‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 4: Recap and Ending, Explained – What Happened To Danny & Newton?


In “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” Episode 4, Faraday’s revelation of his fusion artifact takes the tech companies of the world by storm. Justin Falls dreams of his dead husband. Meanwhile, Spencer Clay discovers more about Thomas Newton. Justin, Faraday, and Hatch sign a deal with OriGen. Faraday feels human.

The Truth Is In the Open

“The Man Who Fell to Earth,” Episode 4 opens with a dream sequence where we see Justin Falls playing the piano with his husband, Danny. Both are smiling at each other and having a moment when all of a sudden, Danny starts coughing up blood and vomiting teeth. Justin wakes up in horror, and we find her in a hotel room. She calls her dad, Josiah, and tells him about the dream. This conversation also reveals that Justin’s daughter, Molly, doesn’t know what happened to her dad and that “she has no idea who she is.” While having the conversation, the news on the telly shows a leaked cell phone video focusing on Faraday as he is getting into a taxi along with Justin and Hatch outside OriGen. Freaked out, Justin hangs up the call.

Next, we see an irked Faraday complaining to Justin and Hatch about why there is no information about Thomas Newton on the internet at all. He is adamant and questions them about what “on earth” could have led to Newton’s collapse. They decide to meet Hatch’s sister Edith, aka Edie Flood, at their home to find out more about Newton’s 10th patent.

Justin, Faraday, and Hatch sit with Edith, her son Clive, along with Wyant, Edith’s advisor (whom we’ve already met), and Professor Woads, of the Physics department, Imperial College, to discuss the matter at hand, i.e., quantum fusion. Hatch proposes a joint-venture partnership with OriGen, his sister being the CEO, which would give them a huge boost in their business. Edith isn’t satisfied with the proposal at all and questions Faraday’s identity. This is when Faraday questions her back about Thomas Newton, despite Hatch telling him earlier to not do so as it could jeopardize their whole plan to get their hands on the patent. Edith is keen about why Faraday wants to know about Newton, but before she could ask anything else, her son Clive intervenes. He tells Faraday that he has Newton’s music. Faraday is interested in finding out more about the music and wants Clive to take him to it. But before leaving, Edith takes her son aside and tells him to get more info out of Faraday.

Meanwhile, Justin’s mind keeps on wondering about her husband’s death while discussing quantum fusion, and she ends up leaving the table and going outside. When Hatch follows her and asks her if she is alright, she says that she cannot do what she is doing, i.e., she cannot go ahead with their whole quantum fusion plan. After saying this, she asks Hatch for Faraday and goes in the direction of Newton’s study.

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Newton’s Lover

Back at Langley, Spencer Clay, too, sees the viral video of Faraday whose name Spencer doesn’t know yet, but that he is connected to Thomas Newton. This is when his new assistant, Lisa (Lisa Elizabeth Dominguez), informs him that the power surge in London (that resulted from Faraday’s quantum fusion artifact at the end of Episode 3) comes from a technology that’s not present anywhere in our solar system. She also reveals that there is a woman mentioned in the CIA Icarus file, by the name of Mary Lou Prescott. She seemed to be Newton’s ladylove. She is still alive and runs a rehab near Brighton, England. Realizing that he is now a lot closer to his objective, Spencer decides to visit Mary.

Spencer arrives at the rehab and meets Mary. Apparently, she had been waiting for a sign from Newton, and it seemed that Spencer was the sign, the sign of her penance for having deliberately made Newton fall in love with her despite knowing that he already had a wife waiting for him somewhere on another planet. This is when Spencer uses the word “they” to denote Newton, which makes Mary realize that there is “another one” like Newton. She is shaken and tells Spencer to protect him at all costs, or he will go insane just like Newton, something she doesn’t want at all.

Back in his car, Spencer talks to Lisa, who tells him that Hatch Flood, Justin Falls, and the third person from the video, K. Faraday, are in England. She also reveals that there is also a DOE (Department of Energy) file on Justin and that Edward Flood, former CEO of OriGen, had an arrangement with the CIA that dates back to 1978, the year of Newton’s disappearance. She continues to tell him “more” as he drives to the Flood manor.

A Message Called Music 

Clive takes Faraday to his grandfather’s (Edward Flood) study, where Newton’s music is kept. Intending to acquire information, Clive takes some meth (an addict that he is) and blows it into his face. This takes a toll on Faraday’s body, and he is unable to get a hold of his senses. However, he somehow manages to play Newton’s music, which was basically a sphere, after taking it forcefully out of Clive’s pocket and placing it over an object that is Newton’s music player.

The music is a message from Newton to his wife that carries his pain of not being able to remember her, of losing his mind, and the pain he is going through. A small portion of the message was seemingly addressed to Faraday as well, where Newton tells Faraday to let his wife know that he loves her a lot. For Faraday, all that he feels is new. He cannot comprehend the pain, or the feeling of loss, or even the tears in his eyes.

Faraday breaks out of Newton’s glass study, scaring Clive and making him run away. Justin observes this event but has no idea what’s going on. It is when Faraday tells her that he is unable to “align” what he is undergoing that Justin tells him that what he is undergoing is “us.” In other words, he is experiencing his feelings for the first time. In desperation, Faraday asks Justin for her help to finish his mission so that he can rid himself of whatever he is going through. A saddened Justin agrees.

Some Clay for Flood

Inside the Flood Manor, Edith and Hatch talk to each other about a painting that has both of them in it. This is when their father, Edward Flood, comes up as a topic, and Hatch ends up talking about his father’s patents. And Edith realizes that everything that Hatch has been saying all along, with his two friends, is only to get his hands on their father’s patents. And she immediately negates any kind of deal and walks out of the room escorted by Wyant. She apparently has a guest waiting to see her.

Edith Flood meets Spencer Clay, who tells her that her father was “installed” by the CIA as the head of OriGen, a new version of Thomas Newton’s World Enterprises. He clearly states that the 10 Newton patents leveraged by Edith belong to the Cia. And he almost warns her to not stand in his way of acquiring what Faraday can build from one of Newton’s patented technologies that, in turn, can lead him to “someone I want” (Newton). He wants Edith to close the deal she canceled a few minutes ago.

‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Did Justin Kill his Husband? Is Newton Dead?

Everyone is back at the table, along with Spencer, who is introduced as one of OriGen’s consultants. Edith is ready to sign the deal but pulls up Justin’s DOE file, thanks to Spencer, which reveals how a man named Daniel Holland (AKA Danny, Justin’s husband) was subjected to radiation as a part of her fusion experiments that eventually killed him. And thus, she can not be there as a part of OriGen. Faraday asks her about the kind of radiation that killed Danny, and she reveals that it was a neutron. This ascertains the fact that she did achieve fusion, even if for one second, thereby proving that Faraday was right all along and that she was the key to his mission. Faraday thus openly declares that if Justin is made to leave, he too shall leave. Edith and her advisors have no choice but to agree to Faraday because he is necessary for the deal. “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” Episode 4 ends with Faraday and Justin talking about her husband and her daughter. Faraday tells her that on their journey, neither of them can “go forward alone.”

What remains to be seen is how Faraday is able to get his hands on Newton’s patent and create self-sustaining quantum fusion. And even if he does, it will not be easy to use it for his objective of returning to Anthea, given that Spencer and the CIA are hell-bent on acquiring it. Moreover, we still have no idea whether Newton is alive or not. Although the latter seems more likely, we do not know for sure. Be that as it may, it seems that “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” Episode 5 will finally bring us face-to-face with Newton’s 10th patent.

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