‘The Last Mercenary’ Summary & Ending, Explained


Characters in The Last Mercenary constantly employ the phrase, “It’s just like in the movies.” Their notion defines the film better, as ironically, it turns out to be “just like the movies.” A stockpile of cliches with nothing unique to offer. Except for its regressive buffoonery in the name of entertainment.

Directed by David Charhon, the French film The Last Mercenary revives action star, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Released on Netflix, the film encompasses mainstream slapstick comedy inside a serious action thriller film to serve a Buffet of amusement. Only, it fails at all genres.

Plot Summary

Richard Brumère, aka The Mist, is a former secret service agent who has turned into a rogue mercenary. During one of his rescue missions, he receives a decoded message from secret agent Fernand. The message, “The goose is out of the freezer,” suggests to Richard that his estranged son, Archibald Al Mahmoud’s immunity has been revoked by the Paris Secret Services.

Richard reaches Paris and finds out that Archibald has been arrested by the police. Archibald’s caretaker, also a secret agent, Fernand, has been murdered. Richard plunges further and discovers that an imposter has been dealing arms and drugs using Archibald’s identity and immunity. The imposter is going to crack a deal for a secret weapon called Big Mac.

To save his country and his son, Richard needs to find out the imposter and seize the Big Mac before it falls into the wrong hands.

‘The Last Mercenary’ Ending Explained

Richard’s new team consisted of his son Archibald, Archibald’s friend Momo, Momo’s sister Dalila, Foreign Minister Alexandre Lazare, and Richard’s friend Retired Agent Marguerite.

The team discovered the identity of Archibald’s imposter. His original name was Simyon Novak, son of the king of Taarghistan. Due to political issues, Simyon wasn’t allowed in Paris. Hence, his associate, Paul Leseur, made a fake id in Archibald’s name to sell Big Mac to Simyon without interference.

Simyon quickly left for Taarghistan after his cover blew up. Still, Richard changed his voice and contacted Paul to resume the deal.
At the Taarghistan embassy, Richard discovered that Paul Leseur was Marguerite’s son. His friend and former secret agent, Marguerite, was the mastermind of the whole deal. She wanted to leave a legacy for her son, just like Richard bought immunity for Archibald. The whole drama was actually built around parents securing their kid’s future. OKAY?

In the end, Police Commander Jouard arrested Marguerite and Paul. He tried to capture Richard, but before he could attempt, Richard used the Big Mac and left the embassy. He walked out as a free individual, only to disappear again.

‘The Last Mercenary’ Credit Scene & Post Credit Scene

Another undercover mercenary gets a decoded message, “The goose is out of the freezer,” from a priest. This mercenary can be Paul’s dad and Marguerite’s husband, who will return to Paris to save his son and take revenge on Richard.

Even Symon Novak disappears from the scene, leaving an array of questions behind. The film suggests that his father is King of Taarghistan. With such status, it leaves little possibility that this shady vagabond can be his father. Or the street beggar can be a totally random agent who will appear in the next installment to save his son/daughter making space for new thrills.

In a post-credit scene, Richard, dressed as a doctor, delivers Archibald and Dalila’s baby. As a father, he fulfills his promise to be present in Archibald’s big moments in life. While the stance is a bit creepy, it does hint that Archibald and Dalila got married and started a new life together.

The Last Mercenary is a 2021 French Action Comedy Film directed by David Charhon. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme in the lead role.

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