‘The Manny’ Season 2 Theories & Predictions: What Can We Expect Next?


There are not a lot of mysteries left at the end of The Manny season 1, but looking at the ambiguous ending, the makers seem to want to keep the option open for The Manny season 2. The idea is there, so let us explore the possible routes of execution.

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Will Gabriel and Jimena be together?

The reigniting of the candle flame suggests that Gabriel and Jimena’s relationship is not over. But both of them have a lot of work to do. In this scenario, Gabriel doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He must realize that Jimena’s lies about being on his ranch were in an effort to understand him and save their relationship. Even if he acknowledged that, Gabriel had villainized Jimena for a brief second. He said that Jimena never intended to save the ranch or made an empty promise to his father. Why did he think that Jimena would do something like that? In the end, he broke up with her because of his father’s condition. Amidst all this, the thing to note is that Jimena did not tell Gabriel that their ranch was safe and she had managed to stop the seizure. She had let Gabriel carry on with the misunderstanding, even though she knew it would be short-lived. Perhaps she felt that they did not have a future because of the lies between them, or maybe she intended to clear things up, but Gabriel’s lack of faith changed her mind. All Jimena had wanted was someone who would trust her and who she could be comfortable with. Gabriel had given her that but also taken them all away abruptly. If they are to be together, they have to get past a lot of trust issues. Gabriel has proven that he loves the children and wants the best for them, but he has to prove that with Jimena as well. Our guess is that at the beginning of The Manny season 2, Jimena will be at her wits’ end looking for another nanny, and that is when Gabriel will come back into her life. History will repeat itself, and life will become alright.

What happened to Rogelio?

Something tells us that Jimena’s father knew what Rogelio was doing. Rogelio mentioned that Ernesto had the habit of willfully turning a blind eye, and that can only happen if there is already awareness of the wrongdoings. Ernesto was calling Rogelio at the end of season 1, and Rogelio looked annoyed when he saw the call. Perhaps Ernesto canceled the scam because he realized that it wouldn’t work anymore now that it was out in the open. He ended up becoming the hero, along with Jimena, and Rogelio had to take the fall for it.

In The Manny season 2, we may see Rogelio finally coming out from under the weight of the obligation he carried towards his uncle. He may own up to how he is gay and start living for himself, doing something that he is more suited to, like stand-up comedy. After all, that is the only thing he has been said to be good at: making people laugh. The second possibility is that Ernesto is indeed innocent. In such a case, he may still need to have a chat with Rogelio to tell him not to feel the obligation and to do what he wants to do. In this case, it is a simple scenario, but in the previous case, Jimena would have many decisions to make, including whether she wants to continue with her father’s company and what changes she would like to bring to it. On second thought, Jimena has said a few times that she wants to leave it all behind and just lead a peaceful life. Perhaps she will quit corporate life altogether and move to the ranch with Gabriel. That will be their new business, which they will run together.

What can we expect from Joaquín?

Joaquin is the type of man who does what is convenient. He couldn’t handle Jimena’s success, so he went to Michigan. When things got tough with Mich, he came back to Jimena. Nowhere is he thinking for himself, and he is simply shifting from here to there based on the decisions of the strong women around him. Isn’t that why he was talking to Mich when he was back with Jimena, because ‘you never know in matters of the heart’? Joaquin brought a ring because it was cheap, and he proposed to Mich on the insistence of his children, not because he thought of it. In The Manny season 2, he would need to finalize the divorce with Jimena first and then learn to think for himself. He may be a doting father and a great co-parent, but his children are growing up, and they will start understanding more of his personality. To set a good example for them, he would need to start being more assertive and treat the women in his life better, not just as an option.

What will happen to the kids?

Leo may be okay, but there may be some resistance from Santiago and Sofia towards Jimena’s relationship with Gabriel. Sofia has struggled to accept her parents’ divorce, but she may not like her mother’s relationship with Manny. Santiago might still be more logical, but we have seen Sofia oscillate with her emotions. Additionally, the kids would have noticed that Gabriel left their mother heartbroken. Perhaps they would also realize that he lied to them and got into the house with ulterior motives of his own. The kids would not be as logical or forgiving about it as their mother. In The Manny season 2, the kids may turn out to be the biggest obstacle in Gabriel and Jimena’s love story. Gabriel being good with the kids was one of the reasons Jimena liked him so much. But if they are against him, it is an uphill battle for both of them, but mostly for Gabriel, who will have a point to prove to both the mother and the children.

The Manny season 2 shouldn’t be as long as season 1 was. It needs to be a lot more crisp, and some good comedy would be a welcome addition. These would make the second season an upgrade over season 1.

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