‘The Man With My Husband’s Face’ Ending, Explained: Who Is Jacob Vance? Does Katrina Find The Truth?


There is something to be said about listening to your instincts over your emotions. It’s better to rip the bandage off than to dwell on what could be or what we want. It would save lives, quite literally. That is what happens to our protagonist, Katrina, in The Man with My Husband’s Face. Katrina believes that the person in front of her is not Katrina’s husband. But the number of ways in which that comes true is quite the shocker. TV movies, with their simplistic approach to famous mystery plots, are growing on us. Here is a detailed recap and ending of the Lifetime film.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Katrina Think The Man Is Not Heath?

Katrina has not been happy in her marriage for a while. The film really doesn’t give us an explanation as to why, except that it is just so. She has drawn out her divorce papers and is writing her will, but she still loves her husband, which makes it difficult for her to finish the legal process. One particular day, in an attempt to work on her marriage, Katrina asks her husband, Heath, to go kayaking with her. But when they get there, Heath is in a hurry because of his work commitments. A disappointed Katrina has a fight with him, and he goes missing after that. A few weeks pass, and Katrina is desperately looking for him. She believes that she has seen him a few times, but the police inspector in charge of the case, Brand, dismisses it as a delusion. However, Heath is found soon enough and admitted to the hospital, and Katrina brings him back home.

Since Heath is back, he feels like a different person. He apologizes to Katrina for his brusqueness; he is more attentive to her, and it is almost as if he likes being there for her, contrary to what Katrina had been feeling about him before his disappearance. There are a few anomalies, of course. Heath seems to think that Katrina looked beautiful on their first date when, in fact, she had dental surgery right before she met him. She must not have wanted to meet him if she agreed to go on a date in that state, not putting her best foot forward. Also, isn’t it difficult to talk right after getting work done on your teeth? How did the date even succeed? But the more important thing is that Heath seems to be a little short-tempered lately, not with Katrina but with other things. He doesn’t remember his own password and is just a little off in general. Katrina notices it all and says as much to Brand, but he tells her that it could be the aftereffects of the ordeal they have gone through. Another problem presents itself when Katrina meets a woman named Prisca, who claims that the man in Katrina’s house is not her husband. She asks her to check for tattoos on his ankle, and true to her words, Katrina sees that. She further confirms it by serving breakfast with cilantro to Heath, and he enjoys it a little too much for someone that Katrina knows hates the ingredient. This confirms for her that everything Priscal is saying is true.

When she meets Prisca again, she discovers that the woman is a psychiatrist, and the man pretending to be her husband, Jacob Vance, is her patient. He is the twin brother of Heath, who was adopted into a different house, and ever since he discovered this, he has wanted to claim everything that belongs to his twin. Upon knowing this, Katrina wants to go to the police immediately, but Prisca convinces her that they can’t do that since they don’t have proof that the man is not Heath but Jacob. That was a very stupid thing to say, and we don’t think Katrina tmust be very intelligent if she was convinced by that. Either way, she gets a clue one day when she goes through Jacob’s pockets and finds a key. Prisca and her friends deduce that the key leads to a storage unit, and when they get there, they find the dead body of Heath.

‘The Man with My Husband’s Face’ Ending Explained – Does Katrina Find The Truth?

A devastated Katrina comes back with the police, but to her utter shock, the body is not there anymore. Since they are unable to contact Prisca, Katrina believes that she might be in danger, and they rush to her house. But to her horror, Prisca claims that she doesn’t know Katrina and that her real name is Ivy. Looking at Katrina’s state, she is taken to the station, where they find that even Heath doesn’t have the tattoo that she claims is on his ankle. They are looking to admit her to the psychiatric ward, and Heath asks the inspector when he can get her conservatorship, but that is the part that alerts Brand, considering how quickly he has asked that.

Either way, Katrina escapes from the station and goes back home, where she finds Heath and Ivy sharing a glass of wine and kissing each other. She understands that she has been taken on a wild goose chase. Before she can escape and call the authorities, she is caught by the man. It turns out that there was no Jacob Vance. It was all a lie to prove Katrina insane so that Heath could get hold of her properties. These properties were nothing but Katrina’s stocks in her company, which was about to go public and make her a millionaire. Heath says that more than the money, he was tempted to get rid of his wife. Luckily, Katrina escapes, and Heath accidentally stabs Ivy in an attempt to catch her. This time, when the police arrive, Katrina has proof of everything she is saying. Ivy is going to testify against Heath, and even he will be talking once he recovers. At the end of The Man with My Husband’s Face, Katrina is a rich author who has gotten her book published and is on her way to writing her next one based on her experiences.

Final Thoughts

The Man with My Husband’s Face is decent. That is all there is to it, and it is enough. We just wish that the suspense had been a tad bit longer, but we suppose this is the best we will get in 100 minutes. However, the film has left us with a strong desire to watch The Invisible Man, a movie about how easy it is to disbelieve women and call them crazy for their truths. That is a more horrifying take on this story.

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