‘The Lost Symbol’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Is Ancient Wisdom Real? Is Mal’akh Dead?


The laws of nature are not complex. You only get what you are ready to sacrifice for. If you need fruit, you need to labor and raise a tree. The old masters understood this fact and designed their lives accordingly. This wisdom brought them closer to God, or nature (as it symbolizes God in many religions). However, modern man will never be ready for a barter bargain. He or she is here to exploit. Our sins not only distance us from ourselves but also from nature or God. The metaphorical end of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Season 1 lays down a similar fact. If there is any ancient wisdom, it is inside of us. We need to be closer to ourselves and nature to open the portal of ancient wisdom hidden inside us. But are we ready to make that sacrifice?

In “The Lost Symbol” Episode 9, the mysterious seeker, Mal’akh, abducted Katherine from the House of the Temple while the CIA captured Peter Solomon. Mal’akh demanded Peter in return for Katherine, and Robert Langdon had to finish the bargain. Robert knew that Mal’akh needed Peter’s life for the last ritual. But would Robert sacrifice his mentor, Peter, to save his love, Katherine? Let’s find out.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 10 Recap

At the end of Episode 9, Mal’akh attacked Robert and kidnapped Katherine. When Robert woke up in Episode 10, he found a message left by Mal’akh on his arm. Mal’akh demanded Peter in exchange for Katherine.

The CIA chief, Ellison Blake, took Peter to an isolated facility and interrogated him about the portal’s location. When Peter refused to answer, he brought Mal’akh’s guru, or master, Samyaza, into the cell. Samyaza used the power of resonance to dig out secrets buried inside Peter’s memories. He tricked Peter’s mind into revealing the location of the ancient wisdom that Samyaza believed could bring back creatures to life. However, the whole memory was influenced by the myths and stories Samyaza heard about Peter and ancient wisdom in the dark of Ag Gecidi. Probably, none of it was true.

In a diner, Inoue Sato informed Robert that Blake had captured Peter. To rescue Peter, Sato and Robert stole gas grenades from Knopp’s house. Robert told Peter that to save Katherine; he needed to hand over Peter to Mal’akh.

Peter agreed to sacrifice himself to save his daughter, and together, they headed towards the location of an ancient portal hidden beneath George Washington’s monument. Meanwhile, Nunez revealed Mal’akh’s plan to cause a resonance catastrophe.

A Resonance Catastrophe

In Episode 8, Mal’akh stole a long-range acoustic technology called Cascade, developed by the Leviathan group. In Episode 10, Nunez approached Cascade inventor William Osterman. He told Nunez that Mal’akh had three Cascade devices which he had triangulated towards one spot. Nunez had already witnessed Cascade’s power in Episode 9 and thus concluded that Mal’akh planned a catastrophe triggered by sound or resonance. He wanted to bring down the monument of George Washington. But why?

Samyaza found out the location of the ancient portal from Peter and reached the tunnels under the memorial foundation. He confronted his disciple, Mal’akh, and told him that their original plan was to take back stolen wisdom to its original land. And they should stick to it. Mal’akh revealed that he needed the wisdom all for himself. He stole Cascade to play the frequency of creation written in the Vedic Brahmanas. Those vibrations would reveal the lost symbol at the portal and help him infuse the wisdom inside his body.

Samyaza detested Mal’akh’s greed and attacked him, but Mal’akh overpowered his previous master. He took Katherine to a basement under the foundation and set up the three Cascade devices.

Katherine told Mal’akh that the power of resonance isn’t completely understandable by humankind. But Mal’akh proved to her that he had already mastered it. Samyaza taught Mal’akh to use the power of resonance, and this power made him feel God-like. Mal’akh believed that all the messengers of God were in tune with these vibrations that helped them unlock their consciousness, which indeed is the source of all knowledge. Mal’akh wanted to learn the hidden wisdom to unlock his consciousness and become a God.

The Final Ritual

The triangular position created a safe zone in the basement. The vibrations coming from the Cascades created a lost symbol called Triquetra in a pond in the basement. The Triquetra symbol, known as the oldest symbol of spirituality, connected Peter and his son Mal’akh to the Holy Spirit, or Wisdom.

Mal’akh revealed that the ancient ways relied on sacrifice. All religious texts, stories, and myths have an element of sacrifice. Finally, he told Peter that he wasn’t the offering, but it was Mal’akh himself. He pulled out the Akedah dagger used by Abraham during the binding of Isaac. Like God instructed Abraham to kill his son, Mal’akh ordered Peter to stab him with an Akedah dagger. The sacrifice would bind his soul with ancient wisdom, and he would be reborn with God-like powers.

However, before Peter could commit a sin, Robert arrived and revealed to Mal’akh that ancient wisdom is nothing but an old King James Bible. He found it buried in the cornerstone, its location encrypted in the puzzle. Robert said that ancient wisdom is a myth, a metaphor, but Mal’akh was blinded by faith. He refused to believe Robert’s rational words because no one would maintain such secrecy over a bible. However, before he could harm anyone else, Katherine stabbed Mal’akh and ended his futile crusade.

The Triquetra symbol

Was Ancient Wisdom Real?

At the end of “The Lost Symbol” season 1, the ancient wisdom turned out to be an old King James Bible. Robert couldn’t believe that everyone risked their lives for a book. However, Peter had a different view on it.

Like Mal’akh, even Peter believed that true wisdom lies inside human consciousness. We all possess the ability to become god-like, but the irony is that we have lost touch with our consciousness. We look for meanings in symbols and idols, but not in ourselves. It could be one way of looking at things. We have become musk deer that pursue the odor out in the woods while it resides in its own caudal glands. In the beginning, even Robert believed the same, but then he became obsessed with the hunt. He thought that his labor should mean something. He forgot that there is no real meaning to anything in the world except what you believe in. And if you really believe in something, then why do you need to prove it?

After Robert grasped the wisdom, he preached a similar fact to his students. He gave an example of the Abrahamic religion, in which God commanded the forefather Abraham to kill his son to prove his faith. Robert concluded that if Abraham had a conversation with God, he already had evidence of God, so why would he need to prove his faith? In the end, Robert opened his drawer and took out an old bible. It seems like Robert took Peter’s advice and started exploring ancient texts to find ancient wisdom encrypted in these texts.

‘The Lost Symbol’ Season 2 Expectations

Robert redeemed his relationship with Katherine and promised to take it forward slowly. If season 2 happens, the two lovers will carry on their romantic adventures while hunting for treasures and symbols.

Six months after the incidents of Lost Symbol, Sato visited Robert at Harvard. After the CIA, Sato started working for a private spy agency called Global Reach. She wanted Robert’s help to catch criminals linked with bombings in Europe. Sato showed a symbol (not shown to the viewers) to Robert. The image quickly captivated Robert’s attention.

If young Robert decides to help Sato, the second season of The Lost Symbol will probably arrive for the fans.

The Lost Symbol Season 2 Expectations

The Lost Symbol is a thriller television series based on Dan Brown’s novel.

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