‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Lee Min Soo Only Gaetal?


Another week, and here is another episode of The Killing Vote. We are desperate to give this series a proper chance, but it is giving us very little to go on. The Killing Vote Episode 6 has thrown us a bone, but we doubt how that will be taken forward. However, for now, this is a recap of it.

Spoiler Alert

What happens to Oh Jung Su?

Last week, we were left wondering what happened to Oh Jung Su. It turns out that the bomb squad was indeed someone from Gaetal and wasn’t there to defuse the bomb. Kim Mu Chan calls up the doctor and tells him not to come out at any cost. When the man realizes that the doctor won’t come out, he releases deadly gas into the room, closing his options. Oh, Jung Su thinks quickly and comes out holding Ji Hoon at knifepoint, forcing the man to drop his weapons. Meanwhile, we find that Kwon Seok Joo has let go of his ankle bracelet so that the police will be alerted and come to them where they need help. He rescues Joo Hyun from her attacker, and for a moment, everyone thinks that he is Gaetal. But Joo Hyun gets a text from her sister about Ji Hoon, and she rushes to where Mu Chan is.

Ji Hoon is injured, and the man has Oh Jung Su in a chokehold. Mu Chan is about to rescue him when the professor causes a distraction by setting off the sprinklers, which gives the man an opportunity to kill Oh Jung Su and get arrested by the police. Mu Chan knows what the professor has done, but there isn’t anything he can do except angrily confront him, which again prompts Kwon Seok Joo to ask him why he wanted to let the criminal live. So far, no one has addressed this conclusively enough to give a definite answer as to whether Gaetal is actually evil or just a lurker in the gray areas.

Back to the kids: Ji Hoon is pretty traumatized by what has happened, and he blames himself for it, as he had wished for Oh Jung Su’s death. This fact may be connected to whatever happened in his past. Maybe he had similarly wished death for a person, and that turned out to be true, which is why he is holding onto the effect of his negative feelings so strongly. That is when Joo Min tells him why she supports Gaetal so much. It is because if he were to ever decide to deliver justice for the person who caused the accident that killed their parents, she would be thankful for them. Ji Hoon did not cause the death of On Jung Su, and even if he did, that is not something to be upset about.

Why does Jung Jin Wook agree to help Kim Mu Chan?

During interrogation, Jung Jin Wook refuses to give his name and instead just takes the entire blame for the killings. Mu Chan cannot understand why he would do that until he sees the scars on his neck. He understands that he must be the fiance of Oh Jung Su’s victim, and he is working with Gaetal for justice. His identity had been changed after he was released from the military, and he must have joined hands with Gaetal at some point. But at this point, it is all a theory, and the police can’t do anything until Jung Jin Wook reveals the truth himself. That is when Mu Chan cleverly uses some emotional blackmail and brings Ms. Lim’s father, who had been tirelessly fighting for justice for his daughter. When he tearfully asks Jung Jin Wook to move on and not sacrifice his life this way, Jin Wook breaks.

The father was already fighting for a cause without knowing whether there would be any result. It looks like he wasn’t aware that Gaetal had facilitated justice for his daughter. Therefore, seeing his state, Jin Wook decides that he needs him and shouldn’t be adamant about spending time in jail for Gaetal. He tells Mu Chan that he and Gaetal used to communicate through burner phones and other signals. They had been together since the killing vote started, and Oh Jung Su was one of the many victims they had planned. This exchange makes us sure that Jin Wook was not the only person Gaetal had under his wing. He may have been the first soldier, but he definitely won’t be the last. While all this is going on, Joo Hyun makes a few discoveries of her own, which align with what Mu Chan is doing.

Is Lee Min Soo only Gaetal?

One of the reasons Lee Min Soo is so interested in the investigation of Gaetal must be because of Kwon Seok Joo. He is keeping tabs on the police as they are at the hospital, and he is also an expert hacker who is able to use and protect his information. At the precinct, Mu Chan wanted to investigate him since he was his second suspect in the case of Kwon Seok Joo’s daughter, but that had gotten buried due to a lack of evidence and the influence of the Assemblywoman. Right now, since this is all connected to Kwon Seok Joo, it makes sense to re-investigate the matter since Min Ji Young was at the trial of Kwon Seok Joo, so she must have heard his words that have been adopted now by Gaetal.

Meanwhile, when Joo Hyun sees the video on Joo Min’s phone that she recorded on the night of the second killing vote, she starts investigating Lee Min Soo and finds out about his name change. She is instantly on alert for him since she realizes her sister’s fondness for her teacher. Outside the school, she runs into him without meaning to, and he offers to drive her to the precinct since the tire of her car is punctured.

We believe that Lee Min Soo must know that she was the hacker trying to access his information, so he messes with her a little. When the topic of his mother comes up, he brings up his past history as a murder suspect, even though Joo Hyun had not asked for it. He even takes a different route, making Joo Hyun think that she is in danger. Luckily, at the end of The Killing Vote episode 6, Min Soo gets a call from the precinct, asking him to show up with Ji Hoon, as his guardian, so that they can proceed with his counseling. Joo Hyun takes the opportunity to tell the officer that she is with Min Soo, forcing him to take her to the precinct.

Much later, Min Ji Young asks her son why he has started killing again, and this is when we come to know that he was the one who murdered Bae Gi Chul’s wife. Ji Young even gets a video where Gaetal refers to her as ‘mother.’ We don’t think that Min Soo is Gaetal, but he is certainly making use of him to hide and kill whoever he wants to. Perhaps Gaetal’s reference to Ji Young as ‘mother’ is to let her know that she is soon going to be his target. Only the coming episodes will tell.

Final Thoughts

It feels like The Killing Vote has finally picked up pace. This is the twist we had been waiting for a long time, and we are finally convinced to consider this series entertaining rather than a job. We hope to see proper character development for this villain in the upcoming narrative with properly structured episodes.

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