‘The Manor’ Ending, Explained – What Was Happening At The Manor?


The Manor follows an old-age nursing home. A new patient, Judith Albright, arrives and soon envisions horrifying nightmares. While everyone else around believes Judith is losing touch with reality, Judith ardently argues that some monster is trying to kill the patients at the Manor. Let’s explore the underlying mystery further.

‘The Manor’ Plot Summary

An old widowed woman, Judith Albright (Barbara Hershey), celebrates her 70th birthday with her daughter and grandkid, Josh. At the party, Judith suffers a stroke, and the doctor diagnoses her with Parkinson’s disease. To not become a burden for her family, Judith decides to move into an old-age nursing home, Golden Sun Manor.

A fellow nurse, Liesel, attends to Judith and helps her get settled in the new environment. Soon, Judith befriends a trio of old but lively people: Ruth, Trish, and Roland. The group invites Judith to play bridge with them, and they soon establish a sparkling bond.

In her room, Judith’s roommate, Annette, warns Judith that someone is watching over them. Initially, Judith fails to understand the warning, but later that night, she imagines a monster made up of tree bark lurking inside her room.

Everyone at the facility convinces Judith that her visions are probably a sign of dementia. However, Judith refuses to believe that she is crazy and decides to unravel the mystery of the eerie bark monster.

Major Spoilers Ahead

What was happening at the Manor?

One night, Judith saw the bark monster attacking Annette, after which she suddenly died of a stroke. Before dying, Annette told Judith they had been marked and handed over a paper with names written on it.

Annette speculated that after her death, the bark monster would kill another patient, Imogen, and then Judith. As soon as the revelations came out, Judith panicked and searched the room. She found a voodoo element hidden under the bed. After that, Judith didn’t waste a moment and escaped the facility. On her way out, Judith saw some young teenagers who resembled Ruth, Trish, and Roland. However, at the moment, she failed to understand the uncanny resemblance.

Judith contacted her daughter and Josh. However, instead of taking her home, Judith’s daughter sent her back to the Manor. At the diner, Judith discovered a wall photograph in which she saw Ruth, Trish, and Roland in one frame. They all looked the same age 40 years ago. Judith tried to inform her daughter and Josh about the dangers, but she believed that Judith had lost touch with reality and was becoming paranoid.

Back at the Manor, Judith sneaked inside the director’s cabin and investigated further. She found that Roland Benson was a relative of Manor’s director, Ms. Benson. Additionally, Ruth Price was related to a male nurse, Gary, and Ruth Cooper was a relative of a nurse named Elizabeth. Judith informed Josh about the link between the patients and the facility. Josh found a Celtic sigil representing an oak tree engraved on Trish’s arm from a photograph in the diner. It was the root of all mysteries.

The Significance of Celtic Sigil Representing An Oak Tree

Josh figured out that the Celtic sigil imprinted on Trish’s arm was an Oak Tree symbol that represented a symbol of longevity and regeneration. Judith connected a few dots and investigated Roland’s room, where she found her hairbrush with strands of her hair. Judith believed that Roland, Trish, and Ruth were practicing some kind of black voodoo magic. Thus, she replaced the strands of her hair with Roland’s and followed Roland to the woods.

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Near the larger Oaktree, Judith and Josh witnessed the trio involved in a spiritual ceremony. Roland tried to sacrifice the strands of hair in a pouch to the fire. He demanded the Oak Tree Monster to prey upon the weak (Judith) and gave her energy to them. However, Josh, unaware of the fact that Judith replaced the hair, tried to stop Roland.

Roland captured Josh and Judith and revealed that the trio and their relatives run the Manor. They brought old patients to the facility to sacrifice them like sheep. In return for their spiritual sacrifice, the Oak Tree gave them eternal life and youth. Ruth, Trish, and Roland avoided death, but they had to pay the price, and thus these innocent souls were a part of their bargain.

‘The Manor’ Ending, Explained

Roland, believing he was sacrificing Judith’s hair, finished the ceremony. The Oak Monster came out from the branches of the mythical Oaktree and took Roland’s life.

Judith grabbed a bottle of alcohol and threatened Trish and Ruth to burn the tree to ashes. But the treacherous evils lured Judith into becoming a part of their voodoo magic. Trish and Ruth promised Judith an eternal life and would never have to face the horrors of an old life. She could become young again in the Witcher hour, i.e., from midnight until dawn. Judith saw the trio at their young age when she escaped from the Manor.

In the end, Judith was convinced of the Celtic Oak tree’s magical power, and she was still confused. Trish and Ruth lured Josh and bought him in by revealing that if they became a part of their sect, Josh would never lose his grandmother, as he had lost his dad. Falling prey to emotions, Josh and Judith became a part of the sect. Soon, a Celtic sigil appeared on Judith and Josh’s bodies, and Judith sparkled with youthful energy.

The Manor ended as Judith celebrated her 70th birthday again, as she didn’t age after becoming a part of Celtic magic. Josh joined the staff to stay close to his grandmother and make her young by sacrificing the innocent old souls who arrived at the Manor. The closing frame depicted a young Judith performing ballet under the magical Oak Tree with a young crowd cheering her graceful performance. Judith wanted to dance again and spend time with the younger generation, and in the end, she achieved it.

In Conclusion

Judith’s roommates, Anette and Imogen, were sacrificed to the Oak Tree Monster. However, a fellow nurse, Liesel, who attended to Judith and was really close to her, suddenly disappeared. Liesel had found out the truth about the facility, but she knew that someone was watching over her. Later, Judith found Liesel’s clothes and her family pendant in the storeroom. While the film didn’t reveal her fate, it could be speculated that the facility owners killed Liesel to protect their secrets.

The Manor is a 2021 Supernatural Drama film written and directed by Axelle Carolyn. The Blumhouse Production is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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