‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Bo-Katan’s New Mission?


Last week’s episode of “The Mandalorian” Season 3 centered around a rescue operation as Paz Vizsla’s son, Ragnar, was abducted by an airborne monster so that he could be fed to her children. Except for the Armorer and Grogu, everyone in the Mandalorian covert headed to the nest and launched a brilliantly choreographed attack. Ragnar was found in one piece, but the overall mission was bittersweet because, on the one hand, it allowed Paz and Din to bury the hatchet. However, on the other hand, it showed that the Mandalorians were the invasive species on this planet, while the monster was only trying to keep her children fed. Anyway, the Mandalorians did take the monster-lings back to their cave for training purposes. So, maybe that was a good thing? As for Grogu, we got an extensive backstory for him and how the Jedi Kelleran Beq helped him escape during the night of Order 66 from Coruscant. And, during the concluding moments of the episode, it was pretty much confirmed that Bo-Katan was aspiring to lead the Mandalorians back to their glory days.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Greef Karga Needs Help To Fight Pirate King Gorian Shard

In the first episode of “The Mandalorian” Season 3, Pirate King Gorian Shard and his minions arrived on Nevarro to bully Greef Karga. Since Din Djarin was there with him, neither Shard nor his minions were able to get the upper hand. But with Din gone, Shard sees the opportunity to invade Nevarro, and he takes it. Before fleeing to the lava flatlands with his fellow citizens, Greef sends out a distress signal to Captain Carson Teva. Due to the protocols of the New Republic, Teva is unable to form a squadron on his own and go to Nevarro to help Greef instantly. He needs to file a request, and only when it’s approved can he make a move. However, due to the slow pace of Coruscant’s government offices, Teva has to go there in person and meet with a Colonel (played by the great Tim Meadows) to get the authorization to deal with Shard. Surprisingly, that’s where Elia Kane steps in to remind the Colonel that Nevarro hasn’t signed the treaty called “The Charter,” thereby not giving it the status of “member planet.”

So, as per the rules of the New Republic, if a celestial body is a member planet, then it’ll receive help ASAP. If it isn’t, then it won’t be prioritized, no matter how dire their situation is. Teva calls out the underlying fascist vibes that the New Republic is emanating and that are only being amplified by the so-called reformed officers of the Empire, like Kane. Even when Teva warns the Colonel that there’s something evil being formulated because Moff Gideon never reached the trial he was supposed to go to for his crimes against humanity, the Colonel doesn’t budge, especially since Kane puts up a thick-headed defense against the Republic’s protocols. Teva realizes that the New Republic has become a new version of the Empire, and hence tracks Din’s R5 and requests the Mandalorians go to Nevarro and help Greef Karga. Given how Greef was anti-Mandalorian, Din gives a massive speech to convince everyone to join his cause. Paz remembers how Din and Bo saved his son and stands beside Din. Hence, all the Mandalorians agree to go to Nevarro.

The Mandalorians Defeat Pirate King Gorian Shard and Save Nevarro

While traveling through hyperspace, Bo-Katan reminds the Mandalorians that there was a time when they lived in the sewers of Nevarro, hiding from everyone because they were so reviled. But after all this time, they have been called upon to liberate the planet, which is neither under the protection of the Empire nor under the jurisdiction of the New Republic, thereby making it a prime spot for settlers. By the time the Mandalorians get to Nevarro, though, we see that Shard and his minions have turned Nevarro into a hellscape by destroying everything in their sight. But, weirdly enough, Shard doesn’t land his ship right away. I think he was waiting for his minions to clear the town for landing or for Greef to announce his surrender. However, that ends up being his downfall as Din takes his N-1 and attacks Shard’s ship from every angle. While Shard and his minions become busy with Din, Bo-Katan takes The Gauntlet (that’s the name of her ship) and deploys the Mandalorians so that they can take care of the terrorists on the ground.

Paz Vizsla and the Armorer lead a full-on assault on Shard’s ground team, while Din and Bo toy around with those in the air. Vane keeps talking a lot of smack about taking down Din once and for all. But as soon as he realizes that Shard’s ground team has been defeated and Shard’s ship is down to its last engine, he bails out of there because, at the end of the day, he is a coward with no sense of allegiance. Instead of getting out of Nevarro, Shard decides to launch one final attack on Greef and his people because he can’t fathom the fact that he has been defeated despite initially having the upper hand. Din and Bo, like the professionals they are, shoot at Shard’s ship’s final engine and send it hurtling to the ground. It explodes right behind the town, thereby creating a beautiful and fiery image. In order to thank the Mandalorians for helping the people of Nevarro breathe freely again, Greef allocates all the land from the western lava flats to Bulloch Canyon to them. The Mandalorians accept this gesture because the planet they were previously living on was littered with monsters.

Season 3, Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Is The Armorer’s Assignment For Bo-Katan?

During the concluding moments, the Armorer calls Bo-Katan Kryze to the forge underneath Nevarro to talk about the future of the Mandalorians. She says that, even though the existence of the Mythosaur is, no extra points for guessing, a myth, Bo-Katan claims that she has seen it. So, that means the rise of the Mandalorians is inevitable. But the Armorer thinks that they need someone who has walked in both worlds. Now, this is a bit confusing, so I am guessing that she’s trying to say that Bo-Katan is a royal, someone who didn’t use to follow the Creed but is now following it. That’s why she is the perfect candidate to unite any Mandalorian who falls under any of those categories. Everyone else in the covert is very strict about following their religion. Therefore, if they have to convince an atheist to regroup at Mandalore, then they’ll say something that will drive them away. If they have to convince a theist to regroup at Mandalore, Bo-Katan can do it. Above all, she can flaunt her royal heritage and motivate the scattered Mandalorians to reunite.

That’s not all there is to the fifth episode of “The Mandalorian.” While patrolling the galaxy, Teva comes across a wrecked Lambda-class shuttle. Teva suspects that it’s the spaceship that was carrying Moff Gideon to his trial and was attacked by Imperial sympathizers to liberate him. But upon closer inspection, Teva notices a piece of Beskar alloy, thereby leading him to theorize that the Mandalorians have freed Moff Gideon. Now, a number of things could’ve happened here. Some remnants of the Empire, like Elia Kane, could’ve worked from the inside out to help Moff Gideon escape and plan their next move from a location that doesn’t fall under the New Republic’s jurisdiction. And they could’ve placed a piece of Beskar alloy to raise suspicion about the involvement of the Mandalorians. There’s the possibility that pirates attacked the shuttle for absolutely no reason and kidnapped Moff Gideon because he’s still a powerful individual. The pirates have all kinds of weapons at their disposal, including Beskar alloy. Hence, the residue on the walls of the ship. However, there’s a good chance that the Mandalorians have, in fact, kidnapped Moff Gideon because they know that he won’t get the punishment he deserves from the New Republic. That’s why they’ve taken matters into their own hands. Which one of these outcomes is the actual one? Well, we’ll have to wait until next week to know the answer.

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