‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5, Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained


In the previous episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Mei had stepped out of the picture forever, while Joel had gotten beaten up by the Chinese parlor downstairs after he had tried confronting them in his drunken stupor. Meanwhile, Susie scored Miriam a writing job at the Gordon Ford Studio, which she thinks would be a sure shot way to secure a spot on his show. Miriam is all set to start her new job after Gordon himself saw her performing her stand-up routine at the strip club.

Spoilers Ahead

Timelines Recur

Once again, the second episode of Season 5 reminds us that it is the finale and thus the mention of parallel timelines. In the 1980s, the episode begins with an interview with the now established and famous Miriam Maisel. Through the interview, we get to know that Miriam and Susie’s friendship is going to come to an end. The reason behind their fight is not mentioned yet, but they separate on what seems to be not a good note. The narrative delves into what appears to be a montage of Miriam’s endless relationships and marriages while also jumping back into the 1960s for a few references to some of the things she says. Miriam then gives us a sneak peek into her iconic wardrobe which is now up for auction. The interview brings back her nostalgic memories as she points out the iconic outfits she had worn in the famous situations that had kickstarted her career in stand-up comedy. She also shows her audience the dress she had mulled over and had then decided to wear for the job at Gordon Ford’s Studio. This dress seamlessly brings the audience back to the 1960s, as 1980s Miriam Maisel walks down the path to signify that she was walking away from those memories. 

The day before she went to her office, she stopped at the Maisel House, because it was Joel’s turn to watch the kids. She witnessed Joel coming down the stairs, all beaten and bruised. Shirley and Moishe seemed to be perfectly content with being together, once they got their grandkids; however, they were hellbent on separating because Moishe would not retire. Miriam took Joel aside to get a read on the situation and also on how he got those bruises. Joel confessed that Mei had left him for Chicago and had aborted the baby, too, in the process. He admitted that Mei was indirectly the reason behind the bruises; however, he did not tell her exactly what had gone down the day before. Upset, Joel had been shot by Miriam and also had wrongly blamed her for Mei leaving him; therefore, he left to go lie down before his temper got the best of him. 

The Fated First Day At The Office

Miriam woke Susie up at around 5 in the morning to get her down at the apartment because she could not decide on a dress. A disgruntled Susie helps her pick an outfit for a sitting job as Miriam observes that Zelda had a boyfriend, Janusz, who had been around for almost four months now. In her chaotic world, Miriam had completely missed out on their relationship. As she makes her way down to the subway, she stumbles upon her “once upon a time” mystery fling. Miriam pointedly ignores him till he follows her to apologize and finally hears him out. He apologizes for his wife walking in on them and clarifies that they had been separated and she had been there to drop his dog off. However, she later kept the dog and left the mystery man alone in his apartment. Miriam finally tells the audience that his name is Sylvio, and the entire encounter almost made her late for her first day. She is let inside because the staff was eyeing her suspiciously because she was not booked in, and Mike Carr grudgingly introduced her as the new writer. 

Was Miriam’s First Day At The Office Eventful?

Miriam’s first day at work became tough for her because she had to face a lot of gender discrimination, and she was neither shown the ropes nor was she even introduced to her desk. She was taken very lightly, and her jokes were passed on immediately. She was interrupted whenever she went to share her work, and the other writers undermined her every step of the way. Gordon was portrayed as an even bigger diva than Shy Baldwin because he would reject the scripts as soon as he got them after reading them, of course. Therefore, the writers had a lot of superstitions regarding him and when he would reject their work. After work, they went for a drink, and Miriam had to call Susie to vent out her frustrations, and she advised her to bear with it and share some of her jokes while they were relaxing. Miriam did what Susie said, and as soon as she had their attention, Gordon Ford walked into the bar in person. He made his way across the bar to talk to the group and walked up to Miriam to share a few words, which made the other writers draw the worst conclusion. They thought she was Gordon’s ex which is why she had gotten the job. 

Did Rose Find Out About The Perpetrators?

Rose had been disgruntled by the other matchmakers’ previous attempts at ruining her composure as well as bringing her bad luck. She had already figured out that her recurring bad luck had been their doing. However, as she had been on her way for a “tete a tete” at her favorite tea shop, she found out that it had been burned down. Upset, Rose decided that she would take matters into her own hands and deal with the situation aptly. She first talked to Noah to get him to raid these matchmakers, but alas, Noah did not budge. She thought of hiding the situation from Abe but later told him when they went to dine at a restaurant. Abe had taken Rose out because first, he felt guilty that his boss had told him not to tell Rose about how his client Penelope had made a pass at him. His boss had apologized to him profusely for the situation Abe had found himself in because he realized that Abraham Weissman was actually a very straight-laced and innocent man. Although what he doesn’t realize is that Abe kept nothing secret from his wife, Rose, and keeping this incident from her makes him very uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Abe Weissman is a really good husband to Rose, and he had been too innocent to the ways of the world. Gabe, his boss at the Village Voice, the paper he worked for, knew his nature. This is why Gabe would gently push and steer him towards topics and Broadway shows Abe would appreciate working on. His boss is a very supportive man, and once Abe told him about the incident with Penelope, he assured Abe that he would not have to face another situation like that. Gordon, on the other hand, seems to be a tad bit too dramatic of a boss, while Mirriam’s immediate superiors are hellbent on not acknowledging her for the first few days, I suppose. Mike seems to come around to her eventually because of his shared hatred for his superiors. The next episode will probably reveal how Rose handles her situation because I really want those meddling old women to stop messing with her. 

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