The Lighthouse (2019) Review – ‘Keeping secrets, are you?’

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The Lighthouse is a tense, disturbing, and thought-provoking film which is a wonderful example of the impact a Film can have. It essentially unwinds into a two-man powerful visual. With Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson playing two mind-boggling, antagonistic Lighthouse keepers. This Excellent yet deeply unsettling film is set in the1890s and is directed by none other than Robert Eggers who makes sure to bring out both Dafoe and Pattinson’s strongest acting ever, with Willem forever asking about

“Why’d you spill your beans?”

Robert Pattinson has definitely drawn out the best performance of his career until now – His character Ephriam Winslow starts off as a very quiet person who barely ever speaks and well as it should be Willem Dafoe who plays Thomas Wake is all about getting into a good conversation thus forcing Winslow to come out of his shell. Although this is just one of the things that set both these lead roles against each other. As we go forward we are just shown how Pattinson’s character slowly descends into completely losing his mental stability. He has managed to portray just about every single emotion a human can display!! He has definitely shown it all! Right from pure insanity to complete depravity and then suddenly unmeasured depths of joy! Eggers has just made sure to make Robert do it all. You could also say “This Robert made that Robert do it all” just to be a little cheesy in this New England based Black&White gripping, turbulent drama!

Talking about doing it all, Eggers has made sure that Willem Dafoe’s Thomas truly Wakes us with his glorious skills – He plays the wild-bearded senior officer whose duties are as simple as Fixing meals, keeping the aerobeacon of The Lighthouse always polished and lit. This just leads to major dozes of anger, excrement, booze, and let us not forget the heaps of Tobacco. And just like the actors portraying it all – The Lighthouse also is not just a Horror film, it has every element available, elements of –

  • Fantasy

  • Thriller

  • Horror

and even some extremely Hilarious scenes are managed to be directed by Eggers even though it is such a psychological film, he has still found a way to drill in some comedy obviously in a very dark way thus making the humor very bleak but also Robert Eggers does not ‘let go’ of any fart jokes – if you know what we mean! Leading to some seriously absurd poles apart visuals in the movie because while some are just outstandingly horrifying the others are eye-watering funny. Making this must-watch really toy with your emotions every second. We wouldn’t really call this a scary film as such, at least that’s our point of view.

Doldrums. Doldrums. Eviler than the Devil. Boredom makes men to villains.’ – Thomas Wake

Yes, while mainly it’s about two men trying to maintain their sanity while also doing their job as The Lighthouse keepers on an extremely remote island it also has other features that use fabulous film making tools and sound design to even push its audience not only to the edge of their seats but also their sanity.

The Lighthouse is majorly an all Men’s film. But there are traces of women strewn throughout, surfacing in the men’s anecdotes and in a mermaid played by the beautiful Valeriia Karaman that Winslow finds but for him, the mermaid is a fetish, a replacement for something that remains elusive and that – as a flashback suggests – he can’t fully voice. Robert Eggers has thoroughly set every scene, added texture, built the tension, and mystery which is gorgeously performed by these off the charts actors whose characters are either locked in battle, embrace, or just trying to save themselves from storms and disgrace. He has created a story about an age-old struggle, one that is expressed via salty language, violence towards animals, and nudity thus making it surely R Rated.

To be Honest – a movie like The Lighthouse comes along very rarely it’s just so well-crafted but be warned that this is not your normal Horror movie (heads up all you thriller lovers), it might frustrate you every now and then, and also remind you to NEVER insult William Dafoe’s cooking – but we really hope you watch it and love it as much as we did.

Written by – Siddhi C.Shekhar

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