‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5, Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained


In Episode 3 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Miriam had an argument with America’s Sweetheart, Gordon Ford. She had wanted him to admit his mistake; however, Gordon had continuously deflected the situation by saying that he simply wanted to seem human in front of the audience. The argument blew up, and the newspapers got wind of the entire situation and published it the day after. Susie read the paper and immediately informed Miriam; she had hesitatingly returned to the office and had been under the impression that she would be fired. But the conversation with Gordon was pushed back, and all was well on the western front due to The Gordon Ford Show securing the very top position amongst the other shows and having earned the privilege of calling themselves the number one show of America. Later, the employees were invited to a celebration, and while they skated and drank to their hearts delight, Gordon flirted with and kissed Miriam, setting aside her impending doom and refusing to fire her.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Gordon Reject Miriam From Ever Appearing On His Show?

The aftereffects of celebrating the Gordon Ford Show and securing its seat as the number one tuned-in channel amongst other televised shows reflected on the faces of all of the employees as they fought against their killer hangover. While the employees rued over their past night’s drinking spree, Gordon and Miriam were comparatively in better spirits. Gordon called Miriam over to discuss the events of the previous night, where he had attempted to kiss her and flirt with her. He apologized for his misconduct, as he had been inebriated, and he tried asking her out while he was sober again. Miriam rejected his advances yet again and was saved by Susie’s call. Later on, at the studio, Gordon’s comic has walked out on him, leaving him with an empty slot.

Gordon, frustrated, was ordering his employees to find a replacement soon; however, most were coming up empty-handed. Miriam thought she would seize the opportunity, and so she asked Gordon if she could appear on his show. Gordon rejected her by telling her about the rule that had been instated by George, which stated that an employee could not appear on the Gordon Ford Show under any circumstances. Miriam had been excited about getting a chance to appear on Gordon’s show; however, the rejection she faced was also revealed during her time at another gig. To save Gordon’s Show, Mike probably found a way to have Sophie make an appearance at the end. This way, the gap was filled, and the last slot of the day was saved.

What Favor Did Frank And Nicky Want From Susie?

Frank and Nicky, the two friendly thug friends of Susie, had contacted Susie to rush down to their musical production stage for repayment of their favor. They convinced Susie to bring Miriam down to participate in their musical production. Miriam arrived as Susie had called her down during her first conversation with Gordon when he had apologized for his demeanor. She was handed a green suit with a hat, and she had to be the narrator for the musical production. She had to fill in for a much larger guy who had been unable to show up to present the show.

According to Nicky and Frank, Miriam doing this musical would translate to the repayment of the flavors they had done for Susie, with the search for the office and the time when they were hired to rough her up. Miriam showed up, and she performed the gig well because she was in high spirits; however, the other day, when Gordon refused to even consider her appearing on his show, her mood had taken a dip. This was evident while she performed during the gig. She had called Susie earlier to notify her that she could appear on the show and manage the gig for that day. However, after she was rejected, her bad mood showed while she performed. Her performance and her antics on stage seemed to anger both Nicky and Frank, as they demanded Susie rectify the situation. They were absolutely livid when they watched Miriam act out. Susie told them that the favors she owed them were repaid; however, the thugs went back on their word and told her that they owned 30% of whatever Susie and Miriam touched. They were spotted to be in a heated conversation by Joel, who hounded Susie for an explanation after they left. He wanted to know what shady things she was involved in and how deep Miriam was in this as well.

Did Abe And Rose Have A fight?

Abe and Rose prepared to go to the theater, which is why Rose brought out the necklace she had gotten from her grandmother to wear with her dress. It was a beautiful necklace that even Miriam wanted to own. Armed with the necklace, she and Abe reached the theater and met with Abe’s boss, Gabe, and his friends. They shared a dinner while discussing the show they had watched. The discussion led to an argument between Abe and Rose, where Abe argued that the playwright had constructed a narrative with a lot of depth, while Rose argued that he had written a play about a boy and his dog. A huge fight ensued, where Abe implied that Rose did not understand the meaning while Gabe constantly asked him to retreat so that the situation did not tense up further. Rose got up and asked the playwright himself to explain the play; he admitted that the play had been about his dog, proving her right.

Having been driven apart by what was ultimately a minor dispute, Rose and Abe shared a silent cab ride while they mulled over how they had gone wrong with their discussions and had acted out in public. As they returned home, they witnessed Zelda and her boyfriend Janusz having a candle-lit romantic dinner. Zelda confessed that Janusz had proposed to her, while Rose and Abe expressed their congratulations to her. They later quickly made their way to their bedroom to rest after their long day. While resting, Abe could not have Rose angry at him anymore and thus, as an apology, brought her roses from the living room and surrounded Rose with some of those petals. Then he went and laid his head on her stomach to show that he was sorry, while Rose caressed his head as a sign of accepting his apology.

Final Thoughts

Susie spotted Hedy Ford at the elevators, and her first instinct was to run. The scene went on to reveal that both Susie and Hedy were, in fact, involved in their past. This revealed a greater meaning behind Susie’s reaction to Gordon and Hedy’s picture in Episode 3 when she had sat at his table to feel a little powerful after her talk with Mike while the rest of the employees were out celebrating. Susie took one look at the picture and jumped out of her seat. She had also set the photo face down on the desk.

I had first thought that it was due to Susie realizing that she was in Ford’s office and that it might be bad if somebody found out; however, after this episode, that little scene had a rather different meaning. She had taken one look at Hedy and flipped out because she remembered her past and the promises that Hedy had made to her. While Susie ran, Hedy chased her because she really wanted to chat with her. She finally caught up to Susie, whose name she revealed had been Susan and not Susie. Susie was absolutely distraught by their meeting because she also thought back to how Hedy had left and had reappeared as Gordon Ford’s wife. This implies that they could have been in a relationship in the past and that Hedy’s reappearance as Gordon’s wife had been disheartening to her. Therefore, this might be the beginning of glimpses into Susie’s past, letting the audience know about the mysterious past of Susie Myerson.

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