‘The Life You Wanted’ Recap (Episodes 1-6) Explained: How Did Marina Transform Gloria’s Life?


Gloria was living a life of comfort and luxury when, all of a sudden, a friend from her past reappeared and brought chaos into her life. The Life You Wanted is an Italian limited series that revolves around Gloria and her friendship with Marina. Gloria could not believe that the woman who ditched her fifteen years ago dared to visit her again. Marina and Gloria used to be best friends, and Gloria assumed that when she transitioned, Marina would be by her side. But Marina disappeared and never showed up. Gloria had to go through the entire process on her own. Even though the journey was tough to begin with, Gloria managed to become the person she had always dreamt of. She ran a successful business, and she enjoyed her freedom. Her life completely changed when Marina disclosed fifteen years later that her firstborn, Andrea, was Gloria’s son. 

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What was Marina hiding from Gloria?

Within a week, Gloria found out that she had a son and that Marina was battling a terminal illness. Fifteen years ago, when Gloria and Marina used to be roommates, they got physically intimate at times. For Gloria, it was not an emotional affair, but she had recently realized that it was not the same for Marina. She had been in love with Gloria all along, and when she found out that she was pregnant with Gloria’s child, she decided to keep him. Instead of confessing the truth, she chose to lie to Gloria. She knew that the news would affect Gloria, and she would make adjustments and not live the life she had been dreaming of. It was a decision that Marina had taken on her own and did not wish for Gloria to ever know. Every time Andrea asked about his father, Marina lied about not remembering the man. It was only after finding out that she had brain cancer that Marina decided it was time to break the news to Gloria.

Gloria initially offered Marina money to leave her alone, but that was not what Marina wanted. She hoped for Gloria and Andrea to accept each other, and she wanted to see them together before she succumbed to her illness. Andrea had a tough time making peace with the fact that Gloria was his parent, especially after finding out that she had offered money to his mother to get rid of them. It was all too sudden for him as well, and as a result, his reactions were often out of line. He blamed Gloria for everything that was wrong with his life. Meanwhile, after giving birth to Salvatore, Marina’s condition worsened. The doctor informed Gloria of Marina’s condition and asked her to convince Marina to seek medical help. The news was shocking for Gloria, and it was only then that she realized why Marina had reappeared in her life all of a sudden. She and Sergio managed to convince Marina to go through a few more tests. 

Who was responsible for Marina’s death?

Gloria was tense when the doctor informed her that Marina had run away from the hospital. Soon, Gloria received a call from Marina, confirming that she was near the lighthouse. Marina was afraid of the surgery that the doctors had proposed. She was not ready to submit to a stranger. Seeing that there was no other option, Gloria lied about the tarot card reading and stated that according to the cards she would survive. Gloria convinced Marina to take the risk, and she finally agreed. Marina said yes to the surgery because she trusted Gloria and her judgment. 

That night at the hospital, she received a voicemail from her lover and the father of Salvatore, Pietro. Pietro was obsessive and violent, and that was why Marina stayed away from him. Before the surgery, she had a change of heart, and she decided to meet him, thinking it might be the last time she would get to see him. She tried to tell him the truth, but Pietro was too delusional to understand the gravity of her situation. Marina lied about the baby being at the hospital because she was afraid that Pietro would take Salvatore away from her. After Pietro left, Marina received a picture of Gloria, Sergio, and her kids, and that brought a smile to her face. Pietro had secretly seen her checking her phone, and he assumed that Marina was texting Sergio. He accused her of lying to him, and she admitted that she could not imagine her life without her two kids, but Pietro was beyond understanding a reasonable explanation. He wanted Marina to start a new life with him and Salvatore and refused to take no for an answer. Pietro pushed Marina off the terrace, and she succumbed to the fall.

Did Andrea accept Gloria?

Andrea blamed Gloria for his mother’s death. He believed that she destroyed their family, and maybe the family portrait pushed her over the edge. Andrea was not thinking clearly, and since his life had taken a tragic turn after he met Gloria, he assumed everything was her fault. Gloria tried to stay calm, but the constant allegations got on her nerves, and she hit Andrea. Gloria was already extremely emotional after losing Marina. The police believed Marina had died by suicide, but Gloria was convinced that was not the truth. She knew Marina too well, and given the fact that she was ready for the surgery, there could not have been any reason for her to take her own life. Moreover, Marina loved her children, and she would not have left them all of a sudden. On the contrary, Sergio thought that it was possible. Marina had talked about death, and he believed it indicated that the conclusion drawn by the police was right. After finding out that Gloria had hit Andrea, Sergio lied to her, stating that Marina wanted him to take Andrea’s custody if she died and that she did not want Gloria to be a part of Andrea’s life. Gloria was devastated to find out that Marina thought that introducing her and Andrea was a mistake and that Gloria was not yet ready to take on Andrea’s responsibility. Gloria decided to respect Marina’s wish, even though it completely broke her heart.

Meanwhile, the police found out that before Marina died, she had called Pietro, and they suspected that he was responsible for her death. Pietro tracked down Salvatore, but luckily Gloria and Sergio saw him hiding at the villa before he attacked. Sergio decided to stay back and keep Pietro engaged while Gloria took the children somewhere safe. Pietro attempted to shoot Sergio, but he missed the shot, and he soon figured out that Gloria had taken his son with her. Gloria arrived at her family farmhouse, where her sister, Celeste, and her sons lived. Celeste was glad to meet Gloria and the children. She had also figured out that Andrea was Gloria’s son, and she encouraged Gloria to try and keep Andrea close to her. Gloria, too, realized that she could not imagine her life without her son. After the whole Pietro episode, Andrea understood that he was wrong about Gloria. Her hunch about Marina’s death was right, and she also helped them escape, thereby risking her life. Later, Gloria discussed her transition with him and how she had to leave her past life to start afresh. Andrea realized how difficult life had been for Gloria. They finally bonded, and Andrea showed interest in giving Gloria a second chance.

What happened to Pietro?

Pietro found the location of Gloria’s ancestral farmhouse. Andrea tried to stop him, but Pietro kidnapped him instead. Pietro contacted Gloria, asking her to bring his son, and only then could she have Andrea back. Gloria left to deal with Pietro alone, while Sergio contacted the police to track down Pietro. Inspector D’Auria interrogated Carmine and found out the location that Pietro had chosen for the transfer. Gloria arrived at the festival, where Pietro had promised to bring Andrea. When Gloria saw Andrea, she advised him to run. Pietro was furious when he realized Gloria had brought along a plastic doll instead of his son. Pietro followed Gloria, but thankfully, Sergio arrived with the police at the festival. Sergio tried to speak sense to Pietro as he held a gun in his direction. Pietro knew that he would either rot in prison or be killed, so he was fearless, and before his fall, he wanted to destroy the people who had ruined his life. Gloria pulled out her father’s gun, but as soon as she fired it, she realized it was a prop toy. Sergio attacked Pietro, and during the scuffle, Sergio killed Pietro. Andrea hugged Gloria for the first time at the end of The Life You Wanted. He realized the lengths Gloria would go to protect him. Even though they had a rocky start, Andrea had learned to love and accept Gloria. Pietro’s death finally brought peace to Gloria and Sergio’s lives. Dealing with Marina’s sudden demise was already challenging, and on top of that, they also had to tackle her obsessive lover.

How did Marina transform Gloria’s life?

Sergio was hesitant to allow Gloria to get custody of Andrea, but he gradually realized that he had made a terrible judgment of character. The more time he spent with Gloria, the more he figured out why she initially refused to accept Andrea. Her son reminded her of her past life that she had wiped out of her life, and it was difficult for her to make peace with it. But with time, she started to care for Andrea. Sergio confessed to Gloria that he had lied to her and that Marina wanted Gloria to always be a part of Andrea’s life.

Eighteen months after Gloria found out that she had a son, Andrea celebrated his birthday at Lecce. He was in love with the place, and he had enrolled at a school in Lecce. Gloria missed Marina; she believed her best friend would have been happy with the way things turned out. Sergio and Arianna planned on leaving for Naples soon, but Sergio knew that the distance would not be easy on Arianna and Andrea. Moreover, after being together through such challenging times, Sergio and Gloria started to depend on one another. They enjoyed each other’s company and parting ways all of a sudden was not easy for them as well. Sergio finally gathered up the courage to ask Gloria if she would like for him and Arianna to stay, and the smile on Gloria’s face was enough to suggest that she had been wanting that for quite some time.

In The Life You Wanted‘s ending, Gloria and Sergio kissed, confirming that they were in love with each other and that together they would raise Arianna, Andrea, and Salvatore. When Marina reappeared in Gloria’s life, it was quite a nightmare, but as time passed, Gloria realized how important Marina’s visit was. Her best friend completely transformed her life. She used to be a single woman who lived alone, but here she was learning to become a mother and raising a family with someone who appreciated her. Even though Gloria was not in love with Marina, their relationship transcended the definition of friendship. They had been apart for fifteen years, but when they got back together, they realized how deeply they missed one another. Marina would have been proud of the woman Gloria had become, and she would be at peace knowing that her children were in safe hands.

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