‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending – What was Cascade?


Peter Solomon always wanted Zachary to be what he wanted him to be, and in his blindness, he never saw who Zachary was. That led to a conflict between the father and the son. And in his spiritual quest, Zachary transformed into Mal’akh. He came back to take vengeance from his father. The Lost Symbol Episode 8 acted as a subtle evolution of the pursuit. It could be deemed as a filler or a sleeper episode that brought forth only one surprising revelation. Let’s find it out.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 8: Recap

In Episode 7, Knoop and his paid contract killers captured Mal’akh and brought him to the facility to interrogate the location of artifacts. By the end of the episode, Mal’akh attacked the men and estranged agent Sato. However, in Episode 8, it was revealed that Sato survived the attack. But Mal’akh crushed her larynx, and she wouldn’t be able to talk like before.

Knoop had confiscated Mal’akh’s phone to get more information and attached the phone to the Leviathan group system. He intended to “jail-break” the mobile OS, but Mal’akh was playing one step ahead. In Episode 8, Mal’akh infected the Leviathan group network with a trojan virus hidden inside his cellphone. Through the ransomware, he hacked their secrets and locked their secret bank accounts.

In exchange, Mal’akh demanded a weapon of mass destruction called the “Cascade.”

What was Cascade?

Katherine scrutinized Zachary’s diary and discovered his interest in Cymatics. It is the science of visible sound, also known as the vibrational phenomenon. Later in the episode, when Mal’akh hacked the Leviathan network, he especially searched for William Osterman. He was most likely the creator of Cascade and a pioneer in the application of sonic vibration.

As soon as Knoop saw the word “Cascade,” he immediately called for a special group meeting.

In The Lost Symbol, Cascade was a long-range acoustic technology. The Leviathan group developed the Cascade program with the help of William Osterman. The device could be programmed with infrasonic frequencies, which create atmospheric vibrations. Mal’akh wanted to use Cascade to control the crowd and repel the government/army troops.

Mal’akh believed that Cascade could help him achieve apotheosis or Godhood. However, what Mal’akh intended to do with Cascade would be revealed further in The Lost Symbol Episode 9.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 8: Ending

After Katherine found that Mal’akh had survived the 100-foot drop and attacked Agent Sato, she quickly visited her mother, Isabel, to check on her. After Peter, Robert and Katherine believed that Mal’akh could hurt Isabel to take revenge on the family and thus arrived on the outskirts where Isabel lived in isolation.

At Isabel’s house, Robert found an invoice for a wire transfer. The document proved that Isabel transferred money to Mal’akh (who was using an alias Christopher Abaddon). When Katherine confronted her mother, Isabel confessed to helping Zachary with his surgery and other expenses. However, to protect her son’s new identity, she kept her deal a secret from her own family. In the end, Katherine finally revealed to Isabel that Mal’akh had been using all this money to attack the family and kill innocent people.

Isabel realized her mistake and asked Katherine to run away, as she had told Mal’akh about their arrival. She also said that Mal’akh hid something in the barn.

Katherine and Robert found the ancient pyramid puzzle in the barn and left Isabel’s house. Mal’akh came to the location looking for his enemies. Isabel demanded the truth from Mal’akh. He revealed that he was her son no more. He grabbed Isabel’s neck and killed her.

CIA chief, Ellison Blake, brought Samyaza to the USA to use him against Mal’akh. In Episode 7, Samyaza became Mal’akh’s spiritual guru in Istanbul prison. He would probably do anything in his power to protect Samyaza. However, if Samyaza’s arrival in America was a part of Mal’akh’s plan to find the ancient wisdom, then a grave danger lay ahead. The Lost Symbol Episode 9 would reveal better.

The Lost Symbol is a thriller television series based on Dan Brown’s novel.

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