‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Are Justin & Faraday Able To Escape The CIA?


At the end of “The Man Who Fell To Earth” Episode 7, we saw Faraday tell Justin Falls that Thomas Newton wants to bring the Antheans to Earth. “The Man Who Fell To Earth” Episode 8 adds pace to the plot with Justin and Faraday trying to escape from Spencer, who now has full authority over the mission. On the other hand, Hatch is approached by Mr. Khan, Pressman Thorn’s personal secretary, who makes him an unusual offer.

For the Sake of No Evidence

Justin is freaked out because once the CIA deciphers the tone that Newton has been secretly sending to Anthea, they will come for the machine. And once they have the machine, they will kill Faraday and, in all probability, Justin too. Realizing that Molly’s life is in danger as well, she sends Molly and Portia away. Spencer is on his way to OriGen with his force.

Faraday and Josiah arrive at the warehouse and begin destroying all their work. Faraday takes out the quantum fusion core and gives it to Josiah, telling him and Justin to leave, with the promise of finding them again. Faraday will remain in the warehouse and try to stall the CIA. Spencer and his team enter the warehouse and find Faraday all by himself. Unbeknownst to them, the room was already filled with inflammable gas. But knowing Spencer will not stop till he finds Justin, Faraday inflames the whole warehouse, but not before receiving a bullet. The explosion doesn’t kill anyone but brings them to the ground, giving Justin and Josiah more time to escape. But Justin, who has made it quite far, changes her mind and turns the car around, unwilling to leave Faraday. A barely conscious Spencer watches as Josiah carries away an unconscious and badly hurt Faraday in his arms.

Edie and Hatch arrive at the warehouse, but before she can point a finger at Spencer, he opens up about Hatch to her. He tells him how Hatch tried to sell Newton’s patents behind her back and kept her in the dark about it for years. Spencer also warns them to not go after Justin and Faraday, or he will have them arrested. Edie and Hatch are escorted out.

Time for Faith

Justin is driving, with Josiah and Faraday in the backseat of a car that Josiah just stole from a parking lot as Justin’s car can be traced. Faraday tells Justin that there is only one person they can go to, i.e., the person who loved Newton. She stops at a gas station and makes the call using a payphone.  Meanwhile, back in the car, Faraday tells Josiah to get the core to Newton anyhow. It is nighttime when they arrive at Mary Lou Prescott’s rehab center. The female doctor there says that Faraday is already septic from the wound, and it doesn’t look good. Although she manages to pull the bullet out, she tells Justin that Faraday is “on the downside.” In other words, things aren’t looking good for him. Mary asks all to have faith.

Back in the city, Hatch and Edie have a conversation about their father. Edie always believed that their father, Edward, was ashamed of her to the point that he wanted her to not exist. Hatch tries to convince Edie about how wrong their father was all his life, but Edie is not in the mood to listen to him at all. Hatch has been lying to her for a very long time. Hatch admits that he was obsessed, but only because he knew that the patents were of designs from outer space. But it doesn’t mean that he didn’t love Edie. But Edie makes it clear that she hates Hatch more than she ever hated their father.

In the Wind of Change

Spencer is trying to trace Justin’s car, but they find out that it was abandoned at a gas station. He yells at Tim, the tech guy, for being unable to trace them. Lisa is no longer in the mood to take his attitude, and after finding out that MI5 and the CIA have been coordinating calls, she hits back at him. They both know that Spencer doesn’t have much time left before the MI5 and CIA arrive, and their first point of contact will be Lisa. She uses this as leverage and intends to make the whole mission work without being a puppet at the hands of Spencer. If Spencer wants to not be arrested, he will have to work with Lisa as “partners.”

Portia, who is at a hotel with Molly, gets a call from Justin. Justin wants to talk to Molly. As Justin tries to hold back tears, she tells Molly that she has to be strong. But Molly is sad because her mother was supposed to “pick me” and not someone else. Justin tells her that she loves her “more than everything,” but Molly replies that she doesn’t believe her anymore. Saying this, she runs into her room, leaving the phone with Portia. Tears rolled down Justin’s eyes.

Hatch is approached by Mr. Khan, Pressman Thorn’s personal secretary. It seems that Thorn wants to buy Hatch’s shares of OriGen. And he has offered Hatch $15 million for it. Hatch is taken aback as OriGen has nothing of any value. So the controlling interest Thorn will be buying is “of nothing.” However, realizing how desperate Thorn must be to offer so much money for nothing, Hatch ups his rate to $60 million. But he wants the money to be wired to his sister, Edie.

The Queen Bee is Dying

Realizing that Faraday is dying, Josiah, who is also turning into an Anthean in a whole new way, mentions how a transfusion will save him. And only Josiah’s blood can be used. However, it can also lead to his death, which is why Justin is totally against it. But Josiah is adamant and tells his daughter how every step of theirs in this unimaginable journey has led to this very moment. “You must let me go.”

Spencer, Lisa, and their team are at Justin’s London apartment searching for clues. Lisa receives a phone call and goes out to receive it. She is reporting to an unknown person on the other end of the line. Lisa tells the person that they have to find Justin and Faraday before Clay does. At the rehab, Mary tells Justin about Newton. Justin reveals that someone will follow them to rehab. In fact, they might be on the way. When Mary asks who’s coming, Justin tells her the name “Clay.” Mary knows him.

Meanwhile, at Justin’s apartment, Tim is able to locate the place from where Josiah stole the car. He also traces the call she made to a rehab clinic, Mount Rive Priory. Spencer realizes that this is the very place where he went and met Mary Lou Prescott.

‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 8 Ending Explained – Does Faraday Die? What happens to Josiah and Justin? 

The doctor is about to begin the transfusion process for Faraday at the rehab. Faraday is in one bed, and Josiah is supposed to lie down on the one beside it. But before he does, Justin requests everybody to give her and her father a moment. She has what seems to be her last dance with her father. Josiah then straightens himself on the bed. Justin then goes to Faraday and kisses him on the cheek. She then asks the women to come back in. The transfusion begins.

Spencer is on the way to the rehab and contacts his personal team of two agents. Lisa, too, receives instructions from Spencer but takes out her official sim and replaces it with another one so that Spencer can not contact her anymore. She then calls the same person she spoke to earlier and informs him or her that Spencer has found Justin and Faraday. Spencer meets his team, and they arrive at Mount Rive Priory.

What follows is a gunfight between Spencer and his team, and the women as they try to keep the men at bay for as long as possible and make time for the transfusion to finish. Unfortunately, Spencer and his men make their way into the room. Spencer shoots Mary. One of the men knocks Justin unconscious, and they put her, Faraday, as well as the core in the car and drive away. Josiah is left all by himself on the table, and we see a fatally wounded Mary drag herself to him. She holds her hand, and miraculously, Josiah regains consciousness. Mary Lou’s soul leaves her body as blood oozes out of it, taking the shape of wings and making her look like an angel.

Spencer has the core, as well as Faraday and Justin. We have no idea what he will do with them. But with all the work gone, he will probably need them both to figure out how the core works. We are also yet to find out about the mysterious person Lisa was talking to. Josiah is back in form, so he can reach out to Hatch and tell him about all that has happened. With Pressman Thorn now in the Floods’ pocket, Hatch might just be able to prevent Spencer from doing anything desperate.

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