‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Lee Min Soo Dead?


However confusing The Killing Vote may have been so far, Episode 10 served as a reset. Things from the next episode onward are going to be on a completely different wavelength. The going may not have been good for this show, but this episode is like a second chance, and until we see how it is utilized, here is the recap for the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Lee Min Soo surrender to the police?

When Joo Hyun was trapped inside the room, she found the video of Min Soo murdering Na Rae, and she immediately sent it to Mu Chan. She may not have liked his methods, but she understood that at this time, only he could help her by getting her out of the room. Unfortunately, what none of them knew was that there was a mole in the police department working for Min Young. It was their chief, Choi Jin Soo. Though Mu Chan had told his immediate team not to inform the superiors, the video of Na Rae had reached Jin Soo, and he immediately took it to the Assemblywoman. Min Young needed to protect her son, and Jin Soo told her that the only way to do that was through the police. The entire purpose of The Killing Vote, as started by Kwon Seok Joo, was to one day be able to punish Min Soo in the way he deserved. With the evidence out there, it was only a matter of time before either the police or Seok Joo came for him. Min Young and Min Soo probably had a plan in place already in case everything went south. Min Soo immediately surrenders himself to the police, and he is now being held in a cell under their protection. He tells Mu Chan how to get Joo Hyun out of the room, or probably Mu Chan figures it out for himself, and she is finally free.

Min and Ji Hoon are outside since Min was following the boy, as she had almost caught up with all of his lies. When Joo Hyun sees her sister, she lets her know that her favorite teacher was a murderer and that she should be more wary of who she trusts in the future. With Min Soo in jail, the police visit the place where Na Rae was being held, and Mu Chan mentions how it all looked like Min Soo had received information that the police had the video already. He suspects that there is a mole in the office, and he might find Jin Soo’s truth soon enough. It was quite a shock to see the upstanding officer as part of the corruption, but we suppose the show had to surprise us somewhere. Meanwhile, Min Young has already started preparations to get her son out of jail. Her excuse is that he ‘made a mistake’ in his youth by helping the real killer. Min Young is only flexing her power, and it seems highly likely that she will get her way.

As for Seok Joo, he is upset at the developments that have put his plans on hold, but he is not one to give up, and he comes up with a different trick. He meets Do Hee and tells her that he will come on her show, which is a win-win situation for both of them as he will accomplish his mission, and she will get her ratings. As per the arrangement, Seok Joo comes to Do Hee’s show as Gaetal and tells people to update their app and informs them that he will be holding another Killing Vote that will punish a murderous school teacher whose mother is an Assemblywoman. He did not use Min Soo’s name, but everyone knows who he referred to, and they are already judging.

How does Ji Hoon get discovered?

Ji Hoon was living with Yun Jun because she was told to take care of him within the organization that Seok Joo was creating. Over time, she grew to have genuine affection for him, even though the two of them were colleagues working in such a situation. She tells him that she is going to surrender soon and that he should go to Germany, where he could live a life free from all this. Ji Hoon was still a teenager, and he deserved to live a full and normal life like everyone else, and Yun Jun wanted that for him. Meanwhile, in the police station, Mu Chan gets to his own deductions. He finds that Seok Joo most likely witnessed the murder of Woo Taek at the hands of Seok Joo. Also, he was adopted by his grandmother, who was working with Seok Joo. All of it indicated that he was definitely involved in the Gaetal Scheme and was the last missing link they were looking for.

Is Lee Min Soo dead?

The way Kwon Seok Joo got his hands on Lee Min Soo was fantastic. He just had to get him some water with nicotine, and that triggered his heart condition, forcing him to be rushed to the hospital. Seok Joo kidnapped Min Soo on the way, and before the killing vote started, he asked him why he had killed Na Rae. Min Soo’s reason was that he did not like the little girl and her dog getting in the way of Seok Joo and his relationship. Simply put, he wanted more attention from the professor. A furious Seok Joo starts the killing vote, and Min Soo, as good as signs his own death warrant by exhibiting his cruelty in front of the world. He loses his mind and says that the public is delusional. That display of insanity doesn’t help his case at all, as everyone votes for Min Soo to be executed.

Meanwhile, Joo Hyun and Mu Chan are looking all over the city for Min Soo. Joo Hyun gets a lead about an internet cafe where a huge amount of electricity is being used, and that is probably where the Killing Vote is being conducted. Min Soo figures out that Ji Hoon is also a part of him when he identifies something he says. In the meantime, Mu Chan finds Seok Joo by a stroke of pure luck. He finds Ko Dong Gyu, the taxi driver who worked for the Killing Vote, and he leads them to Min Soo and Seok Joo. By this time, the verdict of the vote was out, and 87% of the people had voted for Min Soo to be executed. Min Soo was as good as dead, but just then, the police broke down the door and apprehended Seok Joo. If Min Soo were left alone, he would die, but Mu Chan detects a faint pulse and bound by his duty, starts to revive him.

During The Killing Vote Episode 10’s ending, Seok Joo desperately pleads with Mu Chan to not spare Min Soo. A man like that deserved to die, and there was literally no purpose in trying to keep him alive. Mu Chan is torn because he agrees with Seok Joo, but he has a duty. We suspect that Mu Chan was successful in reviving Min Soo. After all, why else would Seok Joo scream in such a way? Min Soo’s death is bound to be more complicated, and we just have to see how that happens. On the other hand, Joo Hyun has caught Ji Hoon red-handed, and she is struggling to make a decision about whether she should let him go or not.

Final Thoughts

The Killing Vote Episode 10 was one of the more exciting episodes because we finally saw Min Soo’s truth exposed. The actor playing Min Soo needs more screen time. He truly brings the narrative to life whenever he is on screen. On the other hand, with the Killing Vote dismantled, we have to see what Seok Joo will do next because he is certainly not going to give up at this stage.

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