‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Spencer Clay Kill Faraday?


At the end of “The Man Who Fell To Earth” Episode 8, we see Clay abduct Justin Falls and Faraday from Mount Rive Priory. Episode 9 shows Clay interrogating Faraday and Justin. It also explores the relationship that Edward Flood shared with his daughter, Edie Flood, and a brutal truth surfaces.

The Flood Management

In a flashback sequence happening 10 years ago, we see Edward Flood having breakfast with Edie and Hatch. Edie’s son, Clive, is playing outside. Bored, Hatch excuses himself and goes out to play with Clive. Edward tells Edie that they have a lot of work to do before he dies, including deciding upon her future. This makes Edie think that her father will make her the next head of OriGen.

In the present time, Drew Finch arrives at the Flood manor on behalf of the CIA to meet Edie. Finch’s visit not only means that the CIA badly needs OriGen, but it is also proof that Finch intends to have Clay “in a deep dark hole” as revenge for what he did to her. With OriGen being the CIA’s partner and not a “paid intern” as per Drew, Edie proposes that she wants the world to think that OriGen, under her command, is the sole proprietor of quantum fusion. Meanwhile, Hatch’s clearance will remain revoked. Drew agrees.

The Threat and the Threatened

Portia, who is at a hotel with Justin’s daughter Molly, is woken up from sleep in the middle of the night by the sound of a car arriving in front of the hotel. Realizing that something is wrong, she wakes Molly up, and they rush to their car. But just when they are about to leave, they get surrounded by agents in black suits.

Clay and Lisa are going to the place where Justin and Faraday are held. While in the car, Lisa tells Clay that she hasn’t found the algorithm that will ignite the core of the quantum fusion reactor. And without it, the machine can’t be turned on. Moreover, there is also no way to decipher the message they acquired from the Colombian cave. The only way to find out is to interrogate Faraday and Justin.

Clay and Lisa arrive at an isolated warehouse where we see Faraday and Justin seated in chairs with their hands tied. Terry and Aaron, the two guys, working for Clay, are also there. Clay plays the message from the cave and asks Faraday about it. Faraday reveals that it is an instruction for the Antheans to prepare to come to Earth. Clay and Lisa are freaked out of their minds. Clay tells Lisa to take Justin to another room and try to recover the algorithm from her while he deals with Faraday. The interrogation begins. Pulling out a tooth, cigarette burns, wet cloth over the face; nothing seems to be working for Faraday. Meanwhile, Lisa, too, hasn’t been able to get anything out of Justin other than the fact that Faraday believed that he was going to return to Anthea until he heard Newton’s message. Faraday, on the other hand, reveals that he knows about everything Clay “ever loved.” Clay then brings in an X-ray machine, as it was x-rays that affected Faraday at the airport a few days after he had arrived on Earth. Clay and Lisa stand and watch as Faraday screams in pain as the X-rays hit him.

Meanwhile, at the Flood manor, Edie is with one of her ailing horses, thinking about the moment when she and her father were walking by a cliff (10 years ago). Flood told her what he expected of her and how she turned out to be the total opposite. “You’re not somebody with a vision… they will roll over you…I don’t want that to be my legacy.” She is brought back to reality by Clive, who approaches her and asks about her uncle Hatch. She clearly states that Hatch left them exposed, and so he had to be put out. Clive then asks about his grandfather, Edie’s father. For some reason, this enrages her, so she goes inside, brings out a gun, shoots the horse, and kills her. Splashes of blood hit Clive’s face. He stands in shock as his mother yells that there is not one man in the family capable of doing what it takes.

Clay is trying to make the most of the X-ray machine, asking Faraday about Anthea Tech, their time and place of arrival, and more. This is when Watt, Faraday’s subconscious, appears once again in front of him. Watt reminds him of the two families he has, one in Anthea and another here on Earth. And just like him, Clay, too, has two families. Faraday tells this to Clay, who is clearly enraged. He brings over Justin from the other room and threatens to shoot her if Faraday doesn’t give up.

Clive arrives at his uncle Hatch’s home, who is taken aback by Clive’s bloodied face. Clive tells him about the day Edward Flood died. Everybody believes that Edward fell from the cliff. Clive was there when he died. Edward and Edie were walking towards the edge of the cliff when they both stopped. He tells her that he is going to give the company to her brother Hatch, something that Edie isn’t able to process at all. And, in a fit of rage, pushes her father off the cliff. Edward Flood did not die from falling off a cliff. He was killed by his daughter, Edie. Hatch stares at Clive with an expression of disbelief.

One Last Gambit

A ship is what Newton intends to use to bring the Antheans to Earth, a ship that is somewhere on Earth. This is what Faraday tells Clay to protect Justin. Clay realizes that the fusion machine is the engine of the ship. Justin is brought back to the other room by Lisa, who asks her for any intel so that Clay wouldn’t have to kill her or Faraday. But Justin is in no mood to talk to her, who had threatened to kill Molly a few minutes back. She headbutts Lisa hard, and blood starts dripping from Lisa’s nose. Lisa walks off without saying anything else. 

Faraday tells Clay that he will entrust Clay with fusion, but only if he is prepared to die for it. Then Faraday will tell Clay, AKA Ivan Lupybatko, about his real mother, Valentina Lupybatko, but the questions and answers will be based on Russian Roulette. Five questions for Faraday, Five spins for Clay. And if Clay survives, he will get his answer. Faraday gives him a head start by telling him that he has no idea about the ship. Clay spins the revolver. The game of Russian roulette begins-

  • Clay’s First Question: Who has the power in Anthea?
  • Faraday’s Answer: There are drones and adepts. Drones do what adepts tell them to do. Newton is an adept, and he is a drone.
  • Clay pulls the trigger but survives. He spins the barrel and asks the next question: What does Faraday look like? 
  • Faraday’s Answer: Humans are obsessed with skin. They have created cults around it and committed genocide based on it. His skin (dark) was chosen because Justin wouldn’t have trusted him if he looked like Clay.
  • Clay pulls the trigger again and survives. He spins it again and asks the third question. Faraday says that Clay is terrified. Of what?
  • Faraday’s Answer: Terrified of the fifth question, which would prove that he doesn’t know the truth about his real mother.
  • Clay pulls the trigger, and it’s a blank again. He spins it, and in his fourth question, he asks about his mother.
  • Faraday’s Answer: The CIA found Valentina Lupybatko from a Russian gun-running racket. The CIA bombed the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and used it as a tool. Drew Finch ran the whole operation. He doesn’t know if Clay’s father is dead or alive. Finch was also on the original CIA Newton team. It is Newton who is Finch’s asset and not Clay. She sent Clay after Faraday because she knew Clay wouldn’t stop and chase anything that let him see even a specter of his mother. Finch knew Clay loved her, and so “she took away the one and only thing your mother needed to find you.”

In the other room, Terry sits in front of Justin and tells her that if she doesn’t reveal the algorithm, he will burn her eyes out with his cigarette. As he is about to light it, he notices a can of turpentine oil on the ground. Right at that moment, Justin spits a mouthful of oil at him that ignites the spark from the match that he lit and wraps him up in flames. Faraday hears the scream. Lisa and Aaron rush to find out what’s happened. They find Terry on the ground in flames. A gunshot is heard. Lisa has killed Aaron.

Clay asks the fifth question and inquires what it was that Finch took away from him. However, he knows the answer and yells, “She took away my name.” He points the gun at Faraday and is about to pull the trigger when a bullet cuts through his mouth. The shot was fired by Lisa. Justin is standing beside her. Faraday is stupefied. Lisa walks to a fallen Clay and shoots him a second time. Spencer Clay is dead.

‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 9: Ending Explained- Who is Lisa’s Anonymous Source?

While Justin unties Faraday, Lisa calls her an anonymous source. After some time, a convoy arrives at the warehouse, and from one of the cars comes Mr. Henning Khan, Pressman Thorn’s PA. Lisa has been working for them the whole time to keep them updated on the whole matter. Justin is allowed to talk to her daughter and Portia, both of whom are safe in their London home. Josiah is alive too, but his dystonia has come back. Khan tells Justin that her family, as well as Hatch, will be provided with protection. Her family’s expenses will also be looked after by Thorn Oil, forever. Justin and Faraday are then taken to a cave where Pressman Thorn is waiting for them. As both of them walk in, they find many monks sitting and meditating. And from among the monks comes, walking towards them, a man in a suit. It is Thomas Newton.

So it seems that Pressman Thorn is Thomas Newton. This means that Newton has the CIA in his pocket, as we have all come to hear. Hatch has just found out that his sister killed their father. So he will confront Edie about it. The final episode will also probably show Newton’s ship. Or does he have some other plan for quantum fusion?

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