‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3 Theories: Will We See Glory Days’ Murder Case Next?


The second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, as expected, left us on a cliffhanger, and we saw that our star lawyer, Mickey Haller, found himself once again entangled in a case. Though there hasn’t been any official announcement of a third season, let’s try to decipher in which direction the storyline will proceed, if there is one, and what kind of trouble Mickey Haller would find himself in. Mickey Haller was mentally still stuck in Lisa Trammell’s case, and he was trying to understand if what he perceived, in the beginning, was the truth or not. It was for the first time that after getting a judgment in his favor and securing a fantastic win against Andrea Freeman, Mickey had doubts if he had done the right thing.

The case, for him at least, was still open-ended, and he didn’t know for sure if Lisa Trammell had no hand in the murder of Mitchell Bondurant. There were other plausible narratives, too, like Alex Grant and Walter Kim killing Bondurant because the latter was threatening to expose their corrupt practices if they didn’t share the losses that he was incurring in one of his projects. At the end of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, we saw that Mickey connected the dots, and he realized that the man who had to meet him as Jeff Trammell, was actually an imposter sent by Lisa herself. Mickey had his doubts about Lisa, but he still went ahead and made sure that she was acquitted of all charges. Now he felt that the shrewd woman had used him.

Mickey started questioning his beliefs and deductions after he got to know that just days after Jeff had taken back his request for divorce, he had gone missing. It was suspicious how a man would file for divorce but then suddenly withdraw the application for no apparent reason. When Mickey asked Lisa about it, she said that she didn’t understand Jeff and his ways, but Mickey realized that things were not as simple and that Lisa was not as naive as she was pretending to be. Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer, had been played, and his trust had been broken. It was not like he had not defended criminals before, but this time, he felt as if someone had laid a trap for him, and he had made a fool out of himself by falling into it. Mickey confronted Lisa, telling her that he knew what she was hiding beneath the cilantro plants in her garden. Though we are not shown if Raymond Griggs and his team found Jeff’s body buried there or not, we are pretty sure that in season 3, we will see them finding it and sending Lisa to serve her time in prison.

Mickey got to know from Izzy that a man named Julian Lacosse was being held in the police station, and he wanted Mickey to fight his case. When Mickey met him, he found out that Glory Days, the woman who was the prime witness in Jesus Menendez’s case and who also shared a beautiful bond with Mickey, had been murdered, and Julian was being blamed for it by the law enforcement authorities. Julian begged Mickey to save him, and he told him that he was being framed by people as Gloria Dayton aka Glory Days was his good friend. Mickey couldn’t believe that Glory Days was no more, as a couple of days before, he had gotten a postcard from her, and it seemed like she was doing great in Hawaii.

We had seen that in season 2, part 1, Gloria had once again landed in trouble, and she was sentenced for having cocaine in her possession. Mickey had helped her at that time and made a deal with Maggie’s department, where he told them to quash all charges against her and, in turn, he would share the whereabouts of a bigger fish named Hector Moya. Gloria had gotten the cocaine from Moya, but surprisingly, an undercover agent had found out about the deal and taken her into custody. Now, it could be possible that Hector Moya’s gang had something to do with Glory’s murder, but if we see the pattern of the series, we realize that the obvious choices are generally not the ones who commit the crime. It is possible that Julian was up to something and was trying to deceive Mickey Haller so that he would take his case. Everybody knew that once Haller took a case, he left no stone unturned and made sure that his clients went free. Looking at the cliffhanger and the kind of mystery it left us with, one generally presumes that the main conflict of the next season, i.e., season 3, would be this case only, but this is not how things generally happen in this franchise.

We had seen earlier that at the end of season 1, we were shown a glimpse of the tattooed guy, Russell Lawson, though his face wasn’t visible, and the suspense around it made us feel like Mickey would be going after him in the entire season 2. But Russell’s case ended in the second episode itself, and something like that might happen this time too. Maybe the entire Glory Days’ case gets solved in the first couple of episodes, and then Mickey gets entangled in another fresh case. Alex Grant is still out there, and we don’t know what exactly happened to Walter Kim, if he is absconding, or if someone killed him. Given the kind of man Alex Grant is, we believe that he might come after Mickey in season 3. Alex belonged to a crime family and though, of late, he was trying to come clean in the eyes of the law, it was not a hidden fact that the man was capable of committing a crime and taking the law into his own hands.

Inside the courtroom, Mickey was the king, but outside, Alex Grant owned the entire playing field. Though the truth will be revealed in season 3, and we cannot substantiate our theory as of now, we believe that Alex Grant had the potential to kill Mitchell Bondurant. Mickey was himself a bit apprehensive about the entire situation, and he knew that this time he had played it more closely than he would have liked. We might see a very different Mickey in The Lincoln Lawyer season 3, as Lisa Trammell’s case has impacted him way too much.

For the first time, Mickey had crossed the professional boundary and indulged with his client, though he did make sure that nothing explicit happened between them during the trial. But the feelings were always there, and it couldn’t be denied that Mickey’s judgment was biased because of them. It was a huge lesson for Mickey, and he knew that Lorna and others were right from the very beginning. We might also see Mickey’s and Maggie’s reunion in season 3, as they both still loved each other, and Mickey was really hurt when Maggie had decided to leave, as he actually believed that things were improving between them. Maggie was scared about falling into a loop and once again going through all those complications that she had in the past. It would be interesting to see where life takes Mickey in season 3 (assuming there will be one) and what impact his past experiences have on his perceptions.

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