for the police, the third killing vote is about to start soon, and they want to focus their energies there. Seok Joo mentions that he should be helping track down Gaetal instead, but Mu Chan is working on a policy that allows collateral damage. Any person that Gaetal chooses will be a terrible criminal, and their life is expandable. However, catching Gaetal himself is the top priority.

Seok Joo points out two people in the database that he used to know back in the day. They worked for Assemblywoman Min Ji Young, but they were close to the professor and his daughter. According to Seok Joo, the boy that he had killed was pretty close to the Assembly woman’s son, who used to look sick all the time. In the present day, we see that Lee Min Soo is indeed a spoiled brat of a person whose crimes are diligently covered up by his mother. He is on medication for something, probably to dull the psychopathic side of his personality and induce a lot of drowsiness in him. His mother wants him to quit teaching at school so that he can focus on his health for something that is to come, but he refuses, saying that it is the only time that he gets to be free. On a different note, he already seems to want Mu Chan dead. He and the Assemblywoman have likely tried to kill him at some point, and now that he is in the spotlight, they must be holding themselves back while looking at something they were unsuccessful in doing.

Before the third killing vote begins, Joo Hyun narrows down the people who committed sexual offenses in the military but got away with them. The force is tracking them down to keep them under surveillance, but they are resistant since this would end up revealing their pasts to the people around them. But when the third killing vote finally begins, they know that the target is someone that they have failed to narrow down.

What Happens In The Hospital?

Gaetal says that his next target is someone named Captain Oh, whose unwanted advances had made a female officer in the army commit suicide, especially since his friends had falsely testified in his favor. This Captain Oh was none other than the doctor that Joo Min had suspected of taking obscene pictures of his patients in The Killing Vote Episode 4. He has changed his name and is working as a doctor, but since his friends did that favor, they continue to extort money from him. Gaetal has complete access to his computer, as according to Joo Hyun, he has all the makings of a hacker.

Gaetal erases all the pictures that Oh Jung Su has taken of his patients, and he puts his plan into action. When he announces the start of the vote, he doesn’t reveal the identity of the victim but does reveal his crimes. While he claims that this is to avoid complications in his mission, we know that he is playing with the police. Gaetal is not the only player in his game, and he certainly has helpers around him. One of them calls the police, claiming to be the target. This is at the same time that the doctor makes a similar call, and the police have to figure out who is the more likely candidate. However, the fake caller’s agenda was to make Oh Jung Su confess to his crimes so that the police would once again be in a dilemma about whether this man was worth saving, and Kim Mu Chan figures that out.

In the hospital, Jung Su has locked himself up in a room, but unknown to him, Ji Hoon is there as well. When Jung Su discovers him, he hits him on the head to subdue him into a corner. When Joo Hyun tries to help him with the help of Seok Joo, he is completely untrusting of the police and refuses to come out. Soon enough, the one hour is up, and a majority has voted for the execution of Jung Su. We believe that this is when Gaetal starts his plan. There is a box planted there that looks like a bomb, which sends the entire building into a frenzy. Meanwhile, Joo Hyun is forced to follow a deliveryman as Seok Joo recognizes him as someone he used to know.

At the end of The Killing Vote Episode 5, Seok Joo takes advantage of the chaos and breaks free of his chains, while Joo Hyun is in grave danger due to the man she is following. Mu Chan is about to break down the doors of the hospital to let out the people, and we don’t know whether the bomb squad outside Jung Su’s door is real or not. Next week will tell us this.

Final Thoughts

In the previous episodes, we saw that Mu Chan came under a lot of fire for faking his injuries to implicate Gaetal. What if this time, Ji Hoon gets injured for real? After all, no one knows he is inside. On a different note, we might come to know how much Seok Joo is involved with Gaetal. We are thinking that he is a part of the team that is doing all this, but only time will tell if we are right or not.

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