‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Bailey Missing?


In last week’s episode of The Last Thing He Told Me, Hannah and Bailey found themselves going further down the rabbit hole in Austin, especially after finding Owen’s favorite math teacher, Tobias Cookman. Now, while Cookman drew a blank while remembering his altercations with Owen, Grady Bradford was ordered by his superior to drop the case and stop following Hannah and Bailey because she thought that the mother-daughter duo deserved to face the fallout of Owen’s actions. And Grady did drop it until he found out that Hannah and Bailey were in Austin and chose to pursue the case because he knew that they were in grave danger. We even got a hint of what Hannah and Bailey were wading into with a picture in the archives of the university Owen apparently used to study at, which featured a woman who looked exactly like Bailey.

Spoilers Alert

Hannah And Bailey Try To Figure Out Who The Woman In The Picture Is

While remembering her conversations about her mother with her father, Bailey only manages to recall the fact that he was incredibly vague about it. But, despite morphing the picture of Bailey’s mom, he said that Bailey does look exactly like her mother. So, based on the woman’s name (Katherine Smith) and her family’s bar (The Never Dry), Hannah and Bailey decide to head over there for some answers. In the meantime, Grady Bradford takes all the necessary precautions to ensure Hannah and Bailey’s safety, this time with the permission of his superior, Maris Anderson.

Since Grady is unaware of Hannah and Bailey’s whereabouts, they manage to use their headstart to locate the owner of The Never Dry, Charlie Smith. Although the older records showed that Charlie was married to someone called Andrea Reyes, his Facebook profile states that he’s single. What’s surprising, though, is that when Bailey sees Andrea’s photo, she seems to recognize her. Bailey assumes that if she takes a trip to The Never Dry, she’ll be able to put the pieces together. However, Hannah advises her not to do that because she’s not sure who is in there. So, she sends Bailey off to a cafe to wait there and proceeds into the bar.

Hannah immediately spots Katherine, along with the current owner of the bar, Charlie, and possibly his wife, Andrea. When Charlie enters, she tries to get some information about his association with the university. She tries to connect Charlie with Katherine, but that only agitates him. He eventually admits that she died in a car accident, which kind of aligns with what Owen used to say about Bailey’s mother.

Hannah And Bailey Are Chased By Charlie Smith

Grady gets Maris’ unofficial permission to track Hannah’s phone so that he can know her official location. Along with that, he gets a cellphone with Owen and Katherine’s photo on the lock screen and a virtual note filled with data about emails from Avett Thompson and Grant Johnson. Bobby finds Andrea’s address and relays it to Bailey, who starts to head toward The Never Dry to go to Andrea’s place with her. By the time she gets there, Hannah gets herself into a bit of a pickle by revealing that she’s looking for Owen. No, she doesn’t utter that name. She does show his picture, and that massively triggers Charlie.

Just when Charlie is about to get a little too handsy with Hannah, Bailey walks in, and Charlie recognizes her as Kristin (which is probably her actual name). Realizing that all this is far more complex than they think it is, Hannah orders Bailey to run, and Charlie begins to run after them. After a pretty boring and unnecessarily long foot chase, Charlie loses both of them in the crowd. This allows Hannah and Bailey to get away from him. However, after reaching the underside of a bridge, which is apparently a tourist spot for bat sightings, Bailey gets distracted as she begins remembering that she was there as a kid, and, weirdly enough, she recalls being referred to as “Kristie” by her dad. Hannah realizes that Bailey is having a panic attack due to this barrage of information. Hence, she advises her to move back to the hotel because she doesn’t want both of them to be spotted by Charlie again.

Bailey Goes Missing

As per Grady, the phone that he has just received is from Owen, and he’s sending proof of Avett’s involvement in the scam. Grady also thinks that Owen was trying to ensure that The Shop’s latest project doesn’t go public until all the bugs are fixed. So, it’s possible that Avett is trying to bring Owen down with him, even though Owen is totally innocent. That means Owen’s past has nothing to do with his current predicament, and it is only a matter of coincidence that the scam at The Shop has reopened his case in Austin. Grady finds out the name of the hotel Hannah and Bailey are in, and he assembles a team and heads over there.

As for Hannah and Bailey, Hannah is ready to go back home because things are getting dangerous in Austin with every passing minute. However, Bailey doesn’t want to leave because she hasn’t met Andrea Reyes yet. Hannah remembers how Owen reacted when she asked her about Bailey’s mother. She gets a call from Jules, who tells her that Owen’s actual name is Ethan Young, which she found out from a handwritten will put inside a safe that was in Hannah’s grandfather’s vase. I know it’s very complicated. Before Hannah can process that, Jules and Jake urge Hannah to get out of Austin because she’s unknowingly dealing with Nicholas Bell.

Who is Nicholas Bell? Bell is Katherine Smith’s father, Owen’s father-in-law, and a mob lawyer who works for the Campano family. Apparently, after Kate’s death, Owen took all the evidence against the Campanos and Bell and gave it over to the state administrations. So, I think we can do the math regarding what he’s going to do if he finds out that the current wife of the man who upended his life and his very own granddaughter are in his city. Jake urges Hannah to destroy her phone so that she can’t be traced, and she does that, thereby harking back to the moment from the first episode of “The Last Thing He Told Me.” That said, by the time she gets out of the bathroom, Bailey is nowhere to be found.

There’s a good chance that she has gone to Andrea’s place because she wanted to go there, and she has the address to her home, thanks to Bobby. Charlie returns to The Never Dry, extracts Hannah and Bailey’s images from the CCTV camera, and gives Nicholas Bell a call. Grady reaches Hannah’s hotel room, which shocks Hannah, thereby clarifying what shocked her when we saw this same scene in the first episode, and he puts out a “missing person” alert for Bailey. Is Bailey going to find Andrea? Yes, because she has the address. Is Andrea going to alert Nicholas or Charlie and give Bailey over to either of them or is she going to call the police? Well, if her relationship with Nicholas and Charlie has gone sour, it’s likely that she’ll take care of her and help her fill the gaps in her memories. However, those are just my theories. We’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to know the actual answers.

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