‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who is Watt? Does Faraday Get the Design?


In “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” Episode 5, Faraday begins to give shape to Thomas Newton’s design at OriGen but faces failure. Justin Falls brings her family to London. Hatch receives a threat from Spencer. Something “extraordinary” happens.

Trial and Error

Faraday and Justin Falls are about to begin their work on Newton’s design, but Justin has to go home and bring her family to London. Faraday isn’t happy about this as Justin will be absent for 3 days, which will only delay their work. However, Justin knows that she has to go, and so she uses her “don’t say that to me” spell on Faraday and leaves for Los Alamos.

Naturally, it is Faraday and Hatch who arrive at OriGen to begin their work. Their new assistants are more than happy to be of any assistance, something to which Faraday is genetically indifferent. He wants the original design that Newton made, and his team leads them both to a warehouse. Newton’s design is brought out, and they begin their work. But it is very clear that Faraday is not accustomed to working as a team, and all that he is doing is getting on the nerves of others. Anyhow, they built a Faraday cage, which is needed to prevent any kind of radiation from affecting the fusion. But Faraday reveals that the design doesn’t make sense because none of the diagrammatic pieces fit together. There is no final image upon which to base the design.

While searching for Tritium, the only viable source of power for the fusion, in a small water pit outside the warehouse, Faraday meets a woman named Watt. Interestingly, Watt is a unit of power, and Faraday is a unit of electrical charge. This means that both are in some way connected. Watt tries to convince Faraday that he is the only one capable of doing what is meant to be done. But before Faraday could ask anything, she vanished into a nearby street. 

Even after Justin shifts with her family to their new apartment in London and comes to the warehouse, we find Faraday struggling to make sense of Newton’s design. Besides, he has turned the whole working space into a mess, with almost all the team members running from here to there just following his orders. This is something Justin doesn’t like and brings Faraday to his senses.

The Spying of Spencer

While Faraday, Hatch, and their team start working on Newton’s design, Spencer and his assistant Lisa take refuge in a once-used power station from where they can tap into the feeds and see whatever Faraday is doing. But when the team successfully builds a Faraday cage and turns it on, their feed is blocked.

Meanwhile, Hatch is having a video conference at his OriGen office with a friend who works at the Washington Post. She is taking his interview about his return to OriGen, his family’s company. At one point during the interview, Hatch notices a glitch on his screen that makes him realize that their conversation is being recorded. He rushes to confront his sister Edith at her office, because clearly it is her who is doing it, only to find Spencer sitting there already. He mentions just how careless Hatch has been by aiding an alien in its plan. He intends to capture Newton when he shows up, and Faraday, but warns Hatch to not reveal this intention of his to Justin. Clearly, Spencer is the one who is going to pull the strings from now on.

Watt is the Manual

Back at Justin’s apartment, Faraday sits down with Molly to play. He sees her building objects out of legos, but she isn’t following the manual provided. He ends up calling it a foolish act that makes little Molly run to her room. Both Josiah and Justin get really annoyed at his behavior, and Justin tells him to leave. After he leaves, Josiah shows Justin her research notes that he has brought over from their Los Alamos home in case it helps her present work. Meanwhile, Faraday walks back to the OriGen warehouse, where he comes across Watt again. While Justin goes through her papers, Faraday learns from Watt.

Watt tells him that there was a moment when Anthea and Earth barely missed colliding with each other. In other words, they “kissed.” During the kiss, two things happened. One, the Earth absorbed some of Anthea, which gave it its disproportionately big core. Two, Anthea got some of the Earth. And when some Antheans absorbed and unleashed this Earth portion, a new class was born, i.e., the adepts. Faraday belongs to the other class, i.e., the drones. And just like Newton, it is up to Faraday too to unleash his inner human to see the bigger picture, and become an adept, one that will help him give form to his design.

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Faraday Create The Design?

Watt and Faraday arrive at the warehouse. Once there, Watt tries to force Faraday into accessing his “inner human.” She wreaks havoc, tearing the wires off the plugs, unplugging the Faraday cage in the process, and they have a fight. And it is during one such moment that Faraday looks at his face in the mirror and sees it bleed. And surprisingly, the cuts on his face and those on Watt’s face are the same. He then realizes that Watt isn’t real. It was him all along trying to make sense of his human self, and in doing so, he finally made sense of the design. Positioning the screens of his equations, each with its own shape, one after another, he observes how the shapes fall into place and turn into the design that he had thought to be nonsensical all this while. The design is complete.

After Watt, AKA Faraday, wrecked the wiring of the Faraday cage, the feed transmission to the power station resumed. And this whole incident was observed by Lisa. Spencer walks in and Lisa informs him about it. Meanwhile, Faraday goes to Justin’s apartment and tells her about it. Justin shows him her research for an alternative and more stable power source, i.e., Hydrogen Boron instead of Tritium. However, it will take Faraday to simplify her equations, and this is what Justin thinks is the reason Faraday was sent to Earth. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Episode 5 ends with Faraday apologizing to Molly, his “Pupa,” and putting the last piece on her newly made Ferris wheel of legos, handed to him by Molly.

Molly giving Faraday the last piece of the Lego is symbolic of Justin handing Faraday the final piece (the fuel alternative) to the design that will, in all probability, make way for them to finally create self-sustaining quantum fusion. Episode 6 of “The Man Who Fell to Earth” will take forward their work. However, with Spencer around, it waits to be seen whether they are able to complete their work or if the CIA interferes. This will then lead to further chaos.

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