‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending – Why did [Spoiler] became Mal’akh?


In Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 6, Peter concluded that Mal’akh was Zachary, his son. Hence, “The Lost Symbol” Episode 7 “Noögenesis” majorly revolved around Zachary and his transformation into Mal’akh. As the title, “Noögenesis,” hints, Episode 7 explained the Genesis of Mal’akh.

The plot even glanced at the bitter relationship between Peter and Zachary that eventually bred hatred. Why did Zachary hate Peter so much? Why did Zachary become Mal’akh? Let’s find out.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 7: Recap

In Episode 6, Sato contacted Knopp, a Freemason, and member of the Leviathan group, who helped her locate the Mal’akh hideout. However, Sato failed to arrest Mal’akh, and he jumped off the cliff to escape.

In Episode 7, Knopp captured Mal’akh through his security firm contacts and brought him to a secured facility. Knoop wanted the location of the pyramid and the capstone, which were properties of the Leviathan group. But Mal’akh refused to speak. To get the artifacts, Knopp called Sato.

All through these years, Sato held herself responsible for Zachary’s death. Three years ago, Zachary was arrested in Turkey under drug trafficking charges. It was when Sato contacted him and offered him the chance to become a CIA informant. Zachary believed that his father, Peter, a well-connected and affluent man, would help him, but he was wrong. When Peter refused to help a drug dealer who happened to be his son, Zachary had no other option but to join hands with the CIA.

During the prison riots, Zachary lost his life, and Sato repented to hiring an inexperienced Zachary for their cause. When Sato finally met Zachary, aka Mal’akh, years later, she asked him just one question, Why?

Why did Zachary become Mal’akh?

Peter was obsessed with Freemasonry and ancient wisdom. He wanted his son, Zachary, to follow in his footsteps and join the brotherhood. But Zachary wasn’t interested in history or artifacts. He wanted to do something else. The conflict of thoughts became the reason for a bitter relationship between father and son. Peter never missed a chance to make Zachary believe that he was incompetent and useless. Zachary left home and came to Turkey, where he started selling drugs for a living. But his syndicate was short-lived, and he was thrown into prison for drug trafficking.

In prison, Zachary met a prison lord, Samyaza, who taught Zachary the ancient healing art. Samyaza taught Zachary about the Celtic Triskelion symbol, which stood for “Breithe, bas, athbhreithe” (Breithe, Death, and Rebirth). Samyaza even taught Resonance (Meditation or Dhyaan), which helped Zachary become his highest self and harness his untapped potential, which Peter never saw.

The Lost Symbol Episode 7 Recap Ending Why did Zachary became Mal'akh
Celtic Triskelion symbol

But Samyaza wasn’t helping or teaching Zachary out of any courtesy. He wanted a map for the portal to locate the ancient wisdom. Samyaza informed Zachary that the Knights Templar stole an ancient artifact from the land of God (Arab). The ancient wisdom was a set of psychic commandments that could transform man into a god once learned. The ancient map went to the Freemasons from the templars, and Samyaza believed that Peter’s son, Zachary, could get it for him. Hence, throughout the series, Zachary as Mal’akh tried to get hold of the ancient wisdom for his guru/master, Samyaza.

Before the final test, Samyaza demanded a test of loyalty from Zachary. To pledge his allegiance, Zachary erased his memory of Peter and killed his younger self in his mind. He killed Zachary to become Mal’akh.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 7 Ending

Samyaza believed in the philosophy of rebirth. For something to rise from the ashes, it had to end. Hence, Samyaza demanded a spiritual sacrifice from Zachary. He planned a prison riot to escape and end Zachary’s identity. During the riots, Samyaza deformed Zachary’s face so that he could embark on a journey to discover his new identity.

In his mind, after the riots, Zachary visited the tomb of King Mausolus. Samyaza prepared a final ceremony to end Zachary’s existence and bring a new monster into the world. Zachary passed the test and woke up as Mal’akh inside a prison mortuary. Mal’akh escaped the prison facility through the secret passageway.

Living as a fugitive, Mal’akh got plastic surgery for his deformed face and became a master of the ancient arts. He read all the books on ancient wisdom and artifacts that he once defied when he was Peter’s son.

After finishing his story, Mal’akh revealed to Sato that he buried the pyramid and capstone near a bridge at the edge of the Solomon property. He purposefully underlined the words “Zachary’s bridge” to set up a trap that Sato only realized much later.

Through his spiritual powers, Mal’akh hid a Fibre Wire inside his body. He used the weapon to escape. While leaving the facility, Sato heard some voices and came back to check on Mal’akh. She found out that Mal’akh killed Knoop’s men and had escaped. However, as soon as Sato turned to inform the CIA, Mal’akh grabbed Sato and strangled her neck with the wire.

Mal’akh will eventually hunt down Peter Solomon to kill the man who offended him. He wants the ancient wisdom at all costs, and Mal’akh won’t stop until he gets it. ‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 8 will follow further.

The Lost Symbol is a thriller television series developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie.

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