‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Recap Of Season 2, Part 1: Everything To Know Before Watching Part 2


The major highlight of the second season of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer is Lisa Marie Trammell (played by the beautiful Lana Parrilla). Except for a few minor changes, a major chunk of the narrative has been adapted from The Fifth Witness. After reading Michael Connelly’s book, we can positively say that it was an engaging and easy read, but we have our concerns about the show. So far, Netflix’s series looks like a bad telenovela, where much of the scenes look like bad fillers only added to the narrative to increase the runtime of the episodes. We still don’t understand the need to create 10 episodes of this show, and we believe it could have easily been wrapped in 8 (the standard episode numbers that Netflix usually follows).

Meet Lisa Trammell

After solving Trevor Elliot’s case, our famous Lincoln Lawyer has managed to earn a reputation and has become the hottest defense attorney in town. Every crook in LA wants Mickey Haller to represent them in court, as they believe that he is the only one who can bend the laws and save them from prison. Mickey, on the other hand, doesn’t mind attracting all the bad apples and is enjoying the love and attention that the media is showering upon him. Like a true enthusiast, he did a plethora of interviews and photoshoots for magazine covers, and it is evident that fame is clouding his judgment, which everyone around him can see except for Mickey. He fails to notice why everyone around him is being extremely sweet to him. Take Lisa Trammell, for example. She had been eyeing Mickey since the moment he stepped into her Elysian restaurant with his ex-wife, Maggie McPherson. Lisa’s true intentions are not revealed in the first part of the series, but we find that she is quite a charmer. Mickey and Lisa click after the first meeting, and even though everyone around Mickey warns him against it, Mickey doesn’t mind giving in to his impulse.

Things Are Not Good With Maggie

Mickey and Maggie have a teenage daughter named Hayley, and like most parents, they don’t want their separation to have any side effects on their child’s upbringing. The two meet from time to time to divide the responsibility between themselves so that Hayley can spend equal amounts of time with each parent. However, love, once shared, cannot be easily forgotten. Mickey does feel envious of Maggie’s current boyfriend, and likewise, Maggie gets furious when she finds out about Lisa and Mickey. A major argument between the two arises when Maggie finds out that Mickey used Hayley to get information about Lisa’s Case. Mickey has the habit of pulling such stunts, which has evidently created issues in his relationships with other people.

Lorna Crane’s Plans For Marriage

Lorna, who is Mickey’s second ex-wife, is finally ready to marry her fiancé, Cisco, who, again surprisingly, works for Mickey. Cisco used to work for a notorious biker gang named Road Saints California, but he wanted a way out. Mickey stepped in and pulled him out of the crime world, after which Cisco became a private investigator for the Lincoln Lawyer. In the first part of the second season, Teddy Vogel, the leader of the gang, wants Cisco to follow a previous member of the gang named Pete (aka Kaz), who has recently been released from prison. Teddy believes that Kaz has joined hands with the authorities and has become a snitch, and therefore, Cisco should look into the matter. Because of the newly assigned job, Cisco gets a bit distant from Lorna, which she can already sense. At the end of the first part, the couple sorts out the matter together and finally kicks both Kaz and Teddy out of their lives. They finalize the venue for their wedding, which we will see in the second part.

The Murder Of Mitchell Bondurant

 We had assumed that Lisa was nothing but a problem the moment she entered Mickey’s life. She had been telling Mickey about her rivalry with real-estate businessman Mitchell Bondurant. The building developer wanted to raze and redevelop the neighborhood where Lisa had been living for quite a long time. Lisa feared losing her precious restaurant, so she started a peaceful movement to protest against the construction. Lisa had attacked Bondurant during a protest, after which his company filed a temporary restraining order against Lisa. When Lisa found out about it, she quickly contacted the only lawyer she knew of. At this point, we believe that Lisa had been staging these events since the beginning, and she probably complimented Mickey on the night she came to his restaurant only because she knew what was coming next. Mickey, on the other hand, was slowly losing to the charm and wit of the woman in front of him, and he decided to help Lisa in any capacity he could.

The Arrest Of Lisa

According to the police report, Bondurant was found dead near the parking lot where his car was parked. Someone had hit him on the head, and he lost his life because of the fatal blow. Bondurant’s receptionist had seen Lisa in the vicinity at the time of the murder, because of which she became a prime suspect. The police had also searched Lisa’s gardening shed, where they recovered a special tool kit from which a hammer was missing, which they deemed could be the possible murder weapon. With all evidence pointing to Lisa, she was put behind bars until Mickey decided to take up her case.

After coming out on bail, Lisa introduced Mickey to one of her friends named Henry Dahl, who was shady and suspicious in all the ways possible. According to Lisa, Henry was a popular podcast producer in Hollywood and is helping to sell the rights to her story so that they can reap the profits from the deal.

At this point, our Lincoln Lawyer, blinded by love and popularity, is trying to find numerous pieces of evidence to exonerate Lisa. With Cisco’s help, he finds a connection between Bondurant and the son of an Armenian mafia boss, who has changed his surname from Kazarian to Alex Grant. Alex’s father, Sasha, is serving 27 years in a federal supermax prison. The new evidence that has come to light makes Mickey believe that Bondurant’s murder could possibly be connected to organized crime. Mickey had been ardently looking for a straw man, and he finally found one in Alex, and most likely, he is going to use this newfound evidence in court to protect Lisa in the second part of the series.

Lisa’s Trial

The most interesting piece of evidence that showed up during the first part of the series was Lisa’s gardening gloves that the police had found in her shed. The forensic analyst, Hannah Gates, reported that they had found a blood stain that belonged to Bondurant, implying that Lisa had Bondurant’s blood on her hand, quite literally. Still, Mickey refuses to believe this evidence and argues that someone staged it (mostly Alex Grant) to frame Lisa. However, before Mickey could dig deeper, he found out that Henry Dahl had sold the rights to Lisa’s stories to one of the major studios, which was developing a limited series on them. Mickey had warned Henry not to mingle in these affairs, as Mickey held a power of attorney to negotiate the rights to the sale of her life. However, at the end of the first part, he found that all the documents that he had kept at the back of his Lincoln car had been stolen but that’s not the end of it. Before Mickey could take any further steps, he was brutally thrashed in the parking lot by some men who left him wounded and unconscious.

The incident that happened in the end only makes us wonder if taking Lisa’s case is the biggest regret of Mickey’s life. We will find out soon. The second part of the series will surely focus on the trial and whether Mickey is able to save Lisa in court. We eagerly look forward to finding out what Henry Dahl is actually planning and why he is so interested in Lisa’s story. Additionally, what role does Alex Grant play in the grand scheme of things? The second part will eventually provide us with the answers.

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