‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Hannah Find Bailey’s Mom?


In last week’s episode of “The Last Thing He Told Me,” Hannah and Bailey went on a wild goose chase through Austin in an attempt to learn more about Owen. They tried to look into the church that was the nearest to the stadium that Bailey said she had visited with her father. Although they didn’t get any information from there, Hannah gained the trust of the caretaker of the church, Ms. McGovern, who promised that she’d keep Hannah updated if she found something at a wedding that took place on game day in 2011. Meanwhile, back in Sausalito, Grady Bradford found out that Avett’s man was keeping track of Hannah and Bailey and trying to break into their house as well. Although Grady prevented that man from doing anything drastic, he himself stole the duffle bag full of cash from Hannah’s home. During the concluding moments of the episode, Hannah learned from Jake that there aren’t any official records of Owen and Bailey.

Spoilers Alert

Hannah And Bailey Find Out About Owen’s Favorite Math Teacher

The fourth episode of “The Last Thing He Told Me” opens with Hannah reminiscing about the time she tried to get closer to Bailey by buying tickets to a play, and Bailey reacted negatively to it as she felt Hannah was intruding into her time with Owen. In the present, Hannah is sitting across Bailey as the sole source of help and support after learning that she isn’t who she thinks she is. Hannah is prepared to head back home because they’ve essentially hit a massive dead end, and she needs to attend that interview with the FBI. Bailey, however, says that there’s nothing in Sausalito that can lead them to Owen, thereby convincing Hannah to cancel the flight and extend their stay in Austin.

While calculating her next move, Hannah calls up Grady’s office and learns that he is supposed to be on vacation. That means he’s violating protocol and investigating everything that’s going on with Owen. So, without wasting a second, she confronts him regarding this matter, and Grady doesn’t give her a straight answer about the lack of data on Hannah and Bailey. Instead, he questions Hannah about her and Bailey’s whereabouts. This time Hannah doesn’t give him a straight answer but insinuates that she’s in Austin.

Hannah again goes into flashback mode to remember how her mother used to send letters from the hotels she used to stay in. We see that Hannah’s grandfather used to try and help her out by making her focus on the woodturning. It didn’t always work out as well as he expected it to. That said, based on this specific piece of memory, Hannah realizes that she has to focus on Owen’s anecdotes and separate the true ones from the false ones. This leads Hannah and Bailey to Owen’s favorite mathematics teacher, Tobias Cookman, who apparently failed him and framed Owen’s mark sheet in his office to keep Owen motivated. Now, Owen says that he has studied at Princeton, but Bailey finds out that Tobias is in Austin, which further confirms the theory that Owen and Bailey have a deep connection to the place.

Grady Bradford Learns That Hannah And Bailey Are In Austin

Hannah calls up Jules to ask her to take care of the duffle bag underneath her bed, which we know has been stolen by Grady. Jules asks Hannah whether she is aware of some fireproof safe that Owen has because Jake thinks that the key that was retrieved from the Lady Paul piggy bank can open such a thing. As Grady begins to use his resources to track Hannah, his boss calls him into her office to ask about this covert quest he’s on. The episode then cuts to Hannah and Bailey infiltrating the university in Austin to get a hold of Cookman.

After disturbing his teaching session, Hannah and Bailey urge Cookman to remember Owen based on what Owen had told them about Cookman. Just like many teachers who have taught hundreds of students over the years, Cookman fails to recognize Owen from a recently clicked picture of him. The stuff about the framed mark sheet does ring some bells, and that’s why Cookman decides to help the ladies. Here’s the problem, though: He has discarded that framed mark sheet because his wife dislikes that kind of cruelty. So, the chances of getting Owen’s actual name very easily go out the window, and they’ve to resort to looking through the files. They try to find the name of Bailey’s mother because Owen apparently met her during his college days. Sadly, Cookman draws a blank there as well.

Jules and Jake learn about the duffle bag, and they have a small tiff about Hannah’s choice of men. As for Grady, well, he’s done explaining the whole situation involving Owen, and his boss is of the opinion that they shouldn’t be bothered about it. By the way, going by Grady’s boss’ analysis of Owen, she’s well aware of who Owen is and why the law enforcement agencies should nab him instead of protecting him. She’s apathetic about Bailey as well and blames her situation on her father, i.e., Owen. Just when he’s about to entirely drop the case, he learns that Hannah and Bailey are in Austin, which forces him to go out of his way and keep looking out for the duo.

Hannah Comes Across A Picture Of A Woman Who Looks Exactly Like Bailey.

Hannah and Bailey go into the archive room to look through the yearbook photos in the hopes that they’re going to see his or Olivia’s photo and find out their actual names. Bailey suffers a minor panic attack because she’s understandably afraid of stumbling upon something that she doesn’t exactly want to know. She remembers how Owen has always been there for him, even when she went for a sleepover at her friend’s home. So, she is finding it a little hard to digest that not only did he lie about her whole identity, but he also abandoned her at the most formative period of her life. After calming Bailey down, Hannah goes into a corner of the room and hides behind the shelves to cover the anxiety attack that she’s experiencing, which has been triggered by the similarity between her and Bailey’s feelings of being deserted by a parent.

In a flashback, we see a young Hannah seeing her mother’s car parked in front of her grandfather’s house. Instead of meeting her, she goes into the workshop. Hannah’s grandfather tries to convince her to come and meet her mother, but she refuses to do so and keeps working on a wooden vase. Now, this memory leads Hannah to the revelation that she has preserved that vase (which she made with her grandfather) in her workshop. Therefore, she calls up Jules to check there for the safe that can be opened with the key Jules found in the piggy bank. Jules tells Hannah about the missing duffle bag, and Hannah tells Jules to keep her focus on the safe, probably because she never wanted all that dirty money in the first place.

At the end of “The Last Thing He Told Me,” Episode 4, Hannah is contacted by Ms. McGovern, just like she promised to, and she tells her that she suspects that the wedding they’re looking for didn’t happen on game day. It took place during a pre-season match. Based on that information, McGovern tells Hannah about Charles Smith and Andrea Reyes’ wedding. Bailey says that there’s a Katherine Smith in the university records, but there’s no Charles Smith. When Hannah zooms in on the archival picture of Katherine Smith, they notice an uncanny similarity between her and Bailey’s faces. What exactly does this mean? Well, as far as I can tell, the woman that Bailey thinks is her mother actually isn’t her mom. That’s brutal. Bailey has been pulling up this random woman’s picture on her phone and crying about it. And that’s not even her mother.

To be honest, if you go back to the point where Bailey shows the picture of Owen, the woman, and herself to Cookman, it clearly looks like the woman’s face is photoshopped. Bailey is a Zoomer. She should’ve seen that sooner because, unlike the oldies, younger generations are usually faster when it comes to spotting forgery in images and videos. Well, maybe she always gets too overwhelmed to notice the details. That said, Hannah and Bailey have a face and three names now, and they can use that to learn more about Owen. Do they really want to know more about Owen, though? This man is apparently famous in the Texas branch of the U.S. Marshall’s office. He has lied through his teeth to his own daughter and his wife about his whole life. Hence, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of anything associated with Owen instead of moving closer to his past and his present situation.

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