‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending – What Was Coydog’s Treasure? Who Killed Reggie?


“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger as Grey finally remembered the location where he had hidden Coydog’s Treasure. Grey’s brain responded well to Dr. Rubin’s experimental treatment, as he slowly regained the lost chunks of his memory that are the foundation of his character. Episode 4 portrays a much more sturdy Ptolemy Grey who rolls up his sleeves to face the cruel world with valor, wit, and humor. And with his new aura, he not only finds Coydog’s treasure but also uses it to fix some unfinished business that he failed to accomplish due to his dementia. However, throughout the episode, Grey’s sole motive remains clear, which is to find Reggie’s murderer. Let’s continue further.

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What Was Coydog’s Treasure?

Coydog was Grey’s caretaker back in Mississippi, and he had stolen some gold coins from a man named Clive Miller. In “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,” Episode 3, Grey remembered that he had hidden Coydog’s treasure under the wooden floor and thus decided to pick it up.

Grey and his new caretaker, Robyn Barnet, found a small treasure box in which Grey had hidden a mysterious key and two gold coins (worth $50,000 each) that he called “Doubloons.” He further told Robyn that Coydog had stolen 14 gold coins, and when he handed over the treasure to an 8-year-old Grey, he especially asked him to use the coins to save black people.

Coydog was captured by Clive Miller and his men, who interrogated him about the coins, but Coydog refused to reveal their information. To threaten him, the racist men tied a noose around his neck and made him stand on a kerosene barrel. Coydog refused to submit to their threats and hung himself while setting these men on fire to take revenge on them.

After Coydog was lynched, Grey left Mississippi at the age of 12 and came to Atlanta with the treasure, but Grey was too young and naive to understand how to use it. Later, he met his wife, Sensia Howard, who liked pretty things, and thus, Grey used the coins to buy her luxuries until Sensia was diagnosed with cancer, and Grey spent the money to cover the medical bills. Grey lost his way after Sensia’s untimely death, and slowly his memory started fading, which also took away from him the mission that Coydog had assigned to him.

But now, when Grey has remembered it all again, he wants to rectify his mistake and fulfill the promise he made to Coydog. Helping a parentless child, Robyn, was Grey’s act of atonement, and he probably believed that leaving behind his property for her might help the kid survive in this big, lonely world.

Did Grey Make Robyn Of His New Checking Account?

Grey used to encash his retirement cheques and hid the money in a suitcase that, with time, piled up into some 40,000 dollars. Grey once told a woman in the streets about the hidden stash of money, but later forgot about it himself due to his dementia. Now, when Grey remembered it all, he quickly brought out the suitcase and decided to put the money into a new checking account, making Robyn the signatory for the same.

Grey knew that soon he would lose his memory and, as Dr. Rubin suggested, it might be worse than before, so Grey wanted to make sure that he left behind some money for his extended family before he lost his marbles again. He deposited the amount in the bank and told his relative, Niecie, that Robyn would write her a 900-dollar check every month to take care of herself and her son, Hilliard. Grey also directed Robyn to write cheques to Reggie’s wife, Nina, and his kids, who were struggling both financially and emotionally after their father’s murder.

Grey and Robyn stopped by an antiques shop run by a man named Syed, whose late father, Jafar, was Grey’s very old friend. Grey used to sell his Doubloons to Jafar because he trusted the man, and on this visit, Robyn found out that each coin was worth around $50,000. Though Grey refused to sell the coin in the scene, he might have had a use for it, which again, would be to fulfill the promise he made to Coydog and help his people in the best possible way.

In the episode, Niecie complained to the city authorities that Grey’s new caretaker, Robyn, was stealing from him, and thus needed special attention in a nursing home. Following Niecie’s complaint, an official named Darwin Andrews paid a visit to Grey, and though Grey tackled the situation with his wit and humor, he visited Niecie’s house so that she wouldn’t bother Robyn again. It was important for Grey to make Niecie understand that he trusted Robyn and that whatever he was doing for her was of his own free will, or else Niecie and her nasty boy would continue to harass Robyn after Grey lost his memory again, which inevitably could happen anytime soon.

During the conversation, Grey even inquired about Reggie’s murder, which helped him to connect the dots and investigate further. He asked Niecie to arrange another gathering at her house because he wanted to meet Reggie’s close-knit circle again, though it was evident that Grey wanted to interrogate them so that he could catch the murderer before his memory fleets away.

Who Killed Reggie?

In Episode 1, when Grey last met Reggie, he discussed with him the fear of losing one’s family. Nina’s ex-boyfriend, who was sent to prison for 20 years for murder, came out early and started seeing Nina again. Reggie asked Nina to leave the man alone, but she didn’t listen to him.

A helpless Reggie had decided to shift to Texas with Nina and the kids as he believed the boyfriend wouldn’t be able to chase them down as leaving Atlanta would violate his parole. However, before Reggie could leave the city, he was shot dead in the head, probably by Nina’s ex-boyfriend. At that moment, when Reggie revealed to Grey his problems, Grey was lost in his own thoughts trying to recollect his memories, but now, when he was more consciously aware, he recalled Reggie’s words and decided to inquire further from his close friends and relatives.

When city official Darwin came to Grey’s house, he cunningly asked a fellow officer about Reggie’s case and found out that the police weren’t interested in investigating a black man who was shot down in the streets. Grey held himself responsible because he believed that if his mind hadn’t given up on him, he probably would have been able to save Reggie, but since he felt very much alive with Rubin’s treatment, he decided to take revenge for his murder.

While investigating the case, Grey found out that Nina had sent her kids to stay at Niecie’s house to clear her mind after Reggie’s death. But Grey was certain that Nina might be seeing her ex-boyfriend at her place, which probably was her reason for sending the kids away. Grey smelled Nina’s foul play and thus asked Niecie to arrange a gathering at her place so that Grey would question Nina about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who got Reggie killed. The upcoming episodes of “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” will explore the mystery further while revealing the identity of Reggie’s murderer and what Grey would do with those revelations. Will he kill the man to take revenge? Or will he get him arrested?

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