‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained


“The Lost Symbol” Episode 1 established its basic premise that Robert Langdon’s mentor, Peter Solomon, is kidnapped by Mal’akh. The mysterious kidnapper wants Langdon to find an ancient portal that could unlock godly powers. Mal’akh helps Langdon run away from the CIA’s custody so he can find the capstone to a pyramid puzzle hidden in Solomon’s secret chamber. In his hunt, Peter’s daughter, Katherine, insists on coming with Robert, and Episode 2, “The Araf,” unfolds the mystery further.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 2: Recap

Katherine recovered an envelope from Solomon’s safe that was sealed with a Leviathan Cross. Inside the envelope, Langdon found a page that belonged to the Hebrew Bible. The page pointed to chapter 3 of the Old Testament, “First Kings, the Judgment of Solomon.”

However, before they could decode the cryptic text, they got a message from an unknown number that helped them escape CIA officer Adamu.

Solomon’s close friend, the architect of the Capitol, Warren Bellamy, also a member of Freemasonry, helped Katherine and Langdon escape via the Capitol Tunnel and brought them to the Library of Congress.

Coincidentally, Bellamy knew about the Graphite Pyramid and Capestone. He explained that long ago, Master Masons hid the pyramid and the capstone in two different locations. No person was allowed to know the location of both pieces. And probably, Solomon would be trying to locate the Capestone. However, its location was concealed in the cryptic text, “First Kings, the judgment of Solomon.”

Langdon needed Solomon’s ring that was recovered from his severe hand planted by Mal’akh at the Capitol. However, the ring was locked inside the evidence room, and Langdon was on the run. Hence, he didn’t have access to it.

Episode 2 also hinted at Langdon’s Claustrophobia, caused by a traumatic childhood incident.

The conflicted Father-Son relationship

Episode 1 indicated the death of Solomon’s son, Zachary, who died three years ago in Agri prison. Episode 2 further explored the plot and determined that Zachary was arrested for illegal trading and drug tracking. The authorities found a staggering amount of heroin in Zachary’s apartment in Ankara, Turkey.

Zachary was imprisoned, but his father, Peter, had the means and contacted to save him from the prison. Only, he didn’t. Peter believed that Zachary needed to learn his lesson and not be rescued for his mistakes. Hence, he let him rot there.

In a flashback scene, Katherine visited Zachary in Agri and saw him severely injured by the guards. Zachary was filled with spiteful hatred for Peter and declared to Katherine that he was not his son anymore.

In Mal’akh’s captivity, Peter saw Zachary’s Owl tattoo sliced out of his arm along with the skin. Later, he saw an urn with Zachary’s name and date of death engraved on it. Mal’akh had informed Peter that he killed Zachary in prison and would bring the same faith to Peter if Langdon didn’t find the ancient portal in time.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 2: Ending

Warren Bellamy explained to Langdon that the graphite pyramid was a map. When the pyramid and the capstone are brought together, it would reveal the location of the portal. 

The portal held ancient wisdom protected by a very secretive sect within the Masons, the Leviathan Group. Bellamy was a part of the group. Their purpose was to ensure that the ancient wisdom stayed hidden until the world was ready for such knowledge.

With the help of friendly Capitol cop Nunez, Langdon got Peter’s ring from the evidence room. Bellamy examined the ring and determined that an engraving that was supposed to be a “yod” (the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet) had been mislabeled as a Pi (π). Langdon circled the letters on the doctored page of the Hebrew Bible, as per the numerical value of Pi. However, the decoded letters were still a jumble. Before Langdon could solve it, Inoue Sato and her men surrounded the library to capture Langdon and Katherine. They escaped through the old conveyor system that was connected to the other building.

In the end, Mal’akh called Langdon and threatened him to cut loose Katherine from the hunt. The closing frame establishes that Peter’s escape was a mere hallucination. He was floating in a glass tank with medical equipment attached to his body. Peter’s body was half-submerged in water that, according to Mal’akh, was symbolically Araf. The borderland between Heaven and Hell.

“The Lost Symbol” Episode 3 will follow Langdon searching for the capstone to finish the map to locate the ancient portal and save his mentor, Peter Solomon.

The Lost Symbol is a thriller television series developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie. The narrative is adapted from Dan Brown’s fiction novel of the same name.

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