‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5, Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Miriam And Susie Make Up?


Episode 5 of “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” had Miriam arrested on the cruise which was arranged by George to entertain the big shots of the diaper industry. Gordon had refused to host the cruise party, and Miriam thought this to be her one big break, which ended in her getting arrested and an amused Gordon helping her with the charges. She became a pirate and was teased by both Gordon and Susie. Later, during her show at the strip club, Gordon watched her stand-up set and decided to pursue her. Miriam refused his advances but eventually agreed to dinner. Gordon had tried his best to get Miriam to agree to give him a chance; however, it was all for naught because Miriam was determined to get on the show. They ended the night and the episode with one last dance.

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1990: Is Susie A Big Shot Now?

Episode 6 begins with the timeline shifting first to 1985 when Miriam aired her separation from Susie, and then gradually shifting to 1990, where Susie is a big shot. Susie’s skills as a manager led her to eventual fame, and everybody revered her skills. In 1990, Susie had been invited to a friendly roasting function, and all of her friends in show business joined in on the fun. They narrated her conquests as well as cracked a few jokes, which they knew Susie would take well because they did not want to be blacklisted in the industry. Later, at the end of the function, the real stories began. Aaron, another friend of Susie, narrated how she rose to her position with the help of Harry. Harry Drake, Sophia Lennon’s ex-manager, had been in a dispute with Susie during the beginning of Miriam’s career though she eventually won him over again. Later on, while he was spending his last days at the hospital, Harry signed over his company to Susie and also gave her pointers on how to conduct business through golfing. Susie kept him company out of her loyalty to him; she never broke that loyalty and fiercely defended him if any of his clients ever slighted him. Susie gave him a quiet send-off as well, holding his hand and pretending to be his daughter, Ruth, when the time came. Harry had been the first person to believe in Susie, raise her from the depths of hell, and help her find her calling. Susie remained grateful to him forever.

Aaron narrated how Mike became Susie’s friend as the timeline shifted back to the 1960s, yet again when Miriam still worked at the Gordon Ford Studio. Susie had always wanted to win over Mike so that she could put Miriam on the show, and George needed to go. He had a rule that stated that the staff members of the studio were not allowed to appear on the show, and to get rid of that rule, George had to be sacked. George had his layoff sealed when he went behind Gordon’s back to close his deals. Susie had found out all of the dirt on Mike during a staff meeting. She then proceeded to deliver the documents to Mike, who was entrusted to do as he pleased. Mike delivered them to Gordon, sealing George’s fate while getting promoted to being Gordon’s manager and producer. He remained forever grateful to Susie and eventually became her trusted friend, which is why he had been privy to the sordid details of Miriam and Susie’s big spat. Similarly, Susie had taken care of Diana’s ex-boyfriend, Ronald, for her, as she had asked Frank and Nicky to take care of him.

How Did Joel End Up In Jail?

Carmine began narrating the story behind Joel ending up in jail. Joel had been suspicious about Frank and Nicky since the Waste Management musical, where he had noticed them talking to Susie. He had been constantly thinking about how to get Miriam out of the whole fiasco and had even talked to her about it in Episode 5, but that conversation came to nothing. Joel had taken the matter into his own hands, and he decided to raid Susie’s office to find out more about the situation. Frank and Nicky owned both Susie and Miriam due to the former’s foolish mistake of getting herself involved and accepting favors from them. Joel finally found the documents in front of an anxious Susie. He read them and realized what the deal was: for every 100 bucks Miriam made, Susie made 15, and Frank and Nicky got 30. Miriam would never be free of them, even though Susie assured her that she would take care of the situation, and all would be well. Joel fiercely loved and protected Miriam, which is why he went straight up to Frank and Nicky and offered them an exchange. He offered them his nightclub as well as the other outlets for their nefarious purposes in exchange for them letting Miriam walk out from their clutches. They accepted the deal, and when the feds came, Joel took the full fall to protect Miriam from them. He landed up in jail, and the whole time he was there, Miriam never deserted him. Even in the last episode, she was shown visiting him in jail for a conversation to assure him that she would be sticking by his side, the way that he had done.

1985: What Was The Reason Behind Susie And Miriam Going Their Separate Ways?

The timeline constantly shifted from one year to the next as friends of Susie began narrating different stories related to her. The rest had always been curious about the separation between Miriam and Susie, so Mike took it upon himself to narrate the incident. Both Miriam and Susie had been through thick and thin; therefore, nobody thought they would really separate—especially with a public spat, that is. The timeline jumped back to 1985, when during a ceremony at the synagogue, while the Rabbi sang the sermons, Joel Maisel was arrested for a series of crimes he had not committed. He had been publicly arrested, and before he left with the police, he left notes for Miriam, confessing the reason behind his arrest. Miriam had to watch him being sent to jail and later read the notes, upon which she realized that Joel had sacrificed himself and his business for her safety. She immediately called on Susie to confront her. Susie realized that Miriam knew what had happened and that Frank and Nicky had only relented their hold on her due to Joel. Miriam felt inexplicable betrayal from Susie. She let Susie walk away after the confrontation, as Miriam told her that her lawyers would contact her.

Final Thoughts: Did Miriam And Susie Make Up Eventually?

Miriam and Susie had a very beautiful partnership going on. If not for the debacle with Frank and Nicky, their friendship would have continued. In 1973, Miriam could not go on with her wedding, so Susie had to rescue her. She had the wedding jitters and just could not go through with it, so she called it off. Even though the wedding had nothing to do with her career, Susie could not bear to see Miriam that sad and thus, helped her cancel it just as she had helped arrange it. Susie had to apologize and cancel everything just for Miriam. These instances meant a lot to both of them. For Miriam, Joel had been her one true love, while Susie was her one true partner and friend. Susie had been to Miriam what Harry had been to her. She had believed in and seen promise in Miriam and had tried her best to support her career. Susie had helped Miriam reach the heights she would reach after Susie had discovered her at her lowest. Thus, after 5 years of utter silence, Miriam reached out to Susie during the roast fest, and they patched things up. Susie had also been wanting to fix things with Miriam because she had forbidden everybody around her from speaking her name due to the pain she felt whenever her name was mentioned. She knew she was at fault, and thus, when Miriam reached out with a laurel wreath, Susie was quick to accept it. She wanted things to return to how they were, and she allowed herself to be happy after patching up with Miriam.

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