‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Elle & Noah Get Back Together?


Elle Evans spent her teenage years doing what’s best for her friend, Lee Flynn, and her love, Noah Flynn. But in the pursuit to impress, she failed to express. She suppressed her desire so that she wouldn’t hurt her close ones, even if it hurt her. Kissing Booth 2 made another inevitable decision between two colleges she got accepted. The sequel film, The Kissing Booth 3, will explore its resolution.

If Elle chooses Harvard, she will be close to Noah in Boston. But if she chooses Berkeley, she will spend her college years with her BFF Lee. Will she keep making choices linked to people around her, or will she finally do what’s best for her? The Kissing Booth 3, hereon, brings a journey of self-exploration for Elle Evans suffering from an existential crisis.

‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Plot Summary

The film picks up from the cliffhanger set by The Kissing Booth 2. Elle decides to keep her college decision on hold until she can and gets fully focused on cherishing the last summer in L.A. with her friends and family. She also picks up a summer job and starts working in a restaurant to earn some money for college fees. However, amidst all fun and adventure, the inevitable decision knocks again.

Swooning with the idea of living with Noah together in Boston, Elle chooses Harvard University. Lee gets upset, and to lighten up her dejected best friend, Elle brings a new scheme. They plan together to make it the best summer and vouch for finishing their “Beach Bucket List” they made during their childhood (to finish before leaving for college).

The Flynn’s are selling their 80 years old beach house due to its expensive running cost. While Noah, Lee, and Elle fail to argue, they throw an exotic party at their beach house, cherishing old memories and creating new ones for the future. However, as the adventure begins, it seeds complication and conflict. Elle’s father gets a date named Linda, and Elle finds it difficult to see someone replacing her mother. At the grand party, Elle’s lover Marco shows up, and the fact starts troubling a possessive Noah. Between all the chaos, Elle fails to manage time for Lee. Will Elle be able to survive life, trying to live for others and not herself? Let’s find out.

‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Ending Explained

With the plethora of things on her plate, knocking and weighing her down, Elle finally blasted.

Due to constant fights between Noah and Elle, Noah finally decided to break up with Elle. He discovered that Elle got selected for Berkeley but yet chose Harvard to stay close to Noah. However, looking at the state of their fragile relationship, Noah didn’t want Elle to make any lifelong decision based on love and then regret later. He pushed her away so that she would apply for Berkeley and study with Lee, something she always wanted.

“Sometimes loving each other just isn’t enough.”


After a distressing breakup, a vexed Elle broke her friendship with Lee, and the three childhood friends parted ways. Lee’s mother, Sara, noticed Elle’s devastating state and advised her to figure out what she is passionate about rather than weaving her options around people.

Elle moved on a journey of self-exploration and applied to USC college. Neither Harvard nor Berkeley, but USC. Why? The film had (minute not major) instances that suggested Elle’s inclination towards video games. She applied for a video game design course and cracked the interview with an ace.

Before leaving, Lee gifted Elle Dancing Simulator Arcade machine from the game parlor, an emblem of their childhood friendship. Elle’s note and photo frame sent to Sara influenced her to change her decision. She didn’t sell the family beach house that roofed so many memories of Noah, Elle, and Lee.

In the end, the three friends parted to different Universities but without any grudge. They cherished each other’s decisions. While Elle didn’t stay in touch with Noah, Lee and Elle kept sharing their small and big moments over the years. Rachel broke up with Lee, too, so Elle was all Lee had at the end. Guess friends stay longer than lovers.

Six years later, at the reunion, the friends get reunited. Rachel and Lee got back together and are planning their marriage. Elle got a job in a small video game firm and is doing a decent job. And Noah, who arrives in an extremely formal suite, has become a furnished lawyer. He is considering job offers in a law firm in New York and L.A. They are overwhelmed by the “Kissing Booth” built in the carnival and are glad that students carry on the legacy they started out of the blue. However, the booth will always be important for Elle because it all just happened because of-well, you know.

The Kissing Booth 3 Summary & Ending, Explained 2021 Netflix Film Vince Marcello
P.C. Netflix

This time, before walking away, Noah did turn back and glanced at Elle, the way she always wanted to be looked at. Is Noah Flynn the one for Elle? Maybe, Yes. The last frame depicts Elle and Noah riding together, with a long road ahead filled with twists and turns. It’s hard to predict whether they will choose to stay together or not, but if it’s worth it, they’ll find their way back to each other, each time, every time.

The Kissing Booth 3 is a Teenage Romance Drama written and directed by Vince Marcello. It is based on Beth Reekles’s third book in the series, The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time.

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