‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap & Ending – Who is Mal’akh?


In Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Episode 4, Robert Langdon finally found the capstone that completed his Pyramid Puzzle. However, the capstone, hidden inside a small cardboard box, only outlined that “The secret is hidden within the Order.” Hence, Robert still have much more brainstorming to do to crack the puzzle finally. Let’s follow him further.

Episode 5 – Recap

Robert brought the capstone to Officer Nunez’s house to decipher the piece. Nunez discovered that the capstone cardboard box was dated 1514 AD. Robert explained that “AD” stands for a person, Albrecht Dürer, a 16th-century German painter. After explaining Dürer’s importance as a Renaissance mind in history, Robert scrutinized Dürer’s artwork of 1514, which was Melancholia I. The painting represents humanity’s failed attempt to transform human intellect into godlike power, similar to the ancient wisdom Robert was hunting for.

Using the magic square pictured in Melancholia I, Robert re-decrypted the words in the pyramid. He deciphered the words, “Jeova Sanctus Unus,” which meant “One True God.” However, before Robert could plunge further, he got a video from Mal’akh. In the video, Peter Solomon informed Robert that Mal’akh would kill him if Robert didn’t find the portal soon.

Robert showed the video to Katherine and informed her about the Dürer signature he found on a capstone box. Katherine remembered Melancholia I as Peter often used to point at it during their visit to the National Gallery. However, when Robert reached the exhibit with CIA agent Inoue Sato, he found that someone had loaned it. Later, Warren Bellamy explained to Robert that the Leviathan group knew about his hunt for ancient wisdom. The Leviathan group had taken an oath to protect the ancient symbols and would do anything in their power to stop him.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 5 – Ending

Katherine re-watched Peter’s video and tried to play it backward as Peter used to plant clues. However, the time was running out. Sato suggested to Robert to lie to Mal’akh that he had found the location of the ancient portal. In exchange for the information, Mal’akh had promised to return Peter. Hence, Sato planned on arresting Mal’akh during the exchange. She designed a covert mission without informing the CIA and sought help from her most trusted agent, Adamu.

In the meantime, Nunez infiltrated Sophie Bastin’s house to find out more information about her and her husband (who shot Nunez at the Capitol). Before Nunez could find anything concrete, Sophie attacked Nunez and took him hostage. Nunez escaped captivity and tried to interrogate her. Sophie informed him that Mal’akh wouldn’t let Peter go. Peter was an instrument for the last stage, and without revealing further, she attacked Nunez. Nunez shot her to save his life, but hopefully, Sophie survived.

Robert met Mal’akh in an underground parking lot while his loyal hitman, The Janitor, pointed a gun at Peter. Mal’akh asked for the location, and Robert tried to buy some time for Sato to arrive. However, as soon as Sato arrived, a few black swats from the CIA threatened Mal’akh. In a panic, Mal’akh took Robert hostage and ran to his van. Sato shot Mal’akh to stop him, but he escaped with Peter and Robert.

Mal’akh brought Robert to his den and locked him in an isolated room to solve the great mystery.

Episode 6 – Recap

Sato’s senior at the CIA fired her for hiding things from the institution and going after Mal’akh alone. After losing her job, Sato came to Peter’s house and teamed up with Nunez and Katherine to help them find Robert and Peter.

Sato contacted her Leviathan group contact and cracked a deal with the wealthy businessman. She offered to return the pyramid and the capstone when she would find it in exchange for information about Mal’akh. The businessman agreed to investigate.

In Mal’akh den, Robert found a circumpunct inside the capstone box and deciphered that the clue could be related to the “third eye.” The ancient mantra says true enlightenment is gained by looking through the third eye. As a result, Robert turned the box towards the sunlight and discovered engravings inside that read, “Omnia revelantur gradu 33.” It means everything will be revealed at 33 degrees. Since Peter was a 33-degree Freemason, Robert needed his expertise to crack the next part of the puzzle. At Robert’s request, Mal’akh brought in Peter, and after a warm meeting, Robert cunningly communicated to Peter that he had a plan to trick Mal’akh and escape.

The Lost Symbol Episode 5 6 Recap Ending Explained Mal'akh

Katherine decoded Peter’s video inside her lab and found out that he was trying to suggest “onsen corp” through his backward clues hidden in the audio. Katherine explained to Nunez that Onsen Corp developed water tanks for scientific purposes and stimulated theta waves. Through his contact, Nunez brought in all the purchases of the Onsen Corp tanks in the nearby states. A hitman from the Leviathan group dug up Mal’akh’s pseudonym, Christopher Abaddon. The name filtered Sato’s search, and they finally found Mal’akh’s location.

The Rosicrucian Order

Peter used his Freemason ring to open up the puzzle hidden inside the capstone box. As soon as he plugged the ring at 33 degrees, the box transformed into The Rose Cross. It symbolizes the Rosicrucians (a spiritual movement in Italy) established by a secret society, the Rosae Crucis. They had an ancient and mystical order, The Order of the Rose Cross, and Robert suspected that the secret was hidden.

According to Robert, all the luminaries of the Renaissance were all Rosicrucians. He explored further and explained that the Rosicrucian order was founded by a German mystic and alchemist, Christian Rosekreuz (a pseudonym used by Francis Bacon). Finally, Robert deduced that the words “Jeova Sanctus Unus” were a pseudonym hidden in a Latin anagram. Isaacus Neutonuus, translated into Issac Newton. However, before they crack the secret, Robert commenced his plan to run away. He faked an argument with Peter and threw the chair at the camera in the room. Mal’akh’s loyal hitman came running into the room, and Peter smashed his head with the pyramid.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 6 – Ending Explained

Peter and Robert tried to run away, but Mal’akh stopped them near the entrance. Robert knew that Mal’akh wanted Peter for the final ritual, and thus to trick him, Robert pointed the knife at Peter’s throat. At this moment, Mal’akh explained that he knew Robert wouldn’t dare hurt Peter and spoke a line from the past that gave out the big reveal. Mal’akh told Peter that his raw intellect could only get him so far—a sarcasm Peter used on his son Zachary in front of Robert years ago. Suddenly, Sato arrived at Mal’akh’s house to save Robert and Peter. Sato shot the janitor when he attacked her. However, Peter stopped Sato from harming Mal’akh. In the end, Peter revealed that Mal’akh was his son, Zachary Solomon.

Mal’akh jumped off the cliff to escape the cops. Even though Peter was confident that Mal’akh was Zachary, Katherine didn’t believe it. She entered Mal’akh’s office and found a notebook inside it. Katherine noticed that Mal’akh, like her brother Zachary, had dotted his “I” letter with a slash. The uncanny resemblance was enough to make Katherine believe that Zachary was alive and had come back in the form of Mal’akh.

The Lost Symbol Episode 5 6 Recap Ending Explained Mal'akh

An ambulance took Peter to the hospital while Mal’akh rose from the water to begin his hunt again. He won’t stop until he gets the location of the ancient portal, and for the final stage, he would still need Peter.

But will Zachary kill his own father? The upcoming episodes of The Lost Symbol will reveal the truth.

The Lost Symbol is a thriller television series adapted from Dan Brown’s fiction novel.

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