‘The Lost City’ Trailer Breakdown, Teaser Reveals, & More!


A reclusive writer, a dummy novel hero, and an eccentric billionaire – all of them on an absolutely mind-boggling and hilarious adventure in a lost city. That’s what we figured out after watching the first official trailer of The Lost City, previously titled ‘The Lost City of D,’ and is set to hit the floors on March 25, 2022.

The upcoming action-comedy by Paramount Pictures stars an epic cast consisting of Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe. The film’s cast also includes actors Patti Harrison, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Oscar Nunez, and a rib-tickling cameo by Brad Pitt. The trailer indeed looks promising, with all the elements of the movie neatly balanced, offering a hefty dose of disaster, comedy, and romance. Still, the accurate picture will only be revealed once the film is finally released.

The creative execution of the film commenced in May 2021 and took place in the Dominican Republic, which is a perfect place to showcase realistic forests, steep hills, and scary-looking leeches. The film was also shot in Samaná, Santo Domingo, Casa de Campo, and Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios. The filming process for The Lost City was concluded by August 16, 2021, and was scheduled to be released on April 15, but later changed to March 25. With all the crazy-comedic scenes, the latest trailer proves why fans should be pumped up about the movie and ready themselves to go on a laughter riot. 

Credits: Paramount Pictures

The Lost City – Trailer Breakdown 

Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock), a brilliant but secluded writer, has been writing romance-adventure novels about treasure hunts in exotic places, featuring a handsome cover model and the hero of the novels, Alan (Channing Tatum), known by the name Dash. The trailer displays that Loretta is on a book tour with Alan, and while on tour, her life changes suddenly when she is kidnapped by a manic billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) who just can’t seem to get rid of the idea that the Lost City actually exists and that Loretta can help him find the fabled city. He secretly hopes that she can lead him to the city’s ancient treasure, while Loretta is completely baffled by the sudden mess her life has become, which is far more strange and romantic than her paperback fiction. 

Amid all this ruckus, Alan, who is dedicated to impressing Loretta by proving that he can be a real-life hero, too, decides to go to the island where Loretta has been taken hostage and rescue her. Going a little further into detail, the unlikely pair are forcefully thrust into an epic jungle adventure, and suddenly the story, which was till now only written on the pages of Loretta’s book, starts coming true when adventure meets ridiculousness. Now, Sage and Alan have to find ways to work together in order to survive the brutal jungle and find the treasure before it is lost forever.

The film is directed by brothers Adam and Aaron Nee and seems to be inspired by the film Romancing the Stone, where two ordinary people living a normal life have adventure thrust upon them when a crazy millionaire becomes a bit too serious about his favourite novel and decides to pursue a dangerous adventure. Bullock and Tatum have solidified their personalities as actors who can connect to audiences, especially on a comedic level. Conversely, Radcliffe portrays a mad, rich guy who is quick to prove just how serious he is by landing a fancy plane right in front of Sage, kidnapping her on the spot. 

The trailer also features a hilarious cameo by Brad Pitt, which is sure to steal the show. Pitt, shown as a handsome man with beautiful golden locks, comes to save Loretta, the amusing scene in which Bullock, in a way, asks herself, “Why is this man so handsome? And Brad replies, “My dad was a weatherman,” which is certainly something for the audience to really look forward to. 

The first trailer of The Lost City shows that Bullock and Tatum could perhaps be the worst explorers ever, but they really are one of the fiercest couples. The movie seems akin to pure mayhem, as every scene proves that the story is spiraling out of control with an increased comedic swagger. Apart from this, one cannot deny the stunning chemistry between the leads, exemplified in scenes that involve a car crash, leeches on Alan’s back, and buildings blowing up in the background as the two fight for survival.

The makers of the movie have generously added ridiculous plot lines smartly inculcated within the broader plotline of the film. Earlier, Bullock had worked with Ryan Reynolds in the 2009 action-comedy, The Proposal, and gained a lot of attention and appreciation from her fans. It was Reynolds who was earlier being ‘proposed’ to be the male lead even in The Lost City, and seeing the brand of humor exhibited in the trailer, he would have been a good fit, but so does Tatum, as evidenced in flicks such as 21 Jump Street

Now, we can sit back and wait to see what the bad adventurers, a manic billionaire, and blood-sucking leeches have in store for us when the movie comes out in March 2022.

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