‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending – Where was Ancient Wisdom Hidden?


As Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Season 1 almost comes to an end, Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon finally unravels the location of the ancient wisdom. His journey began with the hunt for an ancient artifact: a puzzle pyramid. In Episode 9, Robert solves the puzzle to get the instruction manual to learn psychic wisdom. Let’s follow the tracks.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 9: Recap

At the end of The Lost Symbol Episode 8, Mal’akh, or Zachary, killed his mother, Isabel Solomon. Episode 9 began with Mal’akh preparing a burial ritual for Isabel. Nunez arrived at the house and saw Mal’akh leaving. He followed Mal’akh and came across a wooden bridge where Mal’akh assembled the Cascade device he procured from the Leviathan group.

Nunez witnessed the vibrational phenomenon triggered by the device. It made him bleed from his ears, and he blacked out. As soon as Nunez came to his senses, he called Katherine to inform her about the deadly device that caused the deaths of fish near the shoreline.

Peter arrived at Katherine’s lab and told them about the device. He believed that Cascade could employ sounds to create patterns and symbols. Since the beginning of the narrative, the symbols opened doors to the mystery, and Robert surmised that Cascade would somehow help Mal’akh open the final door. They agreed that the only way to stop Mal’akh was to get to the ancient wisdom before him.

Eight Franklin Square

Katherine scrutinized the last clue that said all would be revealed at the 33rd degree. She believed that the degree didn’t only mean the angle but also the temperature. As per the Newtonian scale, the boiling point of water occurs at 33 degrees, and thus they decided to boil the pyramid puzzle.

On a heated capstone of the pyramid, Robert read the words “Eight Franklin Square.” He first surmised that the ancient wisdom was hidden in the Almas Temple, located at Eight Franklin Square. However, it was a trap to capture Mal’akh and trick the CIA.

On further scrutiny, Robert found a hidden grid on the bottom of the pyramid. It looked like a blend of masonic, astrological, and alchemical symbols. Robert told Peter and Katherine that it was an eight-by-eight grid, also known as the “Eight Franklin Square,” created by Ben Franklin.

Robert arranged the symbols as per Franklin’s Square and drew a pictorial map filled with symbols. He tried to decode or find the meaning of most of the known symbols, but some were missing. Peter concluded that these symbols could also have a different meaning. Like Heredom, a holy house was a code name for the house of the temple.

Eight Franklin Square

With the help of Sato, Robert and his group tricked the CIA. They believed that the CIA had captured Mal’akh, but as always, the man was one step ahead. He sent his dupe to the Almas Temple.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 9: Ending

Robert, Katherine, and Peter arrived at the house of the temple modeled on the great tomb of King Mausolus at Halicarnassus. They entered the temple room, where the 33rd degree Masons held their most sacred rituals. The temple room looked like the inside of a pyramid, and Robert used his pictorial map to decipher the missing symbols.

Peter found a sword on the map that symbolized the sacred Tyler sword hidden behind the throne. Katherine observed a mason’s square and an ouroboros on the handle. Robert deduced that the mason’s square represented an “L,” which gave them two words, “Laus Deo,” which means “Praise the Lord” in English. He finished the map and concluded the final location. As per the map, there was a hidden staircase under a pyramid inside an Egyptian obelisk rising 555 feet above the city.

However, before they could visit the location, a security guard arrived there. Peter went out to deal with him.

Meanwhile, Robert informed Katherine that the phrase “Laus Deo” is engraved on the pyramidion atop the Washington Monument. It was no surprise to him that the Freemasons buried the ancient knowledge under the monument of George Washington, the father of Freemasonry in America. Robert was excited to unravel the mystery. When Peter didn’t return for a long time, Robert went out to find him. As soon as he came out, Mal’akh grabbed his neck, and he fainted. In the end, Mal’akh came face-to-face with his sister in the temple room.

In Conclusion

“The Lost Symbol” Episode 9 leaves behind a lot of unanswered questions. Throughout the episode, Mal’akh has been experimenting with Cymatics. He uses the sound of the dagger touched by the heavens to create a deadly frequency. In the latter part of the episode, he transfers the frequency of creation as written in the Vedic Brahmanas to the Cascade device.

Is he planning to re-create the humans into his own image? And will he kill Katherine too, just like he killed his mother? The last episode of ‘The Lost Symbol’ Season 1 will probably fill the missing gaps.

The Lost Symbol is a thriller television series based on Dan Brown’s novel.

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