‘The Misfits’ Summary & Ending, Explained – A Casual Heist Film


Pierce Brosnan stars in an action heist film, The Misfits, directed by Renny Harlin. It is the same old recipe that we have witnessed for years now. The few talented misfits, working from the other side of the law, consider themselves to be robin-hood.

‘The Misfits’ Summary

A quick montage showcases Ringo (Nick Cannon) transferring money to his locker by looting the others in the vault. He announces his work ethical by declaring, “I will never steal from those who do not deserve it, and what I steal always goes to those who suffered.” But this robin-hood doesn’t work alone. He is a part of a multi-ethnical gang of fugitives who call themselves “The Misfits.”

The gang approaches an ace thief, Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan), famous for breaking prisons designed by the world’s renowned jail architect, Werner Schultz (Tim Roth). The misfits want Richard to break into a prison in a country named Jazeristan. Their purpose is to steal golden slabs from a high-tech vault situated at the heart of the prison. Richard is the only one who can infiltrate the facility and come out without notice because he is a master architect, too. Thus, he can easily recognize the hidden flaws of a structure.

However, Richard is quite hesitant because the gold belonged to Abu Hirawa, who is considered to be Osama Bin Laden’s successor in the film. Secondly, the group is ardent upon donating all the stolen money for the help of the needy, which isn’t Richard’s style.

‘The Misfits’ Ending Explained

Schultz was a mediator who was trying to liquify Abu Hirawa’s gold. The terrorist was keeping an account of all the activities and was personally involved in the deal. Schultz was appointed to safeguard the gold in his prison facility until the deal was done.

When the misfits learned that Khairat Reda, the banker of the fraternity, was coming in three days to procure the gold, they decided to prepone the heist.

Schultz had masterfully designed the prison, hiding the vault disguised as a laundry room near the kitchen. But Richard sported a laundry van frequently visiting the facility, which meant no laundry room in reality. They had their target. It was the kitchen area.

The gang infiltrated the prison as vendors of a kitchen oven and masterfully poisoned the food given to the prisoner. Then, after creating total chaos, they cracked the vault and melted the gold in the same oven. It was restructured into a standing hawk, a statue painted to look like a broken piece of sculpture that needed repairing. That was how they took it out of prison.

The gold was later converted into cash, and all the money was donated to the Zaatari refugee camp. The gang asked Richard to become a part of their team for the future heist, which he smartly agreed to. The end also suggested a sparkling romance between Richard and cold assassin Violet (Jamie Chung).

Schultz was taken away by Abu Hirawa and might have been killed due to losing Abu Hirawa’s gold. The robbery wasn’t reported by the media or the terrorist because of the nature of the gold (untaxed and black). Thus, the gang underlined their morals again at the end of the film. “It is not a robbery if it isn’t reported.”

The next installment of the film will deal with another significant heist. However, it ended without any cliffhangers. Thus, a sequel depends upon the success of the movie at the box office.

The Misfits is a 2021 action heist film directed by Renny Harlin.

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